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Hello, all who purchased the Forest King Log Splitter from Menards. Here is the scoop on what I did.

I took it back withing the 30 day period. They (Menards) tried to screw me around with this but the gave in later. It comes down to the old saying. The Squeaky wheel will get the grease.

But if you used your splitter for some time then you need to get it fixed through Menards and they will tell you were you can take it.

If you cannot find the manual for yours. I find that if your temper doesn\'t flare and your direct to the point with Menards they will satisfy your issues. Also the Log Splitter has a Spline problem or did have. The company that built them is aware of it and will send you what you need to repair it.

Trust me on that one. In my case I wanted a better product not one built in China. Seems to be a big problem these days.

Go vote and keep working. Don\'t bend into the entitled ways of life.

Original review posted by user Feb 21, 2012

Purchased this Log splitter from Menards three weeks ago. I was told its made in California. There was no information saying other wise anywhere. Then the add says some assembly required. It should have said most of the Assembly is required and take two people to complete.

The worse part is the hoses are poor quality. They are leaking oil due to the design.

The welds on mine are poor and some cracked off already after 6 hours. Yesterday the splitter engine to pump connection disintigrated while running. So its down.

So Don't buy it pay a bit more.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I would assume that if the log splitter works well then you have the improved on without the coupler issues and poor hosing like mine did. The splitter was said to be made in California.

Not the case as I mentioned and you know that. If the splitter would not have had the issues it had. I most likely would have kept it. Even though it is made in China.

We need to start bringing back the American products and buy more American made things. By letting China work for us only put us in NO jobs in this country.

I am one that tries to follow that plan but when I am mislead that does not make my day. Jim


I purchased my Forest King 22 ton log splitter in November 2011. I have used it on 5 separate occasions and it has worked very well for me.

Most of the oak that I split is 18 inches long and 14 inches in diameter. I have split oak up to 24 inches long and 18 inches in diamenter without performance issues.

I do take great care to warm up the engine and hydraulics prior to each use. I have no fluid leak issues with my splitter.


I want to add the end results to my complaint about the log splitter that I purchased and was able to return. The Menards Team Member is wrong about his comment in #10. Normally the Menards stores will not take back any store bought item that is powered by Gasoline. However, in my case and given the fact that the splitter was miss represented as a USA product and then broke down after 6 hours of use and after series of e-mails that I do have with the manufacturer representing this product,I was allowed to bring it back. But I was still in need of a splitter for all the time and effort I stuck into this China made product I was behind in my jobs. So Now get this part. Menards to their credit. Stepped up to the plate and gave me the larger Splitter (25 TON ) MTD with a HONDA engine and a much better design all around. Menards discounted the one that they had on the Floor To assist me with all the trouble I went through. This deal after the 11% discounts sale and monies off the product price, satisfied me but only on the purchase end of it. The splitter now needed to prove itself. That took place and so far this Splitter and I assume is also a Made In China product but assembled totally for the customers here in this country WORKS well. And is working today! I am a huge fan of Menards and always was. However, I also know that things happen. BUT if you let things happen to you without stating your case Menards can't fix the issues they have. So I ended up spending a bit more but you all learned from it. It comes down to this. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! If any store turns you away and your not satisfied with your purchase go over the area stores head. Go to the MFR of the products made and sold.

I did. and I will always do it that way.

But as for Menards, they took care of it but I am still waiting for my 11% sale credit. I will wait for that to come and hope it does soon. I have more to buy.

Thanks. This story is now over.


I had to re-read some of these just for fun.

But I want to point out to old Hee Man Heartless if your dumb enough to try and lift the beam onto the frame with out some type of lifting device you either have to be as strong as heartless or you will pull something in your back or worse. I said it takes two because I know.

For the average person it will take two people.

Don't try it alone its not worth it. Jim


I had to re-read some of these just for fun.

But I want to point out to old Hee Man Heartless if your dumb enough to try and lift the beam onto the frame with out some type of lifting device you either have to be as strong as heartless or you will pull something in your back or worse. I said it takes two because I know.

For the average person it will take two people.

Don't try it alone its not worth it. Jim

@James M.

I agree with you. There has to be some common sense involved and a little mechanical ability.

You definitely need a lifting device even to get it unloaded off your trailer. My son in law helped guide in on to the trailer for assembly and by tractor did the work.

My tractor worked great for this and looks rugged duty enough for me.



:eek Thanks all who took the time to write about there experiences. I really wanted to purchase this item the price seemed great but

reliability is important to me so thanks again

I will save up for a better model.


As for the many things I had wrong such as the hoses leaking, the eng. pump coupler disintegrating, and the fender also breaking is why I felt this unit will not hold up in the long run.

I did return it and purchase a better unit. This was all due to the amount of time used and what took place. However, I feel that if this would not have taken place I would have been able to split more wood I did split the wood but as it did it was falling apart or leaking in less than 8 hours of total use. If this would have taken place after two cords of wood I would have taken it in for service and wrote it off.

But I did not want take that chance. Also I try to keep things made in the USA naturally many are not but then show me that before the purchase and I will decide if I want it. Then I feel it was my decision to take the chance not being mislead.

And I was. I can say this, Menards stood behind this the best way they could and now I am satisfied and will live with the new one I now have.


I bought one and have no leaks. The weld on the fender did break but I did drop a log on it so I'll weld it.

Seems to work ok. I've split 40 inch plus ash logs. I don't beleive they have a no return policy on it if you put gas in it.Thats just not right.

Do get a warranty with it and the repair is local. Over all I've split about 2 cord of wood so far.


For those of you that want to play the response game. Here is the situation as it stands today.

Menards sold a splitter and still is. They are 100% made in China. However, that is the question I asked and made it clear that I did not want one built in china. But my need got the best of me.

So I bought into it and took it back to my place where I first found out where it was from. I assembled it. Tried it for a short time. It split the wood but it failed due to the bad steel coupler from the eng.

to the pump. The MFR admitted to that. The hoses leaked all over due to design. The fender welds broke and So that led to me sending out a variety of e-mails and to end this story Menards statisfied this transaction so I am still a fan of Menards but I am not happy with anyone that claims to sell American and does not.

I lost alot of time and money over this deal. It will never happen again. So good luck To John Menard with any more sales.

I still find people that tell me these China built splitters from Menards are JUNK. If you plan on using it for any length of time.

Have a nice day.


I could have told you it was not made in California. It's far too cheap to be made in America and it's a off brand.You should have did the math.

Also, I've built 3 of them myself and it only takes 1 person. You must not be a pretty limited person.


Good luck with yours that you purchased the issues are bad eng. to pump steel connections, Leaking hoses, and its made in China.

I was willing to over look that until it died.

Now I have a different one and am glad I did make the effort to return it. The MFR.

is at fault Menards not only that they told me it was a California made product. However, it was not.


Only an insane person would go to menards and thing there was something made in America there. Ok, there might be a few things....but when a 22ton log splitter says "made in China" in large letters, I'm pretty sure its not made in America.

I did buy this same log splitter and other than a little leaky hose I have not had any issues. If you are looking for a high-end 22ton + log splitter don't go to menards!


This item was in fact mae in china as is all of out other small engine items and in fact nearly 90% of the store stock. We do no accept returns on gas related items due to loss of profit for john menard and therefor my advice is to place the splitter back in the box, take it to your local ups store and have it shipped to china at your expense.

A year from now it will arrive postage due but working great for another 3 weeks of very light use. thank you for your money and have a great day