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I was first told my the the cashier, Pam that they supported the 10% discount, but when I showed my military Identifcation on August 10,2010, at the store located at 21630 South Cicero Ave. in Matteson, Illinois 60443 she had to confirm it with the store manager and he came over said they only give the discount on certain holidays.

This all happen at 2:46 pm. I guess I will be shopping at Home Depot and Lowes they sale the same items as Menards but they support our Military and give the discount and all of their staff has been informed of the discount.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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In addition to not supporting the military, they run sales saluting there made in the USA products. The list is short but why are they proud of there American products but not American soldiers.

I worked there for 4 years before enlisting. I left on a military leave so I could be reinstated when I return as I am a reservist. I was gone 8 months. When I came back the stores manger and everybody was the same.

They remembered me remembered where I left off. I was in management making a certain wage. Upon my return I was informed they didn't have my job open. I had to take a lower position at a much lower wage just to keep my employment.

I brought in a copy of the military leave act and a letter from my regiment command. Only after facing legal action did they give me my job back. I did not want to work for or shop at a company that does business this way. I left weeks later.

Menards is privately owned company out of Wisconsin.

They do not treat employs fairly they have the cheapest quality products, most of there profits go directly to Menards family pockets not charity or reinvested into the areas where there stores are located. I just purchased a house three months ago and will never step foot into another Menards store.


Just because your in the military doesn't mean you should get a discount. Yea, I'll thank you for defending the country, but tht doesn't mean you should get a discount.

I have a couple friends in the military and they don't demand or ask for a discount.

He will take it if it's offered. I'm not saying this for all militar people but my friends make more then me and they're from the military and they have a better education.


I think people that defend the country for this probably "French Owned" company that has its stores on American soil should honor the the military and show its gratitude and appreciation. The people who are Whining about not having discounts for Nurses and Teachers etc..

probably have never done their part by serving the country that allows them the freedom to even sit here and blog.

10% isn't going to really affect the pocket book of the CEO's of Menards, lets just guess that they aren't patriotic!!! Kiss it Menards off to Home Depot I go to spend my hard earned money....


A military discount is a way businesses show appreciation for service. It is not an entitlement, though it is a slap in the face when Menards matches every discount but military, even if given on a printed estimate. They will match a discount given to a consumer for walking in the door, just not one that is for military personnel, that is bs.


I work at menards, yay. AND I am in the military.

They will not mention anything about a military discount and the only way managers know is by an email that comes from the General Office, which almost never gets passed down to the ditzy cashier.

It is almost always a comp by Home Depot, Lowes, Fleet Farm, a competitor. I went to a Menards in the next town over and they refused to give me the discount when I saw the email myself.


I just have to put in my 2 cents. Menards does not support anything other than Mr.

Menards bank account. What a selfish institution. They don't care about you or the products you buy, they want your money and then kick you out the door. And by the way, Menards does not sell the same items other chains or yards do, they sell cheap imitations or seconds and try to sell them as quality products, which they are not.

You people should give your local independent lumberyards and home centers a try and then you will see what quality products at a fair price and genuine customer service are all about. And their employees do not sit at a computer all day and moniter this web site and tell you what a loser you are for not accepting the fact that Menards is ripping you off and they don't care.


First off teachers don't need a discount. The unions get them more than enough cash.

But I agree with your sediments.

Why not give police officers, fire fighters and EMT's discounts?

Now I am a veteran. I do more then SAY I support our men and women in uniform. I donate to Operation Uplink and a few other orgs that support.


What does a discount have to do with supporting the military? You give the military a bad image by thinking you are so special that you deserve a discount. What about teachers, the clergy, nurses, the list can go on and on till everyone gets a "discount".


Lot of that going around.