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Went to local menards in Wichita, was trying to buy 4,000 worth of siding, lumber, drywall....ect for a 1500sqft remodeling on a house we just bought.

We have a small town bank that will only increase your daily limit to 5,000 each card for a short period and we had already used that at lowes and other home improvement stores. Knowing we had MORE the enough to cover the bill we wrote a check. Their machine wouldn't read our check. After dealing with a rude manger and some random short clerk (who I still have no idea why she got involved) they decided they can't take our check. I understand it's a large check. Said we will call in the morning and pay for it with our card and have our contractor pick it up. Not happy but what ever. They exited the sale and then it printed out a receipt that said approved and showed a zero balance.

Thanked them and tried to leave. Got stopped by the manger and told we were not leaving (forgot to mention that all the big ticketed items would not be picked up for a week-three weeks because they had to order them in.) the manger and that short clerk who wasn't the original clerk kept disappearing, they voiced the transaction and refused to allow us to leave unless we used our card for the few things in our cart(300.00) we needed those items and it was late so we did it.

I called the other store in Wichita and found out that all those times that the manger and clerk disappeared was to call the other menards and warn them about our scam and not to accept our business.

Well lowes got 9,000.00 worth of business after all was said and done from what we were going to buy at lowes anyways and the stuff we didn't buy at menards. Also lowes had no issues in taking my check. Also dropped delivery fee to 20 bucks, I live 98 miles one way from lowes, since I bought so much from them.

Went to file a complaint for being treated like a thief and found out only way to get ahold of corp office is to write a letter. Are you kidding me, in today's times, write a letter. No phone number, no email, no Twitter, no FB. WOW. HORIBLE COMPANY, HORIBLE SERVICE. spend the extra few bucks and go to lowes, you will be happier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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One person was a store manager the other was a front end manager! The front end manager deals with transactions everyday all day long, and the store manager is normally up to snuff on policies.

So of course these are the two people you would be dealing with if there was an issue...... Now based on the little information you provided, I can safely say they had every right to assume you maybe trying to scam them.

Lowes has more complaints on here if you're not aware. Menards is privately owned and often handles things differently than a Lowes would.