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Menard's inc. is a HORRIBLE place to work the don't care about their guest or there team members they care about making money like the rest of America, so tell Menard's to stop ling in all there advertisements about caring about quality and service.

They are full of *** they force you to stay after they close and clean even when your schedule off at a time and tell you u cant leave until u finish. They wont let you take lunch unless u stay an extra half hour to make up for you taking a lunch. The owners of Menard's are piece of *** and need to learn how to help and take care of their employees Menard's inc. is a sweet shop of modern day.

I hope Menard's goes out of business soon. and john and Larry Menard have to live on the street.

Menard's sucks and Larry and john r going to *** for their greed and how they treat people!

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Hey, Chicago Ill. I worked for Menards many many years.

I went from a P/T sales to a Store Manager. Why, Because they , both John & Larry gave me the opportunity to do just that. They held me accountable for my actions & expected that I produce for the money they paid me. My Dad did the same when I was at home so it was no big deal to follow direction, listen & learn.

Bet you are having trouble with all your bosses. Right??? Good luck in your process of growing up. Jim Celius.

I'm not afraid to give you my name. You abviously are Chicago, Ill.


Spot on dude. That is what they did to me for 21 yrs.Good thing I walked away and QUIT 10 217.

Retired early at 52.

Best move l ever made. Menards SUCKS.


Richfield menders' gm Craig is a rude too his black employees he don't know hard work even if the green bay packers NFL team told me...i work there and he had the right too tell me that I don't do nothing but talk and don't work I wake up at 4:30am to show up at 5...sorry he don't have kids thank god for that...


It seems as though most of you don't belong in retail anyway. It's not always about you, it's about the Guest!

Your complaints are, they made me clean, expected to be there, said I wasn't friendly enough and on and on! It's about giving the guest the best shopping experience possible. As an manager in retail I can tell u that all you little twits make it very difficult.

It's not always about you! Apply yourself and you can earn well above any other retail in similar categories.


Your post is a great example of why people dislike their jobs. You view your employees as little twits rather than a human being that has a life outside work.

If you expect your employees to stay after the store closes, schedule them that way. I'll bet if you scheduled your people to stay an hour after close each night and they got to go home 30-45 minutes after close they would be thanking you for getting them out early rather than complain about having to stay after their scheduled shift.

Menards policy requires a lunch break after 7.5 hours so a college student working a 3pm to 10pm shift would only get a 10 minute break and no meal break. Treat your people better and they will work harder for you.


Yes!!!! Employees stay with employers based on environment and treatment not pay. This is studied and documented


I have worked for the organization myself for five years. I have stayed because I am working through college and they are flexible with my schedule.

However, I think the writer of the review makes some valid points. It is entirely unfair to have to stay after your shift (which happens often), and the attendance policy is quite militaristic. I would go into more details, but I don't deem it necessary. I do have to say, though, that unless you work for this company you should try to be more understanding of commenters and less judgmental.

After all, the writer seemed that he/she was merely venting. Regards.


Treat people the way you want to be treated, or don't be surprised if they snap & go "Charles Whittman" on you. A little kindness goes a long way. Something most employers seem to have forgot about .


I couldn't agree more. I'm going to college, working another job, and dealing with sickle cell. Menards was well aware of all of this before I began working.

I had to call off a day because I couldn't keep food down etc (lack of red blood cell functioning that day). I went to the doctor the day before I was scheduled to work. I brought that doctors note in as proof that I wasn't *** The manager didn't accept it.

They refuse to work around my other jobs' schedule, even when it comes out before theirs. Most the people are judgmental and rude to me - preaching constantly about how I need to make Menards my first priority. Sorry that's as far as you're getting in life, I plan to have a degree and make a difference in peoples lives.

*** Menards. Don't let the slight above minimum wage pay suck you in. It's utter *** all around.


I have worked in Menards factories, at a store, and currently work in the General Office. If you are afraid to work or expect a handout, this is not the company for you. If you show up on time and work hard, you earn respect, and you succeed.

The factory is hard work. If you do your job and work well with others, you aren't necessarily rewarded. Well, once upon a time, participation wasn't rewarded either-- winning was. There are opportunities for those who aren't mediocre.

The store is challenging. Some of the Management leave a lot to be desired, and some of the people from the G.O. aren't pleasant. But they have a job to do and do their best. Some people just don't get along, and not everyone belongs everywhere. It is true that some people may not be qualified for the jobs they have, but Menards has MT programs that attempt to get people with company knowledge ready for such positions. It's not the Company's fault individual people suck.

The G.O. is a sweet gig. Some of the people have desensitized themselves to the point of not being people anymore, but that's their problem, not yours. The only time someone can get to you is when you let them. I have a great job that I love and pays more than I need to live comfortably-- with an Associate's Degree. My job is stable because Menards is a strong company and I take responsibility for making sure I do what I'm supposed to. People who do nothing other than sit around and *** don't get far, and rightfully so. Despite what modern society tells you, you do need to work to make a decent living, and it doesn't require that much effort.

There are far worse places to work. If you don't like Menards, seek those places out because we don't want you.


Kudos to you xmas24. That is all it takes.


I worked for Menards and they are back stabbing money hungry rude people to work for. I thought I was working for a good company untill I got hired.

They told me I wasn't friendly and I know for a fact that is a lie they didn't give me warning or anything they just didn't like me because I wanted to move up to management. I was up for their 10cent raise on Monday and was fired on Tuesday.

No write up's or anything so I now will try and sue them for discrimination. They Suck!


I agree with "get over yourself" about the laziness. I will take extra hours anytime!

Quit being lazy and crybabies.

Find another job that will put up with you! :cry


menards sucks thatsbay2f all i can say


I currently work at menards. It's a joke.

I've been harrased by my general manager since day one. I've been yelled at and had him an inch from my face. I've been sent home early for no reasons whats so ever.

It's a joke. So stop riding John Menards ***.


To Laura: First of all you are so close minded it is ridiculous, These people who only have a high school diploma should not have a management job because they are inferior and just plain dumb...your right, they do not deserve a chance to prove themselves as a good worker or a leader, but if they had a piece of paper saying they went to a university they would clearly be fit for the job, prior job experience has nothing to do with it. WRONG!!

I am an employee of Menards and could not be happier anywhere else, having an extensive background in retail and having undergone countless hours of training should not qualify me for job advancement? In my previous job i have worked with alot of manager trainee grads, and fresh college grads and 90% of the time I was less than impressed. Also how do you expect to motivate an employee to work hard if you are not a company that promotes from within? Laura, I'm sorry you have those feelings.

I hope you find a job that only hires employees with a phd. Maybe....just maybe you will be happy then.


agree why retail if you have a college degree I will tell you why you had a D average in college way to go quit drinking in college and go to class


10 cent raises are much initiative to work hard. where is the cost of living raise.

5 years my husband has gotten 10 cent raises every six months when they don't lose his raise papers after he turns them into a MANAGER...

hmmm all the problems seem to direct towards the managers!!! not the employees


well for the managers last comment that just proves the point of all the complainers. if i owned a company i would not tolerate a manager on my staff telling employees they are pathetic. Managers you should make your employees feel comfortable about going to work not put them down because you make 50 cents more than them.


I agree Menards is the worst place to work I gave them 10yrs and was railroaded out so they didn't have to give me my IPS check because the Manager of the hardware dept didn't want to miss his IPS big bucks and all the little asst managers were in on it as well. I loved the work there but not the people. :sigh