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I stopped going to Menards 1 and 1/2 years ago, because they only had 1 motorized cart to use. With much difficulty I got in contact with the company and all you get as a result is some talk about how much Menards care for their customers and other sweet BS which I am not looking for as and answer to my concerns.

Called today and they said they now have 2 carts. That's still not enough for that size of store. Even small grocery stores have as many as 6. I still refuse to go to Menards.

I'm not going to stand around for no telling how long to get a cart and then the one or 2 they have needs charging. This Menards corporate management stinks.

They should be fired. This store is located in Evansville, IN

Reason of review: no carts.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Well aren't you just a special little diamond!


Interestingly enough - we had a manual wheelchair in our store (small retail establishment) and our insurance company said it's too much of a risk and to get rid of it. There may be the real answer to your situation.

to Anonymous #1329854

It's amazing to see people jump on a scooter that they have never used before and race through a store. I've seen them bump into people as well as displays and fixtures.

Often they don't look behind them very well when they back up.

I could easily see a store getting sued by someone that was hit by a scooter. I suppose scooters will get even more expensive when they start adding sensors and automatic braking to avoid accidents.

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1329985

And that is a decision that is out of the companies control, from Corporate Headquarters to the worker bees.

The potential for accidents to happen as well as lawsuits to happen outweighs their providing electric wheelchairs.

When the first lawsuit happens, prices will go up to cover the costs.

OP, would you want that to happen?

Houston, Texas, United States #1329518


You do realize that the prices of the merchandise will go up when any business provides more electric wheelchairs in order to cover the cost... correct?

Will you complain about that as well?

Houston, Texas, United States #1329515


Regardless of how you feel as well as what you wrote in your reply to Anonymous, there is no law stating that any business must provide electric wheelchairs.

The ADA did not make a law stating this.

The ADA left it up to individual businesses whether or not they want to provide wheelchairs.

The ADA does not require any business to provide electric wheelchairs.

These wheelchairs are provided as a courtesy, not as a requirement mandated by the ADA. The same problem will happen at any other business.

So what will you do then? Complain again? And why should Menards Corporate employees be fired when the ADA does not require any business to provide electric wheelchairs? Does that mean that any corporate employee at any business should be fired for not providing a courtesy?

Menards is not breaking any law by not having electric wheelchairs or very few wheelchairs. Neither is any other business.

There is a big difference between a courtesy and a requirement. So your complaint is with the ADA instead of Menards or any other business.


If you really need a cart why don't you have your own? Seems like they usually have carts or wheel chairs at the front of the store.

Why do you expect stores to pay for a fleet of carts when you aren't willing to get your own? Insurance or medicare will cover most of the cost if you REALLY need one.

to Anonymous #1329210

Dear Anonymous, You are forgetting about some people who might just need one while they are recovering from a surgery or accident. Why should they (people) have to buy one just for a few weeks or 2 months use?

Why should insurance pay for something they will only need for a short term. I feel that stores should have them and have more than 2. Yes they are expensive and costly, but when people can shop your stores easily they will help pay for themselves. I have had to use one in the past after having ankle surgery.

The store is way to big to get around easily on crutches especially by yourself and also needing a cart. Before you go off on why are you out and about in that condition, when your are by yourself and need things like tp, laundry detergent, cleaners for your home and food for your fury friends you kind of have to go out and get the stuff you need.

Someday you might have something like this happen to you and you will see. Before REALLY putting a comment try to see the other side.

Not everyone who uses the electric carts are disabled for the rest of their life, some are just a short term and the convenience the store offers by having these carts helps when needed.

And if you were to think about it, people who REALLY need them do have them for use around home too and have the special vehicle to transport them in. It's not like they fold up like a wheelchair easily.

to Anonymous 2 #1329229

You are right, they are expensive. Stores that are watching their bottom line to keep prices low don't buy a fleet of them.

Stores like Menards make their money on big home improvement projects so adding a lot of carts to pick up a few small sales doesn't make sense. As there are many options for getting what I need, I don't expect stores to have fleets of motorized carts waiting at the front door. I find that making my way around a big box store isn't on my list or priorities when recovering from surgery.

On line orders got what I needed delivered to my doorstep on the same day or within 2 days. No need to get dog food into and out of the car when it can show up on the doorstep at a lower price than I would have paid at the store.

to Anonymous #1329600

I'm basically saying that the motorized carts are a great feature for stores to make sure people can shop the store. Yes, they are an expensive but it's not like they fall apart quick.

Walmart has at least 10 carts in a small 10,000 person town that is close to me, why would Menards in a town of 45,000 have only 1? I wouldn't expect to see 20 of them but I would think 3 or 4 would serve the area nice.

It wasn't my choice to be out trying to shop while recovering, it was a case of have to. When it's taking about 2 weeks longer to heal than planned, the supplies you had on hand prior do start to run out. Also when you're by yourself, what are you suppose to do?

Just sit home an not have anything? Starve? Watch your pet starve? (and by the way it's a cat not a dog, thanks for the assumption that it was a dog) When the store is right there on your way home from the doctor it's the store you choose.

(This is a small community area where I am, so to have something shipped to my home is not an option or the charge is higher than what I would be ordering.)

And face it, we all are getting older and going to be needing assistance at some point in the future.

I bet a lot of people here bashing the original poster will one day need help in their daily lives for one reason or another and will be singing a different tune. When you could use a motorized cart to do your shopping or will see your parents in need of one and then realize the nice convenience they are when stores provide them.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1329160

We left Menard's just yesterday when we discovered they have no electric carts at all---we asked as we entered. For such a big store, one would think they would provide these. Best to shop elsewhere if you are in need of one of these things.

to h.kitchener #1329299

What Menards were you in? They don't have stores in South Carolina.

Their stores do have at least 1 motorised cart. It is possible at any time the carts they do have are in use which can be true of anywhere you shop.

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