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Hello, all who purchased the Forest King Log Splitter from Menards. Here is the scoop on what I did.

I took it back withing the 30 day period. They (Menards) tried to screw me around with this but the gave in later. It comes down to the old saying. The Squeaky wheel will get the grease.

But if you used your splitter for some time then you need to get it fixed through Menards and they will tell you were you can take it.

If you cannot find the manual for yours. I find that if your temper doesn\'t flare and your direct to the point with Menards they will satisfy your issues. Also the Log Splitter has a Spline problem or did have. The company that built them is aware of it and will send you what you need to repair it.

Trust me on that one. In my case I wanted a better product not one built in China. Seems to be a big problem these days.

Go vote and keep working. Don\'t bend into the entitled ways of life.

Original review posted by user Feb 21, 2012

Purchased this Log splitter from Menards three weeks ago. I was told its made in California. There was no information saying other wise anywhere. Then the add says some assembly required. It should have said most of the Assembly is required and take two people to complete.

The worse part is the hoses are poor quality. They are leaking oil due to the design.

The welds on mine are poor and some cracked off already after 6 hours. Yesterday the splitter engine to pump connection disintigrated while running. So its down.

So Don't buy it pay a bit more.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Peaple will say you get what you pay for. Some of the splitters from what the factory rep told me had the issue corrected after the influx of complaints.

Its a good price that is for sure however the latest one that they put on the floor is a much better machine and is or was on sale. Just tell your girls when splitting do not place themselves near the spline jount that connect the engine to the Hydraulic pump if that comes apart it could take out and eye. Cut a pretty face and so on. China makes junk so I support the Made in the USA as much as I can.

Jobs? where? This is why! Pay more for USA.

for sure. But now factor in the time it takes to fix travel and so on.

Your in the ball park. Go Brewers !


The biggest piece of junk. Split for 12 hours an the pump went to ***.

Of course it was after the warranty expired so menards doesn't do anything or stand behind the products they sell. When I called them to complain they said they never heard of any problema. So $300 dollars for a new pump I'm splitting wood again.

Never buy anything from that place again. 8)

@green bay

That is to bad that it off Warranty. However, when I when through all this the area rep.

for that splitter was very helpful. I think if you contact this guy he may work with you on the parts for this splitter. You need to make him clear on one thing. If he doesn't help you out you will make it known on Facebook and likewise what has taken place.

They do know they have an issue with this splitter pump and drive coupling. Is it the pump that gave out or the coupling?

I don't think I have that reps. contact info any more.

Here is another thought. There are many ways to get that pump part without paying out of pocket. Since they know they have this issue.

Only fair. But give this guy a chance first.



I think if you call Menards they can supply it. Look up that splitter on line and you may find it there. However it is made in China so I hope you speak their Lingo.

Did yours break down in the same way? If its new take it back and buy a better unit. I now own the MTD splitter after two years of use and not one issue like that Menards unit. Oh and I made them take the splitter back and give me a good deal on the better one. The Squeaky wheel got the Grease in my case.

Good Luck! Maybe that is why the race car can't win also. Menards races and looses alot. He should depend on the same quality in his cars that they push on the public. Jim


Does anyone have the #800? We keep all of our manuals in the same place and the only one we have on the splitter is LLC engine manual.


Good Morning all you Menard Splitter fans. I am glad that these reviews actually helped the guy that bought it and found these reviews before adding the oil and gas.

Menards will not take them back once they are used. However, the squeaky wheel gets the grease when you know your being screwed over. To that person that will take that splitter back. Meanards also sells an MTD for more money 25 ton.

I have it and it works fine without any issues now for two years.

Also to the Mac in the Hat guy. The forest King splitter they will back up buy why should you have to do that for three hours of use. The wood that you split is a soft wood. Good luck with your repairs.

And cross your fingers they send you a new piece of some good quality steel.

Made in CHINA. Not good steel over there. Sad thing is Menards knows this isssue with the splitter and is still selling them to their public. That also is not good.

So Menards get with it before someone ends up eating a broken piece of steel from this coupler.


WOW!!!! I just backed up to my garage with a new Forest King splitter from Menards.

I'm waiting for my son and my wife to get off the phone and help me unload it. Thought I would go online and read about all the good things this splitter is going to do for me. For the first time in my life I'm glad they were both tied up on the phone. This thing scares the *** out of me after reading the reviews!

I guess there is something to be said for MADE IN AMERICA.

I'm leaving it on the truck and returning it in the morning! Thanks for everyone's honesty, only wish I would have read this before I got suckered in by the price!


Hi all you complainers of the 22 ton log splitter forest king from Menards. I split one and one half cord of lodgepole pine mix with aspen and the love joy connection broke.

I called the 800 number, gentleman ask for the serial number and my address, told me he would send me a new one at no charge. I had no receipt as when I bought it I did not think I would need it.

So if you have this problem give the number a try, but remember, politeness counts


Good Morning you old splitter fans. Looking back at all the comments it would appear that the eng.

to pump connection coupling was not fixed. So do yourselves a favor and buy a better product. Pay a bit more. It worth that effort.

And to the comments of the Menards Team Member.

If you worked for me you would be fired. I hope John Menards race car runs as well as this Splitter does. Also when a guest as some call them go to Menards who have Made in America Sales from time to time why wouldn't you then think that this product is made in the USA? Now as I said I asked people like you old team member and the answer was in fact its Mad in California.

At this time my friend that puts this in our country still until they sell it to Mexico. Get it, Got it, Good!!!! Tell John M. that if he continues to sell this unsafe equipment and someone gets hurt.

Expect to loose a good chunk of cash in Court and you can use this all as documents to prove it was mentioned. One more and last thing. Menards will take back the gasoline product but it takes allot of squeaking to get that done. In my case I did get the grease and a better product splitter from them for my trouble.

I challenge anyone to do the same.

They then will take notice and pull this out of the store. Jim


Re. Forrest King 22 ton log splitter. Split one and a half cord of lodge pole pine and the lovejoy connector destroyed itself, thereby leaving the ram in the forward position. Rep was called at the 800 number and advised me that for $45.00 the company would send me new parts.

Buyer beware.

Not a happy wood gatherer!


Blew the pump on mine after only 7.5 hours of use. Called 800# and they discounted the replacement 20%.

Customer service said they've had problem with the lovejoy coupler (either the set screww has fell out or is in to tight and shreads the shaft.

Mine however never had this problem and completely broke the shaft. I'll let you know when I get it back and running.


About the Log Splitter. When I originally bought this product from Menards, I asked them at the Store where it was made U.S.

or otherwise. They told me U.S. Not so. I found that out when I uncrated the product and its created you will need to assemble it and have two people to do it.

IF any of you should purchase on of these CHINA made products. What happened to mine and alot of them is that the coupler going from the engine to the Hyd. Pump is faulty and disintigrates while turning. That is not good for one thing as it may injure the operator.

The MFR. will send a free part but after two or three hours of use that should not be done leaving you at the mercey of the repair place. I made them give me another product and returned mine. They did not like that but finally agreed to it.

That was one issue. The others were leaking hoses, faulty weldments and who knows what else would have failed. So for those that decided not to buy them good thinking.

Its not worth the running around spend a bit more. Jim


Oh, by the way, thanks for the reviews. I was at Menards yesterday And was looking at that forest king splitter for some friends.

Now, I won't tell them about it.

The price was 699.00 after rebate. That is a lot of money for something that may be junk.


I have a Swisher 22 ton. I have split probably 100 cords of wood with it.

The only problem I really ever had was blowing the belt which to me is Nepal wear and tear. They should have built a protective shroud over the engine though. The engine is vulnerable to logs being dropped on it when in the horizontal position.

I would buy another one if I knew where they sold them. This one was bought at Fleet Farm.


Call the 800# that is in the owners manual & they will ship parts to you.


I use this seasonally for personal use. I had the same problem with the drive shaft from the engine to the pump.

I'm not sure if the bearings went bad or the joint went bad.It started smoking and I had to shut it down. I can't find a parts manual online to order anything, and I'm not sure how to repair it.

I would not recommend this unit. Spend a little more and get better quality


Had the coupler issue, called 800 #

Got a fast return call,diagnosed the problem and overhighted the new improved parts.

Also paid a $50 labor to install the new part

Split 2 cords with it since the repair.

So far so good and great customer service


Had the coupler issue, called 800 #

Got a fast return call,diagnosed the problem and overhighted the new improved parts.

Also paid a $50 labor to install the new part

Split 2 cords with it since the repair.

So far so good and great customer service


I am Glad Ken wrote his comments since those that will have issues with the splitter will know that they may be stuck waiting for a fix to them. Also given the fact that Ken has had issues with them only proves that they are breaking down.

I ran into at least four people since this event that knew of my situation and they told me that alot of the people they know that purchased these had issues. That came from various people working at Menards. So again your not saving BIG Money at Menards on this one. There are many better units to look at for those that want some quality.

Try looking on line to see what is out there.

You don't want to fix them each time you try to use them. Thanks.


Getting parts is a real bear, No customer support, no breakdown on repair manual, any parts shipped to me are COD then 30 t0 40 day later I will be paid. No matter what Menards say I'm not a replace center for this spitter at this time. yes they are made in China.