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As a Sergeant in the Ohio National Guard, I went to the new Menards in Tipp City Ohio and bought a few things for home improvement and enquired as to whether or not they offered a military discount and the assistant manager Gina told me that they would offer a military discount with a valid military ID for all items that were not on sale. This really impressed me and I shopped there another three times and got a modest discount every time I went there for all items that were not already on sale until today, when there was another assistant manager on duty (Brandi). She asked the General Manager (Ralph), and he flat out said no. I passed up two Lowes and three Home Depot's just to go there, when I thought they were going out of their way to help out the military. I even told all of my troops last drill. What a disappointment! ! I will never drive 30 miles out of my way to purchase from them again!


SGT. Hochreiter

Ohio Army National Guard

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So you joined the armed forces, were probably discharged, dishonorabley, just so you could get a discount? If you wanted a discount, you probably should have joined Menards instead of the Millitary.


If he was discharged he wouldn't have an ID card but would have proof of service such as DD-214


Well first off Lowes and Home Depot both offer miltary discounts. Second, if on sale, i believe yoou still get the discount.

Im a avid Lowes shopper. But if its on my way and its same item cheaper, i'll hit any of 3.

Lowe's usually takes my word, and gives me price match or within a few pennies. So Lowes always my first choice.


what a baby


WOW, well as a Marine, father, & Husband, I feel there is a much better way to express opinions than attack the people of the armed services. This counrty was founded on the blood sweat & tears of the military.

It is because of these people that the tree hugging pasifist *** have a country to live in and express themselves.

As for the cival servent...I want to thank you for your sacrifices as well, I too believe your job is a calling the deserves recognition.

I think to moral of this story is NOt based on intitlemet but an acknowledgement that once was. In this time of war when the ultimate sacrifice is possible, a 10% morale boost helps


First off I want to say I have the highest respect for the men and women that serve our country. With that being said, SGT.

your pathetic! What makes you deserve a 10% discount vs. a teacher that works everyday teaching our youth. I'm a fulltime firefighter/paramedic and never once would I feel I deserve a discount for every life save I've made in my 7 years of service.

Shame on you and any other military personel that feels so.

You should be ashamed of your ways. Go shop somewhere else tight ***.


Shame one you. You disgrace your uniform.


fellow bother of the armed forces, IM ashamed of some these comments from fellow veterans. espacialy, from the marine, I to was a staff sargent, and served in vietnam as a marine 2/9 .

your not begging to ask for this.

Of them that critisized him, you have your freedom because of veterans. so the next time you open that hole under you nose remember this and have some respect.


No compensation is good enough for the men and women who supposedly fight for Americas freedoms. But isn't one of our freedoms the freedom of speech.So I think SGT.

Hochrieter can speak out against a corporate giant like Menard's and not be called names. Sounds like the right wingers don't like our most basic freedoms.


I served my country for eight years in the Marine Corps including two 7 month tours in Iraq. I am now a full time student and a part time Menards employee.

My service to my country has opened many doors and earned the respect of thousands of people. If a business offers a discount to Active duty or veterans, I don't hesitate to accept, because the average American gets a certain sense of pride by helping those that have sacrificed so much to fight for freedom. This is all tarnished by those of you that 'expect' special treatment, or bad mouth business that do not offer a discount. The true spirit of selfless service is just that, 'Selfless service'.

Every American, and every american business reserves the right to offer or not offer a discount to any group or catagory of people. That is part of the freedom you claim to protect. The honor and respect you have garnered are at risk when you expect a return on your volunteer service.

If at all possible, this thread should be removed as it threatens the reputation of all that serve. I have to say I am deeply saddened by the comments of a fellow brother in arms.

Semper Fidelis


Who else deserves special pricing? The eldery, disabled, contractors, military, fund-raisers, high-schools, non-profit organizations?

I was in the military. I carry myself with more pride than asking for things because of my status. I was a Sergeant too.

Let it go. Your embarrassing us.


Fella, you are an ***. Quit begging?!

The men and women of the armed forces deserve more respect. And to think Uncle Sam gives them enough? You have got to be kidding me. And "menardsmanager".

I don't think so. Any respectable manager would never post comments like the ones I have seen on here that you have made. Maybe a manager wannabe. I was a department manager once at another home improvement store.

I know that some cases can be annoying. Some people want something for nothing. But, as a customer, they do deserve respect. And to say no one forced you into the military?

You have got to be the biggest loser of all. Tell that to the men and women that fight for us every day. Tell it to their face. Tell that to the people who protect you and your ungratefull *** everyday.

So you can enjoy posting these insulting comments from the comfort of your home.

I have had friends and family fight for this country and the rights that you clearly do not respect. Or deserve.


nobody forced you to join the military and also fail to see what shopping at menards or any other store has to do with it If I was to help a blind man across the street or was to perform any other act of kindness i dont expect walmart or mcdonalds to give me a discount on that tv or even a bigmac for doing it serving for the greater good is a selfless act that you dont seek a reward for because just having done it is the reward you ***


John Menard is the richest man in Wisconsin but has given little to charity. He gives enough for tax write offs and that is it. You will be hard pressed to squeeze anything from that tight wad


So you buy a widget at the Home Depot or the Lowes for $1.00, but get 10% off for an awesome military discounted price of $.90.

If the Menards sells the same widget at everyday price for $.80, but offers no additional discount; does that really make the Menards anti-military????

You seem to be spiting yourself on the theory of getting a military discount elsewhere, but overall paying a higher price.


At our store in Marquette, we will honor the military discount IF it is asked for, and IF you are active military. I understand that Lowes and Home Depot do it on a regular basis, but they also are priced very much higher on "wondering" said...everyone these days think they are entitled to a discount. Menards has the LOWEST prices of shop there and enjoy the extra $$$ in your pocket!!


Don't get me wrong--I have a great deal of respect for the fine folks in the military but what does giving a discount have to do with supporting the military? It seems like everyone thinks they should get a discount.

Seniors, students, miliitary, clergy, new home buyers...the list goes on and on. A retail store offering a fair price to everyone can't afford to cut prices further.

Shop there because you get a fair price and the service you want. You should find Menards has the best price in town and not have to worry about and extra "discount" a higher priced retailer might offer just to be competetive.


uncle sam gives you enough benefits for fighting for him.

quit begging. it makes you look bad.