Zeeland, Michigan

Bought OSB and Drywall. Delivery was to be in my newly constructed barn in the backyard which requires going down a small hill and then back up.

Delivery truck(2x2) delivered material to the barn but couldn't make it back up the hill bc of the dew on the grass in the morning. The delivery guy went off path into my yard and got stuck. He called me and told me what he did and told me he called a wrecker and wanted to know if I'd pay for it. I told him I would come pull him up the hill and he said I wouldn't be able to and I'd have to pay.

The wrecker bill came to $285 1/3 the cost of the material. Why didn't the driver call before attempting to go down the hill? He could of left it in my driveway. Why doesn't Menards hire delivery drivers with the proper equipment a.k.a 4x4 truck mounted fork lift the industry standard for delivering construction material to construction sites.

Sounds like a good way to make some more money by the delivery guys because Menards makes you sign a contract with the 3rd party delivery company stating that you'll pay if they get stuck. If the wrecker guy is a friend of the delivery guy it sounds like easy money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $285.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I mean you are asked specifically where do you want this unloaded. Also as others have stated has nothing to do with menards I get deliveries all the time and never have an issue.


Sounds to me like the delivery person may have been the manager of your local Menards. I hate to tell you, you have been menarded.

Yes you now belong to a select group of unfortunate folk, being unaware have been slammed. Do you find it a little odd that the driver called you? Why was it your problem?

I would have made them pick up everything, take it back and return my money. Then I would march over to Lowes and have a professional deliver the material, probably would have saved a little money too.


Nothing to do with Menards Manager. Delivery is through a 3rd Party.

Menards outsources them. It is bogus though.