Walton, Kentucky
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I get to the check out only to find out Menard's does not except American Express cards. That's when I left my $340.00 order with the cashier.

The cashier made the comment that so many people get mad when they find out the store will not except this card.

I went to service desk to speak to the manager, he was nice to me and explained to me that the rule is from the corporate office. He also stated that many customers where not happy with Menard's because they use American Express credit card only because of the rewards.

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Menards don't except Amex cause they charge us way to much interest.


Got my mother an Amexgift card she planned on using there. She shopped for hours picking out what she wanted.

Just to find out they do not except. A waste of our previous time together (she is in bad heatlth) I was extremely upset as was she. Ridiculous.

They need to get with the times on this.


I shop at menards for nearly all my home improvement purchases. However, on the business side, i am unable to shop there because the corporate expense card is an Amex.

I dont have a say on the card. Its unfortunate, because id rather shop at menards, and they lose thousands of my biz dollars every year to HD and Lowes because of it.


The rates Menards is charged by CC Companies

Menards Card 0% of total sale

Discover visa master 2%

Cash 0%

AMEX 7.5%

If you were a business owner would you take a n american express card. No one cares about your AMEX membership you got from costco for free.


I always ask before shopping if a business takes Amex. A lot of them don't.


Its posted on the doors, both entrance and exit doors that Menards takes Visa, Master, Discover and Menards Card. Just like all other stores.

Or here's a thought. PAY CASH!!!

@i work there

Jack *** !! Why you gotta get smart?

Why wouldn't they want everybody's business ?


Indeed. The fact that Menards does not that AMEX definitely factors into my decision whether to purchase products there or at Lowes or Home Depot. Of course, Menards is usually a lot more packed than Lowes or Home Depot around here, so they don't seem to be hurting by annoying those of us who prefer our AMEX cards.


There are a lot of stores that do not accept American Express due to their high charges. Why would you assume any store accepts this card and not ask before you get to the check out?


When eons ago I worked retail, we didn't accept american express because they charge merchants higher rates then Visa or MC. I always disagreed with this because I think businesses lose customers in the long run.