Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Menards advertised a 10x10 Gazebo with Mesquito Netting. Upon buying the Gazebo we specifically asked if it was in the box.

They assured us it was only to find this Gazebo doesn't come with it after it was half built. Menards replied that they are sorry for our inconvenience and told us to bring it back. This would mean we would have to disable the product and load it up. Menards should have to supply the netting since they guaranteed it.

I still have not heard from a manager!!! I will never shop Menards again and will advise others not to as well!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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#1 you sell ***, so if the people come back it's because it is cheap!! not for quality.

I have bought stuff and parts are missing..the go to a new box open and get me what I need, then leave that box on the shelf for next guy to be short. what a why to do business.


For you managers, you should try being a little more customer oriented since that is the business you are in. For Menards in general, that is the first time I've made a purchase at Menards and will never do it again!

That's all I have to say about this! Menards is the weaker link!


You can go shop at Home Depoit or Lowes. I work at Menards in the floorcovering department.

I have had guest get made and say they are going to Home Deopit.

Then later on in the week I sell them some tile or carpet. For the most part we have better product at better prices.


im sure it said if it came with it on the box, learn how to read, ***


Look before you assemble. Mistakes happen. Get over it.


Why don't you just call the store and ask to talk to the manager of the whole store. Maybe the real manager doesn't even know about it yet?

Did that ever cross your mind? I work at a store and manage it and there are things that I sometimes never hear about until itts to late.


Woah....sowhy not talk about the good things that you got a good price on the gazebo and get creative and by sum netting instead of complaning about it. I love Menards and you shopped there in the first place I bett so I bett yule be going back too cause its a grate store. Omar!


Yeah I understand when something isn't in the box. Heck I work at Menards one Christmas I bought a Christmas tree and the top of the tree wasn't in the box.

Its just every retailers problem we buy cheep imported *** from country's that don't pay much more than dirt for a days work.

America is just rich jerks compared to what the rest of the world has, I mean can't you live with a chip out of a board? Or are we just to stuck up anymore


don't shop at menards then, go over to lowe's or home depot and pay 10-15% more. next time why don't you LOOK for the netting before putting the *** thing together.


I do not know how many people have told me they are going to Lowes or the Home Depot. I think it is supposed to upset me. I just have not figured out why yet.


Really, I know. A customer could shop here, spend thousands over the course of many years, and all because of the great guest service they receive most every time.

But, the "ONE" time out of many, many successful shopping trips ruins everything apparently.

Is one never allowed to make a mistake? Once again, the company is huge and we swear on our mother's graves that we really do not care if you stop shopping there.


you know, for the people with legitimate complaints, i really do feel for them. the one thing that annoys the *** out of me is when they say that one mistake will prevent them from ever shopping there again (although apparently menards was good enough to shop at a million times before then), and also when they think their lack of investment will somehow dent profits going into any store.

menards makes about $2,000 every minute or so during a moderately busy day. i get so tired of those people!

screwed by retail

I hear you at least you got a were sorry I got squat! No fridge No explaination except We dont Know.

Not even a how can we make this better. I want them to calculate the amount of money I would have spent there in the next 10 years I hope they think it was worth it


I'm surprised that the mosquito netting wasn't shown in the parts list, or that it wasn't mentioned in the directions. You did read the directions before you put this great big, not easy to carry if something is screwed up thing, together right?


This was not menards fault. The company that prints menards flyers screwed this one up. correction letters were printed and posted (at least they were at my store).


did you ask to look inside of the box at the store? this should have been your first step. you must also shoulder some responsibility for this situation, too.