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On October 1st, we brought a Maytag refrigerator for $599. We paid $49.99 for the delivery. $39.99, plus $10 for the "no guest assist." We were told that "No Guest assist" means that there would be two delivery men to do move our new appliance. The disposal fee was included in the price of the delivery.

First, a young male customer service representative assisted our delivery setup prior to purchase. We do not know his name. We explained that we wanted to keep our old refrigerator and would not want to have the refrigerator disposed. This was not his regular position, and he was unable to complete the transaction. He did not know the answers to our questions. He went to get the delivery coordinator. This person was the delivery coordinator. We also told her that we wanted to keep our refrigerator. She (Lori/laurie explained to my husband, Chia, and I that the original delivery price quoted $39.99 was did not include two delivery men and the customer had to help move the refrigerator in and out. It costs an extra $10 for an additional delivery man. After discussing it, we decide to buy the extra service. Our reasoning was that we had two small children and only one of us could be at home at the time of the delivery. She knew that we wanted the refrigerator moved not disposed. She put in our contract the base services and "no customer assist." She did not quote us a price for moving an old refrigerator in our home. She did not put an extra moving-within-our-home fee our contract. She did not charge us for this in our invoice.

Menards called us an hour after the purchase to coordinator the delivery. We explained again that we needed the delivery in the AM time slot and that we needed help to move an old refrigerator downstairs. No extra fee for any extra services beyond what we had originally purchased was quoted and explained to us.

On October 2nd, at approximately 10:30 AM our new refrigerator was delivered by one delivery man. I was not present. Chia explained to the delivery man that we paid $10 for a second delivery man. There wouldn't be a second person to assist. My husband had to help move the refrigerator in and move the old refrigerator to the new spot that we wanted it in. The delivery man did not attempt to get Chia's signature or agreement for any extra fees. Chia never verbally agreed or said "yes" to pay any extra fees.

Chia took our children and went to Menards and discussed this with the store manager, Scott (Last name unknown). Chia requested a $10 refunded. We did not get the service that we paid for. Scott said he could not refund our $10. Scott said it would be an extra $10 to have our old refrigerator moved down stairs. Scott said that technically this transaction was a monetary "wash." Therefore no refunded needed to be issued. After a heated exchange, my husband left.

When I came home and found out what happened. I went to Menards. I requested to speak to Scott, the manager. I explained that I wanted a $10 refund. Scott said the same thing to me that he said to Chia. It was a monetary wash. I explained that we were never told that it would cost $10 to have the refrigerator moved. The fee included free disposal and would have included moving the refrigerator down the stairs to get it out of the house.

Scott argued that it is free to move the refrigerator to any room, but not down stairs. Disposing down the stairs is free, moving an old refrigerator within a house down stair isn't, but moving into another room is free. Our house is a multi-level house.

I told him that we were never told that it would cost $10 to have the refrigerator moved down the stairs. He said that the delivery coordinator explained to us that it would cost an extra $10 fee. I said to Scott that I was present for the discussions at the time of purchase and he was not. My memory of the events was clearer than his. He refused to give me a refund for a second-delivery-man services that was never delivered. I told him I would sue Menards for $10. He told me that Menards could not come to another resolution. He told me to sue. He stood behind the delivery coordinator. Menards policy was: anything moved into another room is free but to move something downstairs would be an extra $10.

Menards' appliances delivery policy is unlawful and false advertising. I could not find this policy listed anywhere in the contract that I was given. I entered into one contract with Menards for delivery, after I paid for that service, Menards did not meet the obligation. Instead they did a bait and switch and attempted to charge me for another service that I did not agree to pay for after the fact. Nowhere in the contract is the "Stairs" policy explained. Nowhere is there any fee structure explaining additional services and fees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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You needed another service you should be charged for the other service. The contract stated to bring in your needs purchase.

Do you think the driver makes 300 bucks a week by spending 2 hrs on a job that should have taken 20 minutes? Thanks for the long read, I'm glad you are displeased, it means someone made you pay for wasting their time.


Seems like this person must gravitate toward any opportunity to tell the world to look at how awful they have been treated. There is nothing more pathetic than this kind of behavior.

Sounds like the delivery guy works extremely hard and is kind enough to rearrange your furniture for you. What a noble character. Why don't you compare your character with the movers character and do some self reflection instead of focusing on others faults that you create in your head.

I can't stand people like you. Just sick.


Well, I do know for a fact, that the delivery drive has to do what the guess ask for or Menards will not pay them. If a guess goes back to the store and makes a complaint about the service, Menards deducts that from the delivery service pay.


They didn't falsely advertise anything. I will agree they didn't send a second driver.

Yes they will haul away your old appliance and that is included in the delivery fee. Moving you old refrigerator to the basement isn't included in that fee. If you had wanted them to put it in the garage which would have been on the way to the truck they more that likely would have done that at no charge. I will have to agree that the extra time and effort in moving the old unit downstairs is pretty much a wash for the missed second driver.

They delivered less than paid for in people power but provided more services than you paid for as well. Their calling it a wash seems fair.


Even if someone at Menards screwed up and charged the wrong amount because you didn't make clear what services you needed the delivery contractor shouldn't get screwed because of it. It's $10 to move up or down a flight of stairs.

Period. That money goes to the contractor NOT Menards and they DID in fact do the work. The "extra person" fee is only for items too heavy for one average person to move without injury. If you did have to help than you get that back, but then again you didn't pay for the downstairs move.

Also, griping about not paying for removal but having to pay for just moving downstairs when to remove it it would have had to go downstairs anyway is just IGNORANT.

The driver gets dibs on the junk appliances and can make money off of them so that pays for your "free" removal.

You wanted something for nothing, and instead you got what you paid for. Whining ***.


Technically you got a service for free that should have NEVER been done. A delivery driver shouldnt even TOUCH an existing appliance unless they are taking it back with them to the store.

By using the removal option it becomes property of Menards and then falls under the drivers insurance and responsibility. The additional assist fee is not for the moving of your personal items.

That is solely your responsibility. They are not your personal moving company.


You mention alot about people feeling entitled. How is Menard's entitled to MY money, or others when Menard's did not provide the service that was paid for?

If it's "just" $10 let me know and you can send me a check anytime since it is petty cash to you.

If every store rips their costumers off like Menard's then that $10 adds up pretty quick. "just" $10, I don't care if it's a penny, I earned that penny, not Menard's.


Rick, I totally agree, "it's not the money it's the principle of the thing".

I just got ripped-off from Menards for $300. A Menards salesperson recommended and special ordered Interior Cherry Wood Doors which ended up being the wrong size and could not be installed.

So, now I have to pay Menards $300 to take back the doors that their salesperson told me were the right doors.

To add insult to injury, the Manager at Menards asked me if I would like to then order Custom Fit Doors now that these didn't work!

What! I just paid you $300 to take back the doors that you made a mistake selling me and now you want me to order more doors from you!! I'm sure he did this just to spite me after having argued with him for over 20 minutes.

So, now I am going to fight this and for me it's certainly not about the money it is definitely the Principle of the Thing.

If you get Ripped Of by Menards and don't complain then they'll just keep ripping off their customers, why should they change..

@Ripped Off By Menards

Why did you order the wrong size door in the first place. The size of the door and the openings required for the door to fit properly are clearly printed on the order form. You as a consumer have a responsibility to take the time to look at the order and be sure it is what you want before placing the order.


F.Y.I. Lowes delivers appliances for free and always sends 2 guys at no extra charge.


LOWES NOR ANY OTHER RETAILER delivers nothing for way or another YOU pay and you should because... LABOR is not FREE, TRUCKS are not FREE, FUEL isn't FREE, Insurance, isn't free, Workmans Comp. Insurance isn't FREE....***!


You are WRONG!

Menards makes zero money from delivering. The person who helped move it downstairs for you should be happy he did that.

You're fussing over 10 dollars for a job got done. The things people feel entitled too these days are sad :( sadface :(


You were provided a service from Menards. Although it was there mistake (or possibly the contracted delivery service's mistake) that a second person wasn't sent to move your appliance, you still got what you needed done.

Basically the driver did more than he was supposed to for you by bringing the old appliance down the stairs. So now you want to take that money out of the delivery driver's pocket after he did the job for you. You are not taking $10 from Menards, you are taking $10 from the delivery driver! He could have just told you "no, you didn't pay for me to move it to the basement" and then could have just left.

He didn't do that though.

The manager at Menards did what he was supposed to do which is to not charge your the 2nd delivery person but then to charge you for the moving of the appliance to the basement in order for the driver to get paid his $10. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you go off on people!


I work at Menards putting together & loading deliveries. And no I am not defending them because I hate working there, just sharing some insight from someone who deals with this stuff on a daily basis.

You actually should've been charged $20 beyond the base $39.99, $10 for the extra guy, $10 for moving the appliance to a different floor. Since for whatever reason the delivery service (which is an independently contracted company not owned by Menards) didn't send a 2nd guy, you would've been refunded the $10. But since you didn't pay it in the 1st place, it is technically a wash. The manager didn't want to have to eat the $10 because all extra handling fees go to the delivery service.

Menards doesn't actually make money off what they charge you for delivery.

They pay the delivery service a percentage of the total cost of all material they deliver. Its just a service they have to offer.


At $10, this is certainly one of those "it's not the money, it's the principle" kind of things. Probably the better thing to have done is to tell the delivery guy to come back with the "paid for" help.

Then, if THEY inform you of the $10 charge for moving down a flight of stairs, give them cash and let them determine if Menard's gets it or they do! (But, of course, that would have meant more inconvenience in rescheduling.) I've not done a lot of business with Menard's, but I'll keep their delivery charges in mind!!


Obviously, the comments posted by some people are just from people who have no principle. Most complaints are based on principle and ethics, not inconveinence. The informed customers (Know their rights and law) are the ones who will benefit.


I understand your frustration. I had a similar incident with Menards myself last week.

In my case it wasn't so much the money it was the lack of good customer service and admitting they had made the mistake.

Regardless if its $10.00 or $1000.00 its all about customer service or the lack of. Get it together Menards.


In the time it took you to right this you could have made $10 at work. This isn't going to get you anywhere.

So you wasted your time. Sounds like it is a wash by the way....$10 for moving it it down an extra floor evens out with the $10 bucks you would've received back for the extra mover issue.


With the way you "right", my guess is you cannot make $10 at any job.


10 *** dollars?.... 10 FU*KING DOLLARS!!!

ARE YOU ***ING KIDDING ME!!!! All of this *** 9 ***ing paragraphs and you *** about 10 dollars??????!!!!! You lady, or sir, or whoever the *** think you are, are retarded. Oh and by the way, it is stated that multi level deliveries is extra.

OH, and your even lucky they would even move your old pile of *** fridge! You spent more than 10 dollars of their time ***ing with your *** fridge than your lame *** wrote this retarded post you jack *** *** off!