West Chicago, Illinois

This is the letter I wrote to Menards

Dear Sirs,

I have recently had a number of very bad experiences at your new Washington Il. Menards location. First let me say that I have been shopping at Menards for many years. I don't know if that counts for anything though and I will explain why I say that in a moment but first let me get to the point.

After the Menards was opened in Washington Illinois, I began shopping there because it was closer to my home than the Menards in Peoria. It soon became apparent that I was shopping at the WRONG place. The first problem I had was when I asked one of the teenage kids working in building products where the joint compound was. He didn’t know what joint compound was. When I explained what it was used for he didn’t know what drywall was. OK, well, I wandered the store for another thirty minutes and found it myself. Second issue. I bought $1600 worth of laminate flooring and the teenage girl working in flooring knew nothing about the product, installation, or anything actually. She was very rude and just tried her best to spin me and up-sell me on product she knew nothing about. She went out of her way to explain to me that she was an expert in laminate flooring and I was wrong for wanting what I wanted. I finally left the store without purchasing anything and went back when she wasn’t there and purchased exactly what I wanted, installed it, and am very pleased with the purchase. I was however, very unpleased with the insults and strong arm sales tactics I endured trying to buy it.

Third problem, I recently ordered a countertop from Menards from Countertops, Inc. When I came in to order the countertop I went to the computer kiosk for designing the countertop layout and put in almost all of the right measurements, end caps, etc. when a girl named Tonya approached me from behind and reached around me and touched the screen to end what I was doing thereby canceling all of the measurements I had just spent 15 minutes entering. She said ”Hi I am Tonya and if you want to order a countertop I will enter it all for you over here at my computer.” I said, well I was just about finished entering the measurements here. She lied and told me “well, you can’t order a countertop from there, that’s just a place to get a rough idea of your cost but it will be wrong. If you want to order a countertop it has to be entered here at my computer.” OK, fine, I just bit my tongue and went ahead and had her reenter everything and print me out an order.

Now, when I get to the cash register to pay for the countertop, along with an entire cart full of stuff, the stores card system was down and they wouldn’t take any of my credit cards and I didn’t have a check book with me SO, I wound up spending almost three hours shopping, being strong armed and insulted, and walked out of the store with nothing.

Next, I returned to Menards about a week or so later, fully prepared with a checkbook and CASH in my pocket. I went to the countertop design kiosk and entered all of my measurements, and then I had a question about the sink cutout, endcaps, and backsplash, so I found an employee who actually works in appliances I think named Matt. He was actually very helpful, but didn’t know much about countertops but he didn’t work in that department so I could understand that. Matt went to the same computer that Tonya had used before and brought up my measurements that I entered, imagine that. We checked the sink cutout size, and then discussed the end caps. I explained to him that the end of one section of the countertop would be connecting to an island and that the backsplash needed to extend the distance and be capped. He said, “well of course they wouldn’t leave it unfinished.”

Three weeks later the countertop finally comes in. I went and picked it up all wrapped in cardboard. I left it in the back of my van. I then ripped out all of my old cabinets and countertop. Installed my new cabinets (I purchased somewhere else, not because of the price or quality, but because of the level of service). Then, I went out to my van to get the countertop out. I opened the cardboard and not only was the countertop cut wrong, it was busted along one edge. The end that was supposed to connect to the island had the backsplash cut at a 45% angle and was unfinished. So, the next morning I called Menards and guess who I get on the phone, Tonya. Great! I explained the problem to her and she informed me that they don’t cut countertops like I wanted and that I didn’t know what I was doing. So I asked to speak to the manager and was informed that she was the manager. What! So Menards has resorted to hiring teenage girls who no nothing about construction and making them managers. Needless to say I was appalled. However, my concern was to resolve the issue so I asked if I could speak to the store manager. At this point Tonya informed me that she was the only person that could help me and refused to transfer me to anyone else. So I said well I will just come in then and ask for the store manager at the front desk, which I did.

When I arrived I was greeted by a manager named Gene who had Tonya in tow. I introduced myself and extended my hand to shake his hand as I always do when I am speaking to someone about business. At first he refused to shake my hand and was very rude right off the bat. He began the conversation by telling me that they don’t cut countertops the way I wanted it cut. I tried to explain that I have never seen the end of a backsplash cut off at a 45% angle and not finished on a piece that connects to an island. After telling me I was wrong and didn’t know what I was doing, he explained that I should have ordered separate backsplash and glued it on myself. Well, OK if that’s the only way you guys do it can we reorder the entire countertop with separate backsplash? He said sure if I want to pay for a whole new countertop. Well, OK then I asked what are my other options? He explained to me that the only option was for them to re-order the countertop exactly as it was, since it was damaged. He then rudely told me to put it on a cart and bring it into the store. At this point I got upset. I have been insulted repeatedly, told I was wrong, told that I didn’t know what I was doing, and now to add insult to injury I am TOLD to go get the countertop and wheel it across the parking lot into the front door. So, I said “Look Gene, you should have one of your employees come out and get it.” He then turned to his employee Chris and said “ go with this guy to get this countertop and let me know if he gives you any trouble. Actually I will just escort you to make sure you don’t abuse my employee.” WHAT!?!. So I said “Wait a minute, this has gone far enough. Why would you say something like that to me unless you are just trying to aggravate the situation? “ I said, “Look now you have insulted me, and offended me when all I am trying to do is get this issue resolved. At this point I can’t see any reason for me to ever shop here again if this is what you call customer service.” He laughed as we walked out to the parking lot together. When we got to my van he said “Oh yeah by the way don’t ever call here again and make one of my employees cry.” I said “excuse me? Are you threatening me? Who do you think you are to say something like that to me? Plus, I didn’t say anything to her that should have made her cry. She was probably just over-dramatizing because she was worried she would get in trouble.” To which he responded “Oh yeah that’s right your not ever gonna shop here again right? (chuckle giggle laugh)” And here is where I say that it seems that Menards doesn’t care about it’s customers because I said “Probably not at this point.” To which he replied, half under his breath but loud enough for me to hear him. “They always say that and they always come back, I have seen it a million times.” REALLY? Wow, so he is admitting that he has seen a MILLION unhappy customers? Sad!

Well, needless to say, he called me about twenty minutes after I left the store and tried to accuse me of damaging the piece myself. I explained that the countertop was busted when I picked it up and he finally reluctantly agreed to replace it. When I asked how long it would be he said ”Oh same as before, a couple or three weeks.” OK, so now, in three weeks I am going to have a countertop that I cannot use and I will have to try to sell to someone else. I will need to re-order a new countertop from Lowes (they WILL cut it right and not insult me doing it). And I am out $500 while your store manager laughs. But you know what hurts me the most. I have two little girls, one is only 2 years old and the other is 5. I now have to figure out what I am going to do for 2 or 3 weeks to provide them with a kitchen. I have no countertop, so I can’t put the sink in, so I can’t hook up the dishwasher. So, for 2 or 3 weeks I have to figure out how I and my wife are going to cook and clean without countertops or a sink. This has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had purchasing anything from a home building supply company.

After doing some research on the internet, (which I wish I had of done before placing the order), I find that the Internet is inundated with complaints about Menards customer service. Seriously, just go to Google and type in Menards and the first page will be more complaints than anything else, especially complaints about ordering countertops. It seems to me that Menards would not want that sort of reputation, considering when you call Menards the first recording you hear says, “Thanks for calling Menards where service and quality are number one.”

I am writing this letter in an attempt to resolve a customer service issue. What I believe would be appropriate at this point is to either refund my money so I can purchase another countertop somewhere else, cut the countertop correctly, or reorder the entire countertop with a separate backsplash. I am not unreasonable nor am I nieve or ignorant about ordering and installing countertops. I have ordered and installed countertops for over 25 years and have never had such a bad experience. Therefore, I do not believe my request is unreasonable.

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That manager should be fired!I love the menards in Oshkosh WI very nice and helpful staff!


Countertops were wrong twice. They had to re-order them once and this second time there was no endcap and no laminate on the side.

Back and forth talking to Managers and picking up and hauling them back and forth. They admitted it was wrong. Lots of time, money, gas, and stress. Said that they wont send them back or fix them.

Their idea of fixing the countertops is to order a kit that would complete the endcap and side with laminate. Which they want me to pay for and install?? Pretty sure i paid for a finished product. Im not fixing their mistakes.

Wont compensate me for anything either.

Still dealing with it right now. Im sure ill get screwed.


All the box stores are like that. Menards, Lowes, Home Depot.

None of them care about customers, they get paid no matter if you are happy or not. You should of gone to a local countertop company.


I was sooo upset with Menards in Lincon Nebraska I cut up my Menards Contractors card at the help desk and threw it at them. Pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Menards has cornered the market here in Western WI. I have to drive an hour for Home Depot, Lowe's etc.

Thanks for reminding me that Menards is NOT a place to get custom anything and that they are most committed to their bottom line, not providing quality products or anything resembling customer service. I am in need of countertops, but will go out of my way to make a sight unseen purchase online or drive a couple of hours before I buy from May-nerds.


:( I hate menards...they always have teens working who are too busy yacking to each other or rude...and they know nothing about anything they carry there..


This is one side of the story. If you ask me the OP here sounds like a real ***


Reverse psychology is an awesome tool, I don't know if you guys know about it, but basically you can make someone think the opposite of what you believe, and that tricks them into doing something ***. Works like a charm.


I need new countertops for my kitchen, I WAS going to go to our Menards but you know what?? I think I'll go to Lowes...this guys story had me so upset I can just imagine how from bad to worse it got!

I had a problem once at Home Depot but the manager did resolve it without too much trouble, hey!

I spend a lot of money at these stores, I do all my own work around the house, and for the neighbors so they better think about their customers, times are tough you need all the $$ you can get to stay open, Lowes would gladly take your money instead... Shame on you Menards!

@Bob the builder

LOL stop that the word LOWES hurts people LMFAO


I ordered counter tops from Menards and have the manager telling me that the delivery date was estimated two weeks longer than is on my slip (meaning it would take a month) - oh and in his email it is stated - if you look on the middle of the custom order you will see the estimated date is XXX- like I am an *** - when my copy is clearly as I stated and he goes on to say it is not menards fault as it is an out side vendor - THEY OWN the counter company :(


I have had good luck with the new Menard's store in Massillon, OH. I just ordered new countertops from them so I'll see how it turns out when they get delivered.


well for one thing, some of the employees in the department do not actually work in that department. they have cashiers do returns, putting stuff back, and you can't expect them to know about the products.

However, it is their job to explain and try to find you someone who knows what you are talking about. second, when the system is down there is not anything we can do about.

we hate it too because *** will be screaming at us about it when there is nothing we can do. believe me, if we could we would.


FYI - the countertop order would have included a self adhesive end to finish that end of the countertop.


I used to work for the countertop company that does Menard's tops. The c-tops company is really knowledgable, but the kids Menards hires are not typically too bright. I'd say 20% of the managers and asst managers I dealt with knew anything, another 20% would call for help, and the rest BSed their way through life.


trying to find out ehere my dishwasher is that i ordered. Helen Blair. hcb1941@wowway.com


The experience sounds about on par for a menards. I worked there for a couple of years and they give their employees VERY VERY little training, and what training they do offer is not allowed to be done at the store and must be done at home on your own time.

It's hard to get good customer service when you have John Menard and Larry Menard running around half the time like chickens with their heads cut off yelling at everyone in the store.

Don't worry though, with poor customer service and Lowes fully integrating themselves into the Midwestern market Menards shouldn't be around too much longer. Also, when you only pay your employees minimum wage and your Dept managers 10 bucks an hour you really aren't going to get very much out of them.


I don't believe that you ever worked at a Menards. I do and have been for 5 years.

We DO NOT just get training on personal time.

Much of what we learn comes from the vendors who carry our products. I resent small minds like yours who seem to just want to complain.


Sounds like there are a bunch of *** (manager included) working at that store,who should be severly reprimanded. Not one employee or manager at the Menards I work at has ever treated a customer like that.

Contact the General Office in Eau Claire, Wi. The # can be given to you if you call any of the store locations.The way you were treated is utterly ridiculous!!!


been there. they hire all kinds of people like that.

work in that department and know nothing about it. i like it when they talk to each other and dont help custmers