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I asked Menards to donate distilled water and paper towel for my two grandsons that have cancer of the blood. I never heard nothing back from them.

I spend a lot of money there to but now I will go to lowes. I heard they donates a lot to people in need.

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Yet another waste of life trying to get something for nothing and then trying to justify it through their sense of entitlement. Even worse though, you social engineer using two innocent children's affliction and then try to blame those who refuse to give a preposterously demanded handout as callous. You're the worst kind of beggar, one that paints their marks as evil for not indulging you when it is *your* behavior that is abhorrent.


So everyone with cancer gets free water and paper towels from lowes?


You have got to be kidding me......are you for real?


Did you bring documentation to support your charitable need? You asked for what, a gallon of distilled water and a roll of paper towels, $5, or did you ask for a supply? And why is this a charitable need for 2 blood cancer patients?


Get real. They don't have to donate to you or anyone else. Not a valid "customer complaint".


You're pissed because they wouldn't give you something for free? This is not a valid complaint, c'mon.


You heard wrong. They donate very little and when they do it is usually promotional trinkets.

The only large donation I have heard of was to the hospital in Eau Claire, WI.

Any requests for donations need to be sent to their corporate office. Donations are not handled through the stores.