Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Menards was offering Sprecher root beer by the case for $15 in a special color flyer. The pictures of the soda corresponded to regular Sprecher soda products. I put two cases of root beer into my cart. When I reached the checkout, the cashier told me that the soda was not on sale. I showed her the flyer, with pictures. She told me that the soda on sale was for the "fire brewed" version, but they didn't get many cases to start the week.

I then spoke to the head of cashiers. Her attitude was despicable. When I told her that the law required her to sell the advertised product, she said, "We have been having problems with the Sprecher soda all week. Marketing made a mistake. The flyer should have said "fire brewed." It didn't."

I repeated that she had to sell the product for what they had advertised. She replied, "You can pay the price for the root beer at what it is, or you can leave it." She was not friendly or understanding at all.

Fact is, she didn't care whether I was a satisfied customer or not. I told her I would not shop at Menard's again. She continued not to care.

Goodbye, Menards!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Some things you should realize is that stores always rotate stock, run out of product, have to accomodate shipping issues, vendor issues and the list goes on. Menards advertises skus with most of their product; did you see if what you were buying matched the product on the shelf?


What happened is the way things are. So why try to buck the system?


What happened is the way things are. So why try to buck the system?