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Just exposing the truth about Menards. Menards requires employees in management postions to sign yearly contracts.

The contracts are basically signed under durress as they include unethical procedures. For instance, they require a General Manager and Assitant Geneal Manager to work a minimum of 55 hours per week. It also releases Menards from any liability if the employee is any form of accident from lack of sleep because they worked until 11pm and had to open the store at 5am. There is also a clause that states that if the employee leaves Menards, they can't work for a competior otherwise they are subject to a fine of $10,000.00 to Menards.

I could go on about the contract but imagine that a copy of the contract will make its way onto the internet soon. For anyone that want to say that Menards promises big bonuses to offset their hourly GM and AGM hourly cap of $14.68 per hour...don't count on it. Menards has tendancy to change their method of computing bounuses at any moment and when the time comes to hand out bonuses, they will be smaller than they were promised. Even if your store is profitable and exceeding finacial requirement originally set in place.

Also, the weekly bonuses payroll bonuses are a joke. Insted of making the weekly $40 -$100 weekly payroll bonus, Menards will probably deduct $40-$100 from your paycheck.

(Not leagal according to our lawyer) If you don't believe me, just ask a GM at Home Depot or Lowes as they probably left Menards for a better salary and better health benefits.

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You're a *** and have no idea what you are talking about. Next time you're butthurt about something do the world a favor and don't post about it.


Menards seems to have a problem with it's

cleaning contractors also.

They have passed bad checks all around the Minneapolis, MN area


You're right. $39.50 until October, then bump bump.


Day by day I struggle to maintain not only my strength but also my sanity. It's all a blur.

I have no energy to write. I don't know what's right or wrong anymore.


Obviously these people don't know how to read and understand a business contract. The contract basically tells you how the stores are suppose to be run and what will happen if they is not followed.

If you don't like the way this company is ran DON'T WORK FOR THEM!! Please take a class and educate yourself before speaking.


I too work for this company and had to sign a contract but after I was already in position moved from another department. When I said that I would like time too think about it I was told that keep in mind I could not go back to my old position. I felt that had I not signed I would lose my job.



Adam, you don't make more then 35/hour! If you did why would you be on this page? Lies lies and more lies!


I got fired because my GM coundn't handle the pressure of a derogatory e-mail.Lost my year-end bonus and profit sharing, At least i got unemployment, because he had no cause to fire me,


I have never had to sign a contract, but it has been understood that a GM's work week is at least 55 hours and more likely to be a min. of 60.

That's the way it is in management. That includes retail, hotel, and restaurant positions. If you don't want to do the work don't take the job! I do have to agree the $14 something an hour is very cheap.

I made more than that 20 years ago. Here, again, don't take the position if you have a problem with those 2 areas...


Wow I am so impressed by menards managers whom have a degree that they have to come onto the internet and show how smart they are by cussing. I would think they may be the ones whom need to grow up.


I guess since everyone else is *** to you, that just sets you apart from the whole world. Haven't you seen that Menards is a company that could threaten your own well-being to get their way with you.

Some fools just can't pass up a title. But why do you insist things the way you do? Your title does not make you awesome on this web-site or any other place you might stroll into. I make about twenty five bucks an hour more than you and I am not a manager.

I don't need to hear about all your added incentives, it's all garbage to me. I respect my boss because he cares about his company and employees! A Menards manager like you?

Ishhhh. No one cares.


I would never work for Menards, ever.


Hey ADAM, Menards IS a smaller company, but smart guy, it is privately held. But you obviously don't know much about Menards.

we are building stores where depot and lowes are closing stores, we have profit sharing available to us because we are profitable, obviously we make $$$$. Yes there are some *** managers out there and if you think its just at Menards then you are ignorant.

The guy cried about how he got screwed by Menards but forgot to tell you that he didn't manage his store to be profitable and follow guidelines set forth by the company to ensure uniformity within the company. Adam unless you have experienced Menards management firsthand as an manager, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!


come on, mgrs are not required to work 55 hrs per week all year like you are trying to insinuate. If you really want to know there are certain periods during the year the requirements of hours worked go down.

I can tell you that menards does pay hourly to ALL employees and there is premium pay on sat and sun that adds into your ot. Anyone who says that they signed a contract under duress is just plain ***. Read the contract and if you dont like what they are going to offer, QUIT. do everybody a favor and stop leading your team with a crybaby attitude.

Do you want someone to wipe your butt, too?

Its "people" like you who don't know how to be professional that fail and cry the rest of there lives about how they were cheated and screwed. This is the real world, grow a set of balls shut up and do your job!!!!!!!!!!


I worked for menards for 11 years and had to sign one of those contracts,and yes I did sign under duress.If these contracts are so above board then why is menards so afraid to let an employee have a lawyer look at it before signing?When the contract states you have to work 55 hrs a week then why wont they pay 55 hrs instead of only 40 when you get a week off? Come on store mgrs comment like those above "you suck" and such only help prove Adams assessment of your intelligence.


Also, where do you find anything about this managers "performance" and where does the conclusion come from the he/she sucked as a manager? Pulling things out of the air?

Same thing you do all day at work? Had you have managed this ones store would you have made it all happen? You big stud! Have you ever applied at a Lowes?

Do you just "assume" that you are superior?

Menards is NOT as large as the two giants because their service to customers is by far inferior. I've never been to Lowes or a Depot, but I know they must be better because I have experienced Menards and am sick of it.


Better that I stroke my own, unlike you! I highly doubt one "menard mgr" is any better than the next.

You guys are disgusting, immature, greedy, hateful and most definately inconsiderate! No better are you than most people. The thought of meeting you makes me cringe.

"Stroke it"? Real professional!


you obviously SUCKED as a GM. read the contract and get paid by the way your *** runs your store, you suck and can't run an efficient operation.

Grow up and face the facts of your ineptitude.

you are the reason people fail, unsuccessful leadership!!!!!!!!!!!! go to depot or lowes


hey adam you stroke, i am menard mgr and yes i do have a degree in mgmt, grow up


you obviously SUCKED as a GM. read the contract and get paid by the way your *** runs your store, you suck and can't run an efficient operation.

Grow up and face the facts of your ineptitude.

you are the reason people fail, unsuccessful leadership!!!!!!!!!!!! go to depot or lowes