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Hello, all who purchased the Forest King Log Splitter from Menards. Here is the scoop on what I did.

I took it back withing the 30 day period. They (Menards) tried to screw me around with this but the gave in later. It comes down to the old saying. The Squeaky wheel will get the grease.

But if you used your splitter for some time then you need to get it fixed through Menards and they will tell you were you can take it.

If you cannot find the manual for yours. I find that if your temper doesn\'t flare and your direct to the point with Menards they will satisfy your issues. Also the Log Splitter has a Spline problem or did have. The company that built them is aware of it and will send you what you need to repair it.

Trust me on that one. In my case I wanted a better product not one built in China. Seems to be a big problem these days.

Go vote and keep working. Don\'t bend into the entitled ways of life.

Original review posted by user Feb 21, 2012

Purchased this Log splitter from Menards three weeks ago. I was told its made in California. There was no information saying other wise anywhere. Then the add says some assembly required. It should have said most of the Assembly is required and take two people to complete.

The worse part is the hoses are poor quality. They are leaking oil due to the design.

The welds on mine are poor and some cracked off already after 6 hours. Yesterday the splitter engine to pump connection disintigrated while running. So its down.

So Don't buy it pay a bit more.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I purchased my Forest King 22 ton splitter 4 years ago. Before I put it away for the winter I change oil and run seafoam in the gas for a few minutes.

I also check the spark plug and clean the air filter. When I get it out the next spring it always starts on the first pull. As far as the hydraulics I have had absolutely no problems. I have split some pretty big logs with ease.

If you take care of your equipment it will work for you. In many instances people simply don't know what they are doing or how to assemble things then blame it on poor design or poor quality material.


it is junk 22 ton


we have the forest king pro 30 ton wood splitter only used a few times now it wont stay running for some reason any ideals what wrong thank you!!


I have had my Forest King 22ton log splitter for about 4 years. We heat our house with wood and go through about 7 to 10 cord per year.

This thing has been a life saver.

I have had no issues with as of yet. I have heard of others having problems with the control valve but mine has been good.


I have one of these things for almost four years now. Other than the reflectors getting knocked off with a falling log, I have had absolutely no issues with it. VERY happy with this purchase!!


It is quite obvious that some of you had issues and for me it was a night mare. However, this all was resolved.

So when you have issues with this Splitter. call the help lines in the manual.

Just recently I noticed a new splitter at Menards in Marrinette WI. This spliter a 30 ton appears to be a product built using all the info spread around by Pissed costumer site and put into a blueprint. Built, and now is selling at Menards.

Check that one out. Has what I got look silly.

So it time to share ideas and improve this splitter. That's done.

Results are now on the market. Mission complete.


We had issues with the coupler, if I remember right. Replaced with better items from Grainger, not a huge deal.

I preheat mine to start easier when its below 40 F. I've never had a problem with it since fixing the coupling, splits great.


I've had mine for three years with very few issues. Probably split 12 to 15 cords a year.


I have had my 22 ton splitter from menards for a year now and have not had any malfunctions until last weekend. A hose blew because I let somebody borrow it.

It splits anything I put on it. I am very happy with the choice I made


I beg to differ. I borrowed the band new 22 ton splitter from a buddy.

This unit TORE through an oak that measures over 5' @ the base & the crown, model # YTL23308.

It ripped through knotty oak not like butter but we abused it & it got the job done & then some. No complaints here!


I have this same splitter for about three years now . My uncle and I bought them at the same time two of them.

First thing he noticed is the set srcrew in the lve joy was loose. That is what is happening to them that they fly apart.

So take your gaurd of and just put lock tight on the set screw and probalem solved. We even rent our machines out lol

James Marchetti

Ask Menards. Or go to the manual and get a number off of that to call they will get you parts for this splitter.

What broke?


Purchased my Forest King Log splitter at Menards 2 years ago and have split a number of loads of wood, probably 4 or 5 cord. It starts first pull and have had no problem with it other than my own dumb fault.

Only problem I broke a part yesterday and have no idea where to replace it. Bob

James Marchetti

Hey this guy that says he did this in 20 min. is all wet.

Had one, took it back based on its poor performance.

I know that it cannot be uncrated in 20 min. So he bends the time a little. By 3 hours or more.

You sir, may have one of many that work.

Lucky you. The new one on sale now is very nice.

Have a nice splitting day.


We had the same problem only difference it didn't even split one log. Menards and manufacturer both gave us run around!!!

BS!!!! Sending us parts to fix it are you kidding me????


Well mine has been going for over 6 yrs and I have not had one problem with it , it's rock solid and does it's job well !! And it's still perfect and I beet on it hard !!!

Assembly was easy and I did it by myself in about 20 minutes .

So it's sounds like you didn't do a good job putting it together to begin with and you have limited technical skills if you needed another person .

What I do have a problem with is this website , never in my day have I ever seen a site so slow and text laggy


Once again you may have got one that works. Your lucky or you don't have the Made in China version called the Forest King 22 ton.

Green in color.

If this is what you have. again your lucky.



I have had this splitter for over 3 years. No problems.


one thing is i watch what buy from Menards i bought a propane heater i paid a pretty penny for the heater i paid over 200.00 it was defected. I was sitting in the living room enjoying a good book when i heard a loud noise it was the the heater pilot exploded.

I shut of the propane. I reported to Menards and they said they were not going to replace the heater. Wow! i did even finish telling what had happen and they said they were not responiable!

Now i do my shopping at lowes,home depot, ace hardware, and Tractor supply. The heater was from China... poor use parts the name of the heater this heater are dangerous be careful thank God I was home to turn of the propane and that day everbody had gone shopping i did not go because of back ache.

nevertheless, this heater are the white large heaters they come with stone ware i think they do sale them anymore....


Wow! I bought one two years ago and the only problem was the return assemble nevertheless, simply fix.

My girls have been splitting 3 to 4 feet wide oak no problem. One thing it stayed out side in the winter time hard to start in the below 0 dregee it is an awesome machine it starts in the second pull. One thing i do agree is poor grade hoses.

nevertheless, for 700.00 can not beat it even the log splitter is n ot that cheap. face it every thing is coming from china now in this age that is why they is no jobs