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Just before Christmas I installed a self adhesive (Image Brand) tile floor in my kitchen. I asked the 'expert' at Menards and was told it could be installed directly over my current seamless floor.

Since then I have had a reaction causing the adhesive to contiually ooze out between the seams ruining the floor. I have tried cleaning it and resealing it numerous times and it continues. Eventually all the adhesive squeezes out and then the tiles become loose.

Now I am faced with removing the entire floor and being stuck with a large sticky problem which will require the removal of the old floor also and most likely the sub floor as the old floor is glued to it. What started out as a $150.00 project has already cost me 250.0 in extra cleaning and sealing attempts, and when all done will be in the range of well over $1000 dollars as I am disabled and cannot do all that work alone.

When contacted Menards told me I needed to go in a fill out a form and they would investigate. Why I need to invest more of my time and effort in solving a problem that was caused by untrained experts and defective products is beyond me. I have been a loyal Menards customer for over 30 yrs and have a file drawer with tens of thousands of dollars of reciepts for home improvements. Sorry Menards but you should investigate this and do a little customer service rather than expect me to fill out forms.

I also recently purchased a soaker hose from Menards and it lasted less than an hour before bursting, as have 2 replacements.

I paid cash, but since I did not have a reciept for a 6 dollar purchase all they would give me is an in store credit.

Since I will never spend another dollar at Menards I am stuck with the loss.

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how else is Slippery John going to make money, he cant hire professionals. it would cost too much.


a.) a floor primer will increase the bond strength of ANYTHING applied to the floor by leaps and bounds. it is a liquid latex, that makes everything sticky, everything that touches it (like designer's image floor tile) will stick much better.

b.) sounds like this *** used more adhesive than just the stuff on the back of the tile. Also, the tile needs to be ROLLED.. (100lbs of force with ROLLING PRESSURE -- You can't simply tap on the tile with your tiptoes like cinderella and expect the tile to stick!) Rolling the tile increases its bond strength by something ridiculous like 60%.

c.) Lots of *** menards employees out there, and alot of helpful ones too, not everyone takes pride in their work. Doesn't negate the fact that you bought a whole bunch of *** and didn't investigate, read instructions or ANYTHING else.

d.) I've worked for menards for ELEVEN years and I can say: I've dealt with some legitimate concerns about product quality, but like ANY manufacturer will tell you, some crazy percentage, like 95% or something is consumer error. Whats even more messed up? If you go to menards.com they actually have a physical copy of the installed complaint form on their website, so you can fill it out and send it in and never have to even leave your house.... so much about the "disabled part".... Might I also just point out, every person that ever has a problem with a product ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS) is either disabled, has a back condition, or a heart condition, or SOME type of condition that prevents them from lifting over 3.6oz... grow the *** up and take responsibility for your actions!!!!!


My first question would have been Steve100, did you use any adhesive other than the self adhesive that is on there? I would be you put extra adhesive on the back of the tile, thus voiding the warranty.

Also no extra adhesive is necessary just an adhesive primer which is clear and adds to the adhesion of the self adhesive. Also those tiles are not suppose to be sealed, also voiding the warranty. Many people do what others tell them even if the expert tells them differently. If you installed them properly then you would not have had any issues.

I believe the brand is Designer Images also.

I have never seen an issue with these tiles in my three years of selling them at Menards. Sorry to hear you had an issue.


If we were an expert at installing flooring why would we be working at a retail store.


Steve, you installed it wrong. You trusted one person you dont know on a big project.

You should have gone a little further than that. If you didn't know what you were doing you should have had someone do it that did. Why should you not have to follow the same rules and procedures that everyone else does? Go buy a fourth hose, and be sure to get the same one so you ahve to same problem again.

Definition of insanity "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" Let it go. Be responsible


I am sitting here wondering why someone would take more time to come to this website to post a complaint than it would take to complete the complaint form he was offered at Menards. Filling out the complaint form at Menards would get their customer service department working on his problem.

This guy obviously isn't serious about wanting his problem solved. For any one else having a problem with an installed product that you can't simply return with your receipt, take a few minutes to fill out their complaint form and let their customer service department help you.


Steve100--whine whine whine--why don't you go to WALMART, where no one even bothers to PRETNET to know anything, and the place is full of Chinese junk.

They'll be happy to teach YOU to "jump through their hoop" when they become the only store in town!!!


Steve100--you make me SO glad I don't have to work in Customer Service at the moment!!!Sadly, fo every person who has a legit complaint, there are 10 scammers, whiners, and people who need to vent frustration from other sources on folks who can't tell them where to go!!!


you learned your lesson, didn't you? if something doesn't work after 3 tries, it'll probably never work.

good job! no company goes out of their way to try and sell defective products. if one happens to get sold, there is a system in place to get the issue solved. if you are unwilling to help your own case by simply filling out a form, then you are out of luck.

this isn't the 1950's.

companies (especially big ones) don't really care if a customer refuses to try and work on their problem. at a certain point, it begins to cost the company money and it becomes worth it to cut you off. and i bet they won't feel an ounce of financial pain.

so while you may think you are "standing up to the man" or something, you're really just hurting yourself. think about it.

and yes, i do work at menards :)


First fella, please don't come off as an expert at the obvious. What I am trying to convey is that I AM NOT INTERESTED in their money nor their solution.

Why as a consumer should I jump through their hoops after they sell me defective products. They should be jumping through mine. If you choose to submit to every large corporation or government department that wants you to be subserviant to them then you have that choice. My choice is to let as many people know of a poor product and if that company suffers as a result - too *** bad.

As far as the refund goes it was chump change - but the product failed 3 times with less than an hours use each time. This was sold as a 'green' item.

A soaker hose made of recycled rubber sounds good, but if it doesn't work its not green its garbage.

PS - Sounds like you work for Menards


steve... you need to understand something.

if somebody were truly an expert in some area of home improvement, the ONLY reason they'd be working at menards would be for extra money or because they're retired. there just isn't enough money to be made in a store like this. shouldn't you know this by now? menards employees aren't paid near enough to be able to tell you how to do your project.

you can get in touch with a contractor if you really want to fix your problems (especially because you're disabled). trust me on this one. no "expert" is going to work at menards because there simply isn't enough money to be made.

and filling out a form is PART OF THE SOLUTION!!! why can't you grasp this??

they have obviously tried to solve your problem, but your refusal to fill out even a *** little form has made your life more difficult. it's people like you that make stores like this *** to work in. always demanding, never helping.

lastly, everyone on earth knows they won't be getting full credit without a receipt. it's YOUR fault you didn't keep your receipt, and thus you got less credit back for it.

you should be thankful you got ANY credit for it!! most places would just laugh you out the door. menards will be very happy if you never come back in again.

you've wasted enough employees' time with your whining and complaining. good riddiance.


Whatever happened to customer service? How come the store itself did not tell me that they had a form when I first complained to them??

How come the manager I spoke to never told me? I spent my life in customer service and when there was a complaint I was out the door and on my way to solve it - not asking someone to fill out a form. Its not about the money - its about the lack of service.

Its about the untrained employees and the poor quality products.

When you say 'all they are asking is to fill out a form' it means I must take the steps, although small, to repair their mistake.


All they are asking you to do is fill out a form(which you can do online at their website)and you are refusing to do it? But you can come here and fill out a form?

Fill out the form and you may get some relief from the company that made the tile. If that's so difficult to do,well.....