Saint Charles, Missouri

We ordered a new refridgertor and scheduled to have it delivered the next day. All of my paperwork says "Hinges: Left".

Well when they showed up for delivery I stopped them in the driveway because the hinges were on the wrong side. The delivery people said they couldn't switch them but they would tell the manager when they got back to the store, and he would call us and schedule a time to send someone out to switch it. So I let them leave it with us. Big mistake.

I called them after not hearing anything for 4hrs. I received a return call from someone in the delivery dept who said they talked to the GM and he said there was nothing they could do. He then proceeded to ask me if the fridge was accessible an whether I could switch the handles myself. Even throwing in "it's only 3 screws".

Well that's great but I'm 9 mtgs pregnant and, call me crazy, but I expected a NEW fridge to be delivered the way I ordered it! And then to be asked to fix it myself...what about the warranty? Isn't that tampering that would void my warranty? What a crock.

So I now have a fridge that opens the wrong way.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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A word of advice, no mater where you make a purchase don't accept the delivery if the product is not what you ordered. Send it back and have them bring the correct product.

Once it's in your home stores will try to convince you to be happy with what you have.

Once had a furniture store try to leave a pink chair at my house because it was on the truck and mine wasn't. Send them packing and tell them to bring the right product.


The last commenter appears to be a menards employee. You jump all over her for making a simple typo and then go on to defend menards for a 'simple mistake.' You also go on about giving the delivery guys time to finish their route...well two responses to that, cell phones and the fact that the GM said 'there was nothing they could do about it.' Also, to the comment that you would only have to change the handle...what about the hinges? That means managing a large door.


9 mtgs pregnant? That's talent.

Most people I know are "months" pregnant, not some sort of jumble pregnant. Mistakes happen. It's easy to miss on the delivery pull sheet that the doors should be switched. Also, it's not the delivery driver's responsibility to switch the doors.

It does take time. 4 hours and you're pissed? RELAX. They also take multiple deliveries at a time so he probably didn't get back to the store yet.

The delivery coordinator who called you did as he should have. You need to chill.


You show so much talent in your comment that it needs no response from me. :zzz


you do realize that you can switch the way the door opens right? Its just a matter of unscrewing the handles removing the caps on the other side and screwing the handle back on. It takes just a few minutes, I know its not how you ordered it, but its a quick fix no need to stress yourself out while you're 9 months pregnant.


You have no clue what it takes to correct her issue, so don't try and comment on how easy it would be. Just because your simple mind thinks of a simple solution doesn't mean it will be simple to correct her issue.


Wow kinda rude don't you think??? What makes you think the person has a simple mind? What makes you the expert in all things?


Wow, kinda rude don't you think? You can find fault in his comment, but not in the one he is referencing?

We know what kind of expert you are. LOL :x


Did you get your fill of menards? I have and they won't get anymore business from me, what you experienced is typical of menards so called service.

I'll bet you even paid for delivery didn't you? How about that? What do you think will happen when the unit won't work and it is under warranty?

Don't even try to call menards, same talk you just experienced again. SERVICE at menards is lacking, they just want your dollars.