I can not believe the amount of money we spend in your store and we ask for a donation to a student who suffered a stroke and you give a $5.00 lunchbox that you give your employees at Christmas! You couldn't even spare a bag of candy or a magazine or a bottle of pop????

Really??? Not that we are being greedy, but there was no thought put into it at all.

Your charities are a write off!!! Shame on you!!!!

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Where do you get the idea that Menards spends millions on financing race cars? Take a look at all the stickers on the cars.

Everyone that has a sticker has paid a lot of money to get it there. You can bet those sponsors pay most of the cost of supporting those cars.


I can't believe how cheap Menard,s are in supporting service organizations that support their communities. We ask for a couple of gift certificates for our annual fundraiser to use as raffle prizes and you send 3 lip balms and a key chain.

Would you buy a raffle ticket on this. Menards can spends millions on financing a race car but can't support your local service organizations in the communities that shop at your stores.

Shame on you. I am returning the items you sent since you are that hard up, you need them more than our Lions club does.


Menards has been asked to donate to forgotten harvest, just the food they throw in the garbage. To fill up landfills instead of feeding people who need it, at no cost to menards, makes no sense.

Almost every other store in the area donates to forgotten harvest. Everyone who can please contact menards, ask them to donate to this worthy cause.


They didn't have to give you anything. You're like the "homeless" people wandering Fremont Street in Vegas with "Hungry" signs who toss out boxed meals people give them because they only want cash.


Stop complaining an just be grateful they donated a $5 lunchbox. That is the problem with people they are not grateful an dont appreciate anything.

Really they didnt have to donate anything. If you asked me for a donation an all i had was $2 to give would you complain about that also?


Menards is not known for donating a lot but stop and consider how many requests for donations retail stores get every day. If they gave a large donation to everyone that asked there wouldn't be any money to pay their employees and continue to open new stores. I guess they could raise their prices to what the local lumber yards and hardware stores charge and use that money for donations or they can keep their prices low and you can donate your savings to the cause of your choice.