feb 21-2013 went to local menards to shop around sence it just opened was about to leave and was stoped by 6 chesterfields police officers they detained me in the store right bye the cash regesters were all the customers and emploees were then a employee said back again ahh the pilice said i fit the profile of a man there held me for 20 min come to find out they got the wrong person michelle zon the store manager did not offier an apolage of any kind told me to take up any prombles i had with the chesterfield police i will never go back to that store and i am seeking legal action

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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The store manager has no control over what the local police department does. You need to learn how to spell and about punctuation.

I'm pretty sure this did not happen and if it did, I'm sure it didn't go down the way this person put it. Sounds like this guy is making *** up and probably works for a competitor of the store...


Ya, I am german-russian american. I cant tell you how many times I have been treated badly in Atlanta.

What a load of BS! Most intelligent "white" folk do not even notice the color of your skin. Honestly this isnt 1950! But when "African Americans" make a big deal out of how they were treated like *** and blame it on their skin color, thats racist.

It makes you racist, and it makes me racist. All of a sudden its 1950 again at the local menards.

GROW UP! And learning how to spell helps too.


You forgot one thing. You work for Home Depot.


Menards doesnt like aholes!!!!


Get over yourself. Why do we always have to put up with "african-american"???

You are Not an african, know nothing about being an african and most likely, have never been to Africa. It's cop out BS put up as an excuse for everything. I was born and raised in Chicago and it used to be pretty nice and everyone got along.

After I got married and had children, I couldn't leave fast enough. You and your african-americans have turned into another Gary and Detroit :(


All I can say is wow. As an African American let me explain something to you...We call ourselves that because originally our race is derived from Africa.

Unless you know something about Blacks being from Europe that all the history books have missed. The 2nd opinion I have regarding your post is that is totally offensive. Ponder this "Tired" how would ou feel if ALL people blamed you and your race for the bombing of the Murrah bldg in OK? What if ALL people when they look at you thought oh you are a KKK member and you and your entire race blew up a church and killed 3 little AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN.

Sweetie get a grip, I am sure that there are killings, rapes, murders all over this country and yes some are committed by people other than whites. Get over yourself we are here and we are not going anywhere :eek


I work full time at a Ohio Menards. In this store, I'm 100% certain there are no African Americans working in department sales.

The dozen or so African Americans employed there work as cashiers, pushing carts, on the cleaning crew, in the Yard, or in receiving.


come on you are so full of *** that did not happen and you know it did not happen, just get over yourself trying to act like you are being put down and ***. just because you are black does not mean anything and you should just stop using it as an excuse. I talk to people in the store and that never happened.

@get a life

Would you like the case number I have form chesterfield police


Did you really intend for that to be one long run-on sentence?

Punctuation is a good thing, especially if you want people to take you seriously. Oh, yeah...spelling is big plus as well.


Learn how to spell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!