Auburn, Alabama

I was injured at Menard's located on 53rd Ave in Davenport, IA.

I was looking for some 1x4x8 boards, and acquired the help of an employee. The employee was up on the sencond level of Aisle G out in the lumber yard. I asked the employee to hand me down a couple boards at a time, and the *** employee handed me down 6-7 boards at the same time.

I grabbed the boards from above my head, and lowered them down to my chest and proceeded to lwoer them down to the ground while squatting. The employee dropped his end, and i bore the full weight of the boards, and heard a bang, as the boards hit the hand rail about 5 feet above my head.

Immediately I felt something large hit me on the top of my head, and i dropped to my knees. Apparently, a fire extinguisher was hit by the boards and it hit me in the head.

I was totally shocked, and got nausious, and had some blurry vision. I went and found a manager, and filled out an accident report and my wife drove me to the ER, where they performed a CT scan and discovered i had a mild concussion.

The manager of Menards, Mike, informed me that someone would contact me on Tuesday. I called the store manager on wednesday and talked to him about it, and he made me feel like it was not his problem and that someone will call me about it eventually.

I didnt get a call by thursday, so i called and spoke to the manager again, and he was upset that i had called him and said that he had other things to take care of and asked if there was anything else i needed. I informed him that i will be getting a lawyer and he said, and?.

I am pissed that the fire extinguisher was just resting on a perch, and was not attached to anything. it was hanging on a plastic bracket, and that it fell so easily. i have video on my phone after the fact. showing just how unstable it is on the perch it was sitting on. and i also took some pictures of it as well, for the lawyer.

i am pissed that menards thinks this will blow over.

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Fire Extinguishers must be present but also secured!

I hope this person sues the *** out of them.

I was injured at a lumberyard when a board flew out, never did anything other than bend over and nearly die. A while later I developed pancreatitis from the severe blow, because I never reported it, never went to the ER.. because I was "to concerned about the worker getting in trouble" that I now must suffer the consequences.

Always report injuries and get a dang lawyer! Other wise johnny isn't going to acknowledge you or anyone, theres a reason he has a staff of lawyers- he's crook :sigh


I know who helped this customer and its kind of the employee's fault. The employee in this complaint locked himself in the bathroom on accident for a half hour, if that gives you his mentality. I kid you not, he was a sitcom character in real life.

The rest of the blame is on the customer. That is light weight for anyone. I'm 120 lbs and I have no problem with that. Plus, the height of the rack is high enough to make this easy for a midget. Your lawsuit is bull too, that never happened or you chickened out. You just suck and *** off workers that actually do their best.

Start taking care of your body and you won't have that happen or just continuing the *** route. It's up to you.


I can say that they do care about their customers and not every store is the same just as not every person is the same. Bad things happen, people seem to be generally dumb, it happens.

Yes it fell down, boo hoo. Better to put out a fire quick than put potentially hundreds of people's lives at stake, especially in a dry area with lumber.

Menards has it's downsides but so does every business. Welcome to the big box life, shut up.


I worked for menards for awhile & can say firsthand, not only do they not care about the customers but they also do not care about the employees.

Menards is also a rotten company to work for & you will find lawsuits against them all the time.

All you peeople knocking this guy for his injury obviously do not have a clue what you are talking about. Perhaps when a fire extinguisher & some boards knock you in the head at menards you will show some respect.


The fire extinguisher HAS to be easily removed or some *** would SUE if there was a fire. The lumber yard is SELF SERVICE- use it that way!

People like you always wanting to SUE are why prices for the rest of us go up.

What a wuss! SUCK IT UP!


The next time you need service in a store and can't find it, it may be because of people like you who are so eager to sue and make a few bucks. If no one was there to hand you the boards you would have had to walk your lazy butt up the stairs and carry them down and this would have never happened. Wake up and realize what your ignorance costs everyone else.


The consumer is always right! It doesn't matter what the *** Mennards employees think, say or do!

Go get them man! Sue the *** out of them!!!


A lot of time the consumer is not right...they're just an ***


***! You are one of those people that can't do nothing themselves!

grow some balls man and suck it up. learn from your up your eyes next time ***


I bet you'd be happy if the fire extiguisher was that easy to get ahold of when the board shed lit up like a dry popcorn ***!


law of levers kids. lift 2 4x4x8's from one end. oh darn you must be a ***


I hear you fella, and he should also stop taking pills when he is doing his drinking.

And ghostbuster you are right, he probably asks his wife and children to open jars for him. Even a two year old can lift that much weight.


amen trevor. shopping on a hangover is surely a recipe for disaster.


Next time when you go shopping make sure you are sober. That way you won't get injured.


I call BS on this letter. If your vision were so blurry how did you manage to get to the manager.

You just want money. Also if MenardsManager is right and 6-7 1X4X8 does weigh less than five pounds you must be very weak. I bet you ask your wife to open up jars for you instead of the other way around. Infact you may even ask your kid.

I am only 11 and I can probably carry more than five pounds. Also I doubt five pounds would make the extingisher fall. Also what is with all these Menreds complaints today. Did you make all three.

They were roughly made a the same time.

Did they fire you or something. You seem to have lots of bad experience there.


this guy seems like a senile old ba$tard that levys his anger at younger folks by pretending to be entitled to certain things simply by being of a higher age. disgruntled geyser, hit up a retirement home!


You say Menards does not care if they injure a customer. What does that mean?

Actually, a person who works for Menards might not care. Apparently you are not only a weenie, but are dumb also. What do 6 1x4x8s weigh anyways? I think its like less than 5 lbs.

If it was too much, why did you not say something?

Did your wife have to hold you and tell you everything was gonna be okay little fella? You were that *** in school who had to give away your lunch money in order to not get your *** kicked everyday right?


:eek And the guilty party defends Menards..Or their buddy


Ought to maybe levy some sort of posthumous lawsuit against Sir Issac Newton. His laws of physics are clearly outdated, and he has not bothered to revise them in the 300 years since he's been dead.


And really, you saw that the "***" was handing down 6 or 7 boards at the same time. Yet you did not object, as it sounds.

Are you an *** too? Probably a rhetorical question anyway.


By your account, the fire extingusher fell after it got hit by the boards that you attempted to take from the employee. 6-7 1x4-8 is not a particularly unweildy load.

It sounds to me that you are not a particularly physically gifted specimen. If you are not physically capable of handling this type of load, then why didn't you say " hey buddy, I'm a bit of a wuss. could you only give me one or two at a time"? I thingk the real victim in this story is the Menards guy.

here he is thinking " i'll hand this wood down to this dude. it will make him real happy to not have to climb a few stairs to get his own wood". Then you go and rain on his happy parade by knocking that crimson urn of fire stopping goodness onto your melon.

Maybe you should go and check on him, make sure he's not too broken up over your fumbling of the help he tried to give you in good faith. I think a fruit basket would be nice.