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Recently bought a master craft door from Defiance Ohio Menards. We asked the sales person if there would be any special promo sales on the door as Christmas was approaching.

He said no. 1 week later the door was on sale 15% off. The head of sales in the door department argued about refunding the 15%. The general manager returned the door gave us a 15% discount then tore up our 11% rebate off are receipt and commented to another associate that we weren't getting that.

It was the 9th of December and everything in the store on sale or otherwise was eligible for the 11% rebate. To add injury to insult our bill arrived with a $25.00 late fee on that purchase a $17.51 interest charge. Mind you the purchase was picked up on 9th and returned.

We never had a previous bill mailed to us!! We maybe canceling our Menard Big Cards and doing business elsewhere!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Door.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Another clueless consumer, where should I begin? First off you have left out a lot of information that would make you look foolish.

Like the fact that Menards clearly explained to you that you cannot receive a sale price that ran prior to an 11% rebate sale. You get 1 or the other for the price adjustment. Menards specifically doesn't run any other promotions during an 11% rebate sale because the deal would be unfavorable for Menards. A lot of people seem to forget Menards is in business to make money, not give stuff away.

Now let's talk about two facts that you clearly do not grasp. Menards associates have zero knowledge of future sales or very limited scope on it. This is to prevent people gaining an unfair advantage on the pricing of items and never buying it for regular price. Menards does not own their CREDIT CARD, no retailer does.

It's owned and operated by a SPECIFIC BANK. This bank collects all the interest charges. The only thing Menards get's is the purchase of the item.

They're essentially just offering you another way of spending a lot of money exclusively at their store. It says this on Menards website regarding their credit cards "If you have questions regarding your MENARDS® BIG CARD® account you can contact our partner, Capital One by email, by calling 1-800-871-2800 or by submitting your questions in writing to:Capital One

PO Box 15521

Wilmington, DE 19850" So I'm pretty sure you need to TALK TO CAPITAL ONE you ignorant TOOL.


Your clearly an Menards employee, quit posting *** no one wants to read your clearly bias opinions all in favor of Menards. Again suspect you are an employee. Liar liar pants on fire!!!!


Menards has a 14 day price adjustment policy. If you purchase an item and it goes on sale within 14 days they will issue an in-store credit for the difference in price.

If you had purchased the item during the 11% rebate promotion you don't get the price difference plus the rebate.

Since the price difference was greater you got that but lost the rebate. I have to question your dates as I find it hard to believe if you purchased the door on the 2nd of December (1 week before the 9th) that you would have received a bill showing an overdue payment only a month later.