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my mother bought the forest king 22 ton log splitter (junk do not buy) after spending 6 hours putting it together some assem. required yeah right .

the next weekend we all got together to split her winter wood the log splitter only split two small and i mean small peices of wood it made a clunk and then the splitter would not decend the shaft after that. we called the cust. service # to no avail called menards they said we had a air blockage in the lines . (not) after spending the next 3 hrs trying to find the blockage my 9 yr.

old son found 3 small pieces of metal. hmmm. my brother goes on line to find out info on this splitter which we found this site. then we goto menards and meet this braydn what a treat he is for starters he looked like he spent most of his night tipping the bottle would not even look at us ,hid behind his computer did not even up for over 20 min.

gave the floor guy we were talking to some phone #'s for us to call and we told floor guy(brandon)we did not want # to call my mother wanted to return item so 5 min later brayden get up off his chair and tells me since we put gas in it there was nothing he could do our conversation is over !! first of all how are you to know something is of value untill u start it up right. my mother was not looking for her money back she wanted something of value she spent over $800.00 and $70.00 2 yr warr.

on top over 10 hrs. of messing around w/this machine braydn never even gave us a chance to speak w/him about any of this he could care less .this guy she NOT be in charge of anything let alone a store.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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You need a axe. How is a machine gonna be able to split a log if you can hardly split a log.

Humans have muscles.

Log machines, cant gain momentum. Solved, just pay for three months in heating and dont get a log splitter.


Ditto you whinyweirdo ! You know what Ditto means correct?


You're leaving out a ton of information. I can promise you he said exactly this "ONCE GAS IS PUT INTO IT HAS TO GO TO A REPAIR PLACE." If you did not cause the problem it will be covered under warranty.

It's listed on your receipt and all over the area by the log splitters this is the policy on gas powered items. The reason it's this way for gas powered items is because Menard's employees are not qualified to decide if it was a manufactures error or your error. Gas powered items often get majorly screwed up by people like yourself. I can assure you if it took you over 6 hours to put it together you messed up something.

It takes me less then 2 hours to do it by myself and my manager can do it less then 1 hour. Not to mention your writing indicates a lack of intelligence.


I dont understand why you post on every single complaint anyone puts out saying how *** they are and obviously they dont get it. You got to understand not everyone understands the Menards policy or think to read every surrounding sign before they buy a product.

It helps just to work with the guest as much as possible and they will go away happy or at least sympathetic to the fact you tried to help. As far as your insults go, ridiculous!

who are you to ridicule people of their intelligence when you post freely youve been in prison! You truly are heartless.