Oak Creek, Wisconsin

I bought an entry doors front and back door from menards oakcreek WI. the Brand is Master Craft and it is supposed to be limited lifetime warranty for a manufacturing defect.

After two years my door window glass looks awful. The edges of the window glass the glue or flex seal they used are all coming out of the edges and I tried to make complaints on both companies menards and master craft and the only thing they can do for me is to sent a window glass which is not the problem. the problem is the glue or flex seal they used are too cheap that won't hold the sunlight when it penetrates to the door. Menards told me they can not do anything because it is supposed to be the master craft.

Now I got stack with this ugly doors especiall with my front door.

I hope everybody that could read this will just stay away from menards or a master craft product because they lie when they say limited lifetime warranty. And menards lied when the say dedicated to service and quality.

Monetary Loss: $734.

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Why would Menards want to stand on their customer?


Welcome to " bend over your at menards ", they need to rename the door company to mastershaft, your exactly right menards has a deaf ear when it comes to service. Try to contact mastershaft doors, right what a joke!

I had the same problem, NO SERVICE! Best option, stay away from menards!

try Lowes, Home Depot or Carter lumber, I know they help their customers! By the way clueless, I mean heartless, your part of the problem ever consider putting that sparkling wisdom to use and direct it toward something useful, like stealing from old people or something a bit more constructive than a menards employee?


Check and see if they are sending you the glass and frame for the glass (usually comes as a package). If so, that is exactly what you need to solve your problem.

It's a matter of removing a few screws on the inside of the door, pulling the 2 sides of the frame apart and removing them and the glass from the door. Clean off any remaining sealant and install the new glass and frames. If you look at the limited warranty it does not include labor.

It appears to me that they are honoring their warranty. What more do you expect?


"limited lifetime warranty" Is not a lie, it's exactly that LIMITED! You know what the word Limited means? Limited in this case means only some thing are covered while the majority is not covered. Everything you buy at a major retail store will have Limited warranty on it. It's to protect the manufacture from fools and tools.

Also, I'm totally aware Menards does not stand on their customers anyone caught doing so would be fired on the spot.


We got a deck door from them never again deliverd the wrong door 3 times and we just got sick of that and went directlly to pick it up to find the only 2 in stock were damaged after that we chose a new one them saying the screen and hardware were included because of the trouble and price differnce and we had to go back and get them.never nver again will i shop this store you never get what you pay for.