Washington, Illinois

I purchased a MTD push mower at Menards. 13 days and 2 uses later it threw a rod.

Menards would not take it back. They sent me to a service center who 4 weeks later told me that they required $100.00 to diagnose it. (Small Engine's Specialty Sunnyland il) I have talked to the manager at Menards, the service center, MTD, and Briggs and Stratton. I have only gotten the run-around!

They are alluding to the point that it had a "lack of lubrication" so they don't have to pay me what they owe me. IT HAD OIL IN IT!!!!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I heard Shark Nasty has some lubricant you can borrow .............


No, Menards does not warranty mowers, nor should they. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer of the mower NOT the retailer.


Menards does not owe you anything. It's clearly stated all around the mowers and on your receipt that once gas is added to the mower it can no longer be returned to the store.

It must go to a repair shop where the manufactures warranty will cover it as long as it's not a consumer caused ISSUE.

Sounds like a consumer caused issue to me. If you're mad at anyone it should yourself or MTD they are 100% liable for the product.


Actually menards told me that they would refund purchase price if got letter from authorized repair person stating beyond repair and emptied gas out. Not sure if you know this but hard to determine that gas lawn mower malfunctioning without actually adding gas to actually operate it.

I do believe that Menards have a responsibility to ensure that advertising of products actually matches performance, otherwise it is misleading or defrauding public. Why sell extended warranties if not going to honor them.

@Realistic buyer

Extended warranties only can be used after the 2-year manufacture warranty expires! Menards and other major retail chains view extended warranties as 100% profit.

Any consumer with half a brain knows not to purchase them. The gas return policy is stated all around the lawn mowers and on the receipt. This is the manufactures recommendation to Menards. Menards employees are not qualified to determine if it was a consumer caused issue or a defect with the machine, THEREFORE IT MUST GO TO A REPAIR CENTER TO DETERMINE THAT.

If it's a defect covered under the manufacture warranty it will be covered by the manufacture. If it exceeds the cost of the machine then YOU CAN GET A NEW ONE FROM MENARDS. However at the end of the DAY the manufacture will pay Menards back for that defective machine. Manufactures require Menards to send it to a repair center primarily because most CONSUMERS destroy their gas powered equipment because they know nothing about it and just toss out the owners manual costing the manfacture hundreds of thousands of dollars on fraudulent returns.

Most consumers do not understand the difference between a retail store and a manufacture. Any defect in the product is on the manufacture never the retailer.