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On three occasions in the past 8 weeks ny family and I have been aggressively solicited at Menards to listen to a salesman pitch Direct TV. This is very annoying as you barely get in the store before being approached with "Can I ask you a question?" "Have you heard about the Menards-Direct TV arrangement?" One can be polite and say "not interested" but you will be approached again as you shop thru the store.

I find this vety unprofessional of Menards and will seriously think twice about returning in the future. I used to really like Menards store layout and availability of merchandise but I do pass a Home Depot and Lowe's along my route to Menards.My route will take a detour in the future just to avoid the Direct TV *** at Menards1

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You are over reacting.

They are just trying to help you i was in menards an i was approched buy a dtv guy an he was extremely polite an he actually saved me alot of money an i love the service.


I hate having to deal with DirecTV sales people interrupting me when I'm in a Menard's store. I've had DirecTV service and ended up cancelling them because they are thieves and liars. Hey John, get DirecTV out of your stores please!


Boo hoo.... Someone at the store tried to get me to buy something!


Directv has hires a third party direct marketing firm to sell for them. They can offer better deals for the customer and they don't outsource the call center, so you won't hear a middle eastern guy say " hello, my name is Bob, how can I help you" after waiting 30 minutes trying to get through a computer voice.

They also between $100-$150 off of diectv just for signing you up. Menards and other stores make the same for each sign up. I personally tell them I already have it and love it so they leave me alone. But you can't be mad at a guy for trying to feed his family.

And my friend actually signed up and saved over $100 a month. He bundled his directv with att and likes it. Time warner screwed him on prices and kept going up frequently.

I'm not here to defend, oppose or recruit, I'm just adding 2 cents. Good luck to all that read this reply!


::The Direct TV sales person is not employed by Menards. Your problem is with Direct TV, not Menards.::

I disagree, I am going into a Menards store. Menards is the one who allows DirecTV to operate within their store. If they only allowed DirecTV to operate by their kiosk it wouldn't be an issue (to me anyways). Instead the DirecTV person stands right past the turnstyle annoying people and jumping in front of them to do their pitch.

I enjoy Menards and shop there often. This particular issue though is definitely annoying and often seems to be poorly handled on the Menards end.


Don't blame Menards or DirecTV, blame the person for the way he bothers you. I have not run into one that aggressive in any store.


@ Annoyed umm no the Kiosk was there long before the Direct Tv Sales person showed up. Also, LOOSE means not tight, the correct spelling is lose.

I don't see what the issue is here.

They're no more annoying then the sales people who are required to say hi to everyone over and over and over and over. Just get yourself some offensive linemen and you won't be tackled as much.


the direct tv person sold us a package and we found out too late that he lied to us on three important issues but once you are signed up you have a 2 year commitment. I would never do it again.


I agree, Menards places their kiosk (for checking orders and sweepstakes) by the Direct TV sales people desk, who always take the opportunity to solicit. If I wanted Direct tv, I would contact them. Menards does loose customers as a result.


They may not work for Menards, but who let them in the store to solicit customers?


The Direct TV sales person is not employed by Menards. Your problem is with Direct TV, not Menards.

However, allow me to share some insight with you that you probably won't comprehend. The reason they approach you again is because they did not recognize you from the previous occasions.

You have any idea how many people a sales person comes across during a day? Unless you spend a long time with someone you will almost never remember them especially if they're unattractive, like yourself.