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I purchased a patio doggy door from Menards on the Internet. It was too small for my dog, so I returned it to the local Menards outlet.

Menards has a written return policy at the store. Menards refused to accept the door contrary to their written return policy, stating that is separate, and it has a 25% restocking fee plus postage fee for all returns...I WAS NOT MADE AWARE OF THIS WHEN I PURCHASED THE DOOR.

I think it is fraudulent to advertise a return policy for Menards, and then allege is separate entity, and never advise the consumer. is an Internet address, not the name of a separate entity.

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You're the one buying the product. You're the one opting to use your computer, it's not like a team member can jump out of your screen and give you a tutorial on how to read the fine print. Don't be so careless the next time you purchase online.


Dude you're a *** ***. If you read the fine print it's all there.

It's called a contract and you're supposed to read them before you sign them. Do you have a house or a car?

Same concept. It's not anybody else's fault that you're too *** to read.


To: Online Return, Read my 11-19-2010 note...I did not read your return policy because it was not pointed out to me...I read the return policy in the store. How can you advertise the door for dogs up to 60# when the manufacturer states the door is for dogs up to 50#...and then charge me $65 for being ***?


What does the online return policy say? Did you read that?


I may be an ***, but I try to research the facts. Menards promoted the doggy door for dogs up to 60 pounds; the manufacture stated the door was for dogs up to 50 pounds...I own a Chow Chow...55 pounds at last count. Cosco accepts returns for all items...I did not see a notification of a 25% return fee..I would not have purchased the door if I had...there is a large sign at the Menards outlet in Milwaukee that staes a return policy that I did read...totally different.


You're an ***. All of the return guidelines INCLUDING the restock fee are very clear on the website.

The measurements of the door are very clear also. If you don't know how large your dog is then that's a YOU promlem.


This is true for,, ETC. Different companies actually operate their websites.

This is true and is true for most online retail sites. Need to return it how you bought it... I'm sure it was in the fine print, you just didn't read it.

Most companies wouldn't leave an open end like that... they cover their ***


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