Farnhamville, Iowa

Several visits to the store and we have had to find and load our own lumber. Also was accused of stealing a swing set and guard employee had receipt in his hands.

They also have different prices for different stores in their Sunday ads. I was at Ft. Dodge store and showed them the ad from Ankeny and was told if I wanted the cheaper price to go to Ankeny. I will be so glad if lowes comes to Ft.

Dodge. So fed up with the Ft.

Dodge Menards store. Other stores in the state arent bad.

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Different markets will have different prices. Many things are a factor in this.

Cost of transportation, local wages, how much competition is in the area etc. As you were told, go to Ankeny if you want the lower price.

As far as finding your own lumber, it is a self service yard. Most people prefer to pick their own boards rather than having someone just take whats up next on the pile.


Sounds like you didn't even graduate high school. What was your final grade 7th?

Menards runs the same adds for all their stores. The only time an add is different is when a new store is running a grand opening sale. Unless your extremely close to that store you can't get those prices. What's so difficult about loading your own lumber?

What do you do with it when you get home? Just stare at it until it takes care of it's self? Problem with people these days is they don't want to do anything for themselves they always want someone to do it for them. YOU NEEDED THE LUMBER YOU TAKE CARE OF THE LUMBER SIMPLE.

"Son, we got to load our own lumber again, what is this world coming too. In my day everyone would have been loading for me while I sat there and watched"


Im guessing your one of those Menards employees that didn’t graduate eh.... and it’s called courtesy and limiting liability, the less customer interaction with material the better this limits the chance the customer gets injured and sues, and keeps the count and warehouse neat..

if I had to load the lumber I’m going to throw in extra and completely dig through the junk pile and mess up and throw junk lumber in the aisle... I know the Securitas guard at Menards also can’t count or is too lazy to...

but if he does, all I have to do is throw it off there at the guard shack and then a Menards employee and put it back... lol


Menards does NOT run the same ad for all their stores. They have different markets and their prices may vary from one market to the next.


Really I always had great service. But then I treat the employee with respect and don'tshop with an attitude. I've never gotten good service at any lowes