Indianapolis, Indiana

I went to Menards to get materials to add on to a garage. They gladly sold all the materials to me, but when it came time to deliver they had measured wrong for the trusses.

They won't take responsibility for that. Now my roof line is off by 4 inches, coming into the existing structure. They also promised to have things delivered and some items came a week and a half late, holding up sub contractors. When I told them they would lose my business, they said, " oh well, we will get other customers." They really don't care!

Both Home Depot and Lowes have given good service to me! I will NEVER shop at Menards again!

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Your right,Menards is *** when it comes to the customer. I have experienced nothing but very poor service at all Menards locations.

These managers are brain washed from the headquarters in Minnesota. Can't get anywhere with anyone after you spen your hard earned money on the cheap products they offer.

@Bad customer service

Here you are being ANOTHER uninformed complaint maker. Menards is not headquartered in Minnesota.

I will allow you the benefit of researching where they are located, so you will now be informed. The products are what they are, some are of very nice quality and others are not. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Luckily Menards offers a good, better and best of nearly every single items in the store.

If you continue to choose the "good" then that is what you are going to get.

Bottom line-Educate yourself, not only about the company and its policies, but the product in which you are buying. Do not be afraid to ask questions in order to find out the information you want.


I have read complaints and replys, most of the replys sound like they come from menard's employees and they are rude and uncaring. I personally will not shop at menards nor will I tell anyone to shop at any menard's.

With what I have read I will more than likely tell people to not shop at menards, no matter how good the price is.

I feel that the employees of menards that have made comments should learn a little baout business. Thank you for saving my time- now I do not have to bother even looking for items I need at any Menards.


as an employee i feel that we need to set people straight. the whole "customer is always right" bs only works on certain things.

people are getting butthurt because they can't have it their way all the time. i had to tell a gentleman no the other day because he was tryint to return pvc fittings without a receipt that weren't even ours. after argueing with me about it his wife walks up and reminds him he got some at home depot too. it's not that menards employees don't care.

it's the fact that more often than not we get treated like ***. we're human beings and at our store we try our best to give the best guest service. *** we have a lady that works in our millwork department who gives her life for this store. even came in on one of her days off because it was more convenient for a couple she was helping redo their kitchen.

she's only an example of our outstanding employees.

it's too bad you can't give another store a chance based on one bad experience and letting employees who are just trying to set records straight and defend their place of business give you a bad impression. i can tell you one thing unless the places you shop at are like dicatorships then you will be treated the way you treat the workers.


Menards does not do any measuring for their shoppers. They work off of the measurements that the shoppers bring in.


Seriously, I had this fight with a guest like last week. He told me that our store gave him the wrong trusses. Let me explain something to you; You ask for a truss, we go to the truss estimating program, we ask you what size, what type, what zip code, what layout you want, and then it gets sent to the truss plant. The engineers at the Truss plant make sure it makes reasonable sense and price out the trusses. Then the estimate comes back to us at the store, we tell you the price for what YOU asked us for. We then place the order and it's built to your specifications.

What really annoys me is that you didn't double and triple check your measurements before giving them to us, and paying us a large amount. So that, that was all your fault, accept it.

The late delivery... you'll get that at any store with a special order or large prepaid on out of stock items. Your items don't grow wings and fly to us if they are on back order.

And for your empty "I'm going to lowes or home depot" go right ahead, you aren't going to make or break the company. But you'll be back next week because we have lower prices. I've seen it on a daily basis.


I have worked for menards over 6 years, as a manager for 5 of them and had a top 10 dept. But the brainless ppl who "shop" diy stores will walk right past the females and ask a guy for the simplest things.

Guess what f tard...that guy is a cart pusher who has been at the store for 5 minutes, when I said hello what can I help u with today it was bcuz I'm the one who set this store up ***!! But u will ignore me bcuz I have a *** and that's fine I will gladly move on and help someone who isn't a total ***!! And NO menards does not install anything (thank God) I also won't call you when ur *** comes n bcuz #1 its received in RECEIVING so unless there's an issue I probly won't even know, #2 its a top 20 store which means we talk to 2000 of u jack wagons a week I'm not calling, that's what email is for, #3 u r *** and I don't like u...and u can yell and cuss and threaten to shop at Lowe's, we don't care honestly, we just work there ppl we don't make the rules we just have to follow them. I can only hope that u guys and ur wives and kids get treated the same way where ever u/they work cuz even as a bartender I didn't get half the ridiculous bs I get at menards.

I don't know what makes all u ppl think you r the only ones n the world or that what u bought is higher priority than the next guys but its not and u arent so shut the *** up and wait ur turn.

And as always thank u for shopping at menards where u always save big money! Hahahaha!!!!


Menards is a supplier you ***. they wouldnt do the measurements anyway...


That's you or your contractor's job to make sure that roof line matches up. Hold hm responsible if you are going to put the blame on somebody


Menards wouldn't be doing any measuring, it would be up to you to provide the correct measurements. People say all the time they will go some where else from now on.

It's a silly threat that has no value. What do you expect Menards Employees to say OH NO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE WE NEED YOU TO SHOP HERE! Our lives are a lot more pleasant when you idiots do leave. The funny part is you will be back eventually Home Depot and Lowes are no different.

Finally YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL! Next time for better results try being nice and patient and realizing the people at any retail store can only do so much.