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Their delivery SUCKS waited 5 hours in their delivery time frame I had to call they couldn't get a hold of their delivery guys never heard such a messed up system!!!!People do have to work as well!!!!

Never going through them again for delivery especially!!!! Talked to manager said I should get a discount I would think he would say sorry I can do that no he didn't even respond to my question seriously????

I paid for the darn delivery and it was their fault for being later and couldn't call to let us know I had people waiting at my home and they were getting upset!!!!!I'm very very disappointed in menards!!!!!!!

Review about: Menards Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Hell, Michigan, United States #1269611

Like others have said you're dealing with an independent contractor when it comes to deliveries from Menards.I would like to add Menards is lucky to break even on deliveries, most the time they lose money so expecting a discount when they're already losing money is unrealistic.

All delivery times are estimated and can be delayed for numerous reasons, for example the weather like others referenced below. If you expect retailers to be reasonable with you, you should be reasonable as well.

Want better service?Be a better consumer, it's that simple :).

Pleasanton, California, United States #1269461

I bet UPS FedEx and USPS all call you directly when your packages are going to be late too huh?

Houston, Texas, United States #1269263

Menards does not deliver the product.

An independent delivery service delivers the product.

So your complaint as well your request for a discount needs to be directed to the independent delivery service instead of Menards.

Considering the bad weather in the U.S., deliveries may take longer.

No-one has any control over the bad weather, and that does include any business.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1268992

First of all, you don't say what store you were dealing with.The weather here was causing commutes to take up to 4 times longer than normal due to the snow, can't believe that wouldn't put deliveries behind.

Second, if you look at the delivery agreement you signed when you set up the delivery you are actually contracting with an independent delivery service.You might want to place a little blame their way.

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