Chicago, Illinois

What happened to Menards Spanish specials? I had my team search the air waves and can't find them anymore.

I see Lowes and Home Depots TV commercials but I have not seen any new Menards specials. I like Menards because of the weekly deals they offer and now I dont see any! Did I miss something? Will I have to pay more to go to the other home improvement stores?

I am a home rebuilder who does a lot of work in Latino community and have been buying everything from bathroom cabinets to siding and windows.

The specials are gone! Que paso?

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They dont need to speak spanish, this is america, dont like it leave........


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This is the United States of America! We speak English in this country.

Take it or leave it! ( please leave.)


What! Spanish specials! Now that is beyond

ridicules! How about Irish specials or Dutch

specials or American Indian specials or African American specials....Give me a break!

Give us all a break! Treat us all the same as (legally here) people doing business in Ameria. I am so sick of all this "special interests" grouping...


On my journey I met one of your kind. His name was Katow-jo. We became friends.