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Please pay attention to this complaint if you are a "Do it Yourselfer". Menards' idea of customer service is directing you to the manufacturer!

Menards customer service ends at the cashier.

I recently bought a custom Jeld-Wen patio door at Menards in Peawaukee,WI. The door arrived with a factory flaw, one side was warped and the door did not seal properly. When I notified Menards, their idea of customer service consisted of placing a call to the Jeld-Wen representative. THAT WAS IT!

The Jeld-Wen representative was excellent, but it was TWO MONTHS from the time I paid Menards until I received a replacement door. Menards played NO and I mean NO role in helping me get the replacement door, checking on the status of the door, or informing me as a customer on the status of the door I had already paid for. I provided my concerns to the store manager and he said he would get back with me no later than the following day. That was two weeks ago.

While I have had my problems with other retailers, I know first hand neither Home Depot or Lowes would completely abandon their customer to the manufacture.

Unfortunately, Menards lack of customer service past the point of sale is a lesson I learned the hard way. I hope you don't make the same mistake.

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What exactly did you expect them to do? Menards does not make the door, nor do they stock it.

You obviously had a product with a defect that is covered by an manufacturer warranty. They contacted the manufacturer for you (if you had read the warranty this is something you should have done). The manufacturer sent a rep out to your house to inspect the product, determine there was a defect and order the replacement. The replacements are ordered through Jeld-wen's warranty system so Menards has no way to track it in their system.

Your problem is that you don't seem to understand that the warranty on an item is the responsibility of the manufacturer and not the retailer.

Menards directed your problem to the proper people to take care of it and your problem was solved. Hopefully you will at some point in your life learn who to contact to properly solve your problems on your own.


Jell wen specifically tells menards employees to do that.... so it is jeld wens fault not menards.


Hey just letting you know dumb dumb, you didn't spell Pewaukee right.


What else did you expect them to do? Did they help you contact the correct person that could help you?

I wouldnt lose sleep over this, unless it was installed incorrectly. Be patient and allow the process to work.


I wrote the "Menards defers customer service to manufacturer" complaint dated 11/6/11. My first reply came from a Menards employee and it began "Hey dumb dumb".

I couldn't ask for a better example to illustrate my point regarding what some at Menards think of their customers. I hope the company already has or soon recognizes your talents and places you on an executive track.

Absolutely, customers who provide feedback should be addressed as "Hey dumb dumb" and yes, other than taking my money what can you do, what should you do? It's a shame I haven't had a chance to work in Retail so I could learn how to be a better customer, because business models based on good customer behavior seem like a winner to me.


I don't quite know what you expected them to do. It is obvious you had installed the door and couldn't just take it back for exchange.

Menards got you in contact with the Jeld-wen service department who took care of the door for you. Seems like this is an easier solution than having them call the company and try getting in the middle of getting service for your door.

By working with their service department directly you saved a number of call between you, Menards and Jeld-wen. Don't try to make the process more complicated and confusing than it needs to be.


Things change. Always do.

You'll get your chance! Important thing is, when it comes, you've got to grab with both hands, and hold on tight!


I hope the reply by "menard's employee" was not indicative of the IQ of normal Menard's employees. I was in retail for decades and when we sold something---anything---we stood behind it, whether we made it or not.

Like the captain on a ship, the store is responsible for everything that happens in the store. Period.

Menard's customer service has seemingly gone downhill from the complaints I see (and from my own inability to get any help in my local store) and this particular Menard's probably needs a new manager. I suggest Lowes or Home Depot in the future.


Hey dumb dumb. If you had to get the door special ordered, then we don't have it stock which would mean you would have to contact the manufacturer.

We can do nothing at store level other than re-order the door and hope that it comes in perfect condition. Your rant is pointless and shows that you know nothing of retail. I really wish everyone was forced to work retail for at least 2-3 months of their life to see that it is not always easy dealing with dumb *** like you who think we can wave a magic wand and make everything better. If it took two months, Jeld-Wen had to have been backed up and couldn't get it out right away (Once again, not our fault).

If you want to know the status on the door, we can look up the order and see where it's at. Example: On order at vender(not even made yet), In production, Preparing to be shipped, In route to distribution center, In transit to store, Arrived at store. Thats all we can tell you. Shows the dates of each step only after they have happened.

Can't give you an accurate time. Leave an e-mail adress when you make your order so you get an e-mail when it's at the store. Ask for a letter in the mail that tells you it's at the store. Stop being a little ***.

My girlfriend looked at the title from 6 feet away and said "Did someone complain about a special order that you guys have little control over?" I said yes and she laughed harder. Point of post: Don't smash us for a manufacturer issue that we can't solve at store level. If you don't want to deal with this problem that is definitely not our personal fault, buy a stock door. Want a custom door, go through Master Force since Menards owns Master Force.

Like I said, grow up. We don't have 100% control over other manufactures.