Wausau, Wisconsin

We bought materials for a pole shed last year. The materials were delivered late and arrived just two days prior to a snowfall that didn't melt until April (those of you in Wisconsin know what I'm talking about).

Due to the early snowfall, not only were we not able to put the shed up, we weren't able to sort through the stacks to see what had or had not been delivered. By the way, I didn't think I HAD to inventory them. We just finished building our house. Those materials were purchased from a reputable building supplier.

I never had a reason to inventory anything they delivered. They simply delivered what I paid for. Menards, to the contrary, does not necesarily deliver what you paid for. This was demonstrated, first, by the failure to deliver a door.

When we discovered the door was missing, we argued for a time with the store but the door eventually was delivered (I realize now just how lucky I was). Today, however, when we realized an entire shipment (3 packages in total) of screws was missing, the store told us, "tough luck." Too much time has passed. If it had been within a couple of weeks of delivery, MAYBE we could have done something. Okay -- so that means that we DO have to inventory everything (I'm talking hundreds of items in an order for a pole shed) within a couple of weeks of delivery or you're out of luck.

I have to say that even if we were able to start building last year, we still wouldn't have known the roofing screws were missing within two weeks unless we had done a complete inventory upon delivery. So now I have to shell out more money to pay for screws I already paid for. Way to go, Menards.

I can tell you I will NEVER order anything from you again. I would rather pay a premium to get it through Lowe's or a building supplier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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menards doesn't package the pole barn sheds, they are shipped directly after they are manufactured. it isn't menard's fault, its the manufacuture's fault.

quit with the pity party. it's not like screws are expensive anyways


:( :eek :zzz :sigh :x :? :cry :roll :upset :p 8) ;) PIZZ OFF!


menards will also send out the first thing they grab off the shelf. You could potentially get warped lumber, scuffed doors, broken tile, and things with missing parts. You HAVE to inspect it because its a waste of time to have to lug whatever you delivered back to the store, I mean you got it delivered for a reason.


One funny thing about Menards is that when an order gets messed up, they try to blame the contracted delivery driver and private security company as if it was actually something that THEY did. Building materials, delivery coordinator, load builders, drivers and gate guard are supposed to count loads and things still always get messed up!

But Menards never takes blame for anything! Then they will turn to the customer and make them acknowlege that they are either lucky to have something done about it, or it is their fault (the customer) and SOL. These are probably two employees who work at Menards. Don't listen to them as one is probably the "I don't care" yard guy who didn't grab your screws, and the other dude is probably the one you talked to on the phone.

They get so defensive, it's so funny! They are Menards, and are telling you that only they are right. It's the way it is and that is why you, and everyone else who isn't just too cheap to shop elswhere, should do just that. Other companies try to keep you happy.

Especially the smaller ones. They will try to keep you coming back and they will value your visit. Menards wont. These two chumps are obviously Menards.

I worked with a lot of good employees who I wish would get the *** out of there and go where they will be taken care of.

Some people aren't good enough to get a job anywhere else, and keep it, except at places like that. Too bad.


Sounds like you're ready for a retirement home. They will probably wipe your butt for you, however menards won't.

Yes you do have to check, it's just a smart thing to do. Though you technically shouldn't have to....duh, you should anyways.


it is generally assumed to be common sense on the consumer's part to check and verify if all goods are present. stores do occasionally make mistakes, and you must take some responsibility to fix it if this happens.

but i tell ya, getting mad and stomping around yelling "F*** THIS I HATE MENARDS I'M GOING TO SHOP AT B-LOWE'S FROM NOW ON..." doesn't quite work.

realize that errors are a fact of life, and all others (besides you) are the epitome of perfection. i bid you good day, sir!