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all stores boast Handicap accessible.not one store have i ever seen boast handicap function able. yes menards has a couple of manual wheelchairs but they serve no purpose for most of us that cannot maneuver a manual wheelchair while trying to push a cart.

a motorized mobility cart provides a person with disabilities the independence of being able to shop on their own. i think it would be in every stores best interest to provide them.

however after reading several comments apparently made by menard employees who be fired if i was their boss i understand why menards is so simple minded.

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Our Menards have them! sorry yours do not.


Some people really would like to shop but don't have their own personal scooter it would be nice if they would think about all their paying customers .


Some folks are fat due to health issues, and they do need a doctors permission to get a handicapped placard and to park in the disabled spots.

I too get upset when I see anyone park in the handicapped spot without the right license or placard, but have called the police if I see a violation. There are many reasons for being handicapped, not just fat. Try to be tolerant.


I wrote to Menards a few years ago and was told they never have offered elec. carts, and never will.

Recently, (2016) I've been told the Marion Illinois store has 2 carts.

I guess this is a step in the right direction.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and spend U.S. Dollars when I shop, just in case they need to know.


I can't go into any store now a days where some fat person is too lazy to walk and they are on those huge buggies running into people and acting like they are the only ones who matter. Filing up the aisles.

They run into my kids so if Menards isn't providing them I need to shop there! Handicapped you have your own walker, cane, wheel chair. You can walk your big behind into the store to hop on a fat buggy you sure can walk your butt around the store! It might help your health!

Stop being lazy! I have to walk really far with my kids (and one is handicapped- with a muscle coordination disorder as well as brain injury) because lazy people are parked in handicapped, then they want to use these fat buggies when my child could techincally use one but instead he uses his WALKER! Maybe some of these lazy folks who hop on those carts and run to a buggy should think who they are taking them FROM! The sneaky way of using handicapped parking and using those carts is the reason your fat in the first place.

If your truly handicapped, then why don't you have your own buggy? No I'm not an employee just tired of the lazy people on those buggies running into me at WalMart and Target and using handicapped parking when my kid NEEDS IT and uses a WALKER when they can walk if they want to!


Don't ever get old or disabled. Oh... and *** you very much.


""limited mobility" must be a *** Chicago Cubs fan also. No, it's not Maynards' fault that I was injured but if they want my business, then they should have had electric wheelchairs for customers to use.

They can afford it. That's OK.

I have given my business to other companies that provide them. Cram your comments up your rectum.


I work for menards and dont particularly like the place myself, but the fact that menards does not offer motorized carts for people is one of the dumbest complaints I get. If you are that disabled then you would already have a "power chair provided at no cost to you" just like the *** commercial says.

Have any of you ever contacted them to see about getting one of your own. I guess its just the responsibility of Menards to take care of it because they have more money than you. If I'm not able to get around very well, a huge warehouse type building is going to be the last place I want to go walk around in. I would send somebody else to do my errands.

If you are that disabled then whatever project you are trying to do you are going to have to get help with anyway. I understand that some elderly people have trouble, but a lot of the people that like to complain about no power chairs are simply FAT and to LAZY to lose weight. When did people start feeling like it is somebody elses responsibility to take care of them.


@limited mobility

Who said it was some one else's responsibility I am fat but not lazy but I have a back and neuropathy problems so narrow minded you are to say such things good thing you are behind a screen and not in person cause your a dumb ***

@limited mobility

Some people are disabled for a short period of time due to surgery or an would be senseless to buy a motorized skooter for 6 to 12 weeks...not all of us are lazy..just dont have the stamina to walk far distances on crutches!


Be Responsible, End of Story, Josh, Menardtard, Suzie, and Reality must all be dumb-assed Chicago Cubs fans with all of your comments. To this day, I still have not received a notarized letter of apology from Menards corporate office for the way I was treated at their Elgin store.

I already had a run-in with the idiotic store managre named Fred, reminds me of a song named "Dear Fred" by Don Bowman. To those that are quick to judge, I am 180 lbs and 6ft tall. I am not "fat" or a "lard-***" and the pea-brained idiots that are just letting it out. It's not my fault that wheelchair carts were "stolen" at certain Menards stores, but how do you know they were by "customers?" Most of the time, I find that the store employees don't bother going outside to get carts unless there a lot of them there so when the carts are alone, the easier it is to take one of them.

Also, the government is starting to crack down on store that discriminate agains people with disablilties. I also refuse to make a Menards employee push me around whle I shop inside.

To the *** Cubs fan that starts stating about how the customer got in the store, I use a set of walking crutches to get to the wheelchair cart, you ***. I am also tired of finding the swing gate having the catch engaged when trying to enter through it.


If you're really handicapped, your insurance should cover the motorized cart for you. However, you're not handicapped, you're just fat. The insurance that retail stores need to have to have these motorized carts is very expensive.


I work at Menards. If a person is true disabled enought so the can't shop they can get assistance.

I have on many ocassions pushed an elderly person around the store to do their shopping. Not a fun job, but we will do it.




I worked at a local Menards for over two years. In the first six months I worked there, THREE wheelchairs were stolen by customers.

They now have one wheelchair which they have to keep behind the service desk and ask to hold a drivers license or ID in order to get the chair back when they are finished. Can you imagine the cost of the wheelchairs each time they are stolen? Can you blame a business for trying to balance the need of the guest with the need to not lose money by providing a complimentary service? And can you only imagine the cost if those had been motorized chairs?

I'm sorry, but if you want to blame someone - blame those who steal from businesses that try to do something nice for their customers. Those who stole the wheelchairs are to blame for the current situation.


Why do you L I E??


it's ok. if u drove there and walked to the door and live day to day life without a friggin hover round then you can manage.

we have regular chairs but if you are seriously disabled then buy one. i think they have medicare for that stuff.


hey iraq war vet, maybe you could bring your bike into the store.. I'm sure if you explained your situation, the employees would be happy to let you bring it around with you, or offer to keep it in a secure locating while you shop.

That's what I would've done.

And mcdocs, you're just crazy. I'm sure you're pulling your judgements from a few chance encounters at menards where your service was horrible.. but for the 3 or 4 times that I've been called an *** who knows nothing, there's literally dozens of hundreds of times where my help has been praised, appreciated, written about.. whatever.

And I'm sure that's the case with most menards employees, or any retail employee for that matter. So gripe and complain all you want..

you're not hurting anyone's feelings, you're not prooving any points. You're just making a fool of yourself and all others who think they have the authority to speak negatively to a person that they don't even know, who's just trying to do their job.


It is not the Stores responsibility to provide you with a motorized scooter! Why should they?

How did you get to Menards? Drive? If you drove, how did you get to your vehicle? Walk?

Crawl? If you used a wheelchair to get to your vehicle, then why can't you use a wheelchair when shopping? And also, if you are with someone, why can't they push you around in the wheelchair? Do you know what it costs for upkeep on a motorized scooter that gets abused each and every day?

Do you think the batteries inside of them are cheap to replace? NO I guess if you want prices to go up, then maybe Menards will add them to their stores!


To those complaining, such as "End of Story" or "Obsrever" or Dumbo "Fella", I am a returning vet from Iraq and am in rehabilitaion. I can't afford a "Scooter".

It would be nice for them to have them at the stores or are you going to say that I get all the best parking spots. I have had nothing but rude employees at the Elgin, IL store. Last month, I finaly was able to use a bicycle and they don't have any place to lock up any bikes.

I was told by a moronic *** that works there that I should chain it up to a sign or to one of the bushes outside the store. Being a former Handy Andy employee and have worked at 2 other Ace Hardware dealers, Menards IS the worst, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!