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I have worked at Menards for over 2 years and 90% of the problems are caused by people that dont know what the *** they are doing. I am sick and tired of arguing with people that are trying to take the easy way out.

Stop being cheap and let someone who knows what they are doing do the project.

Everyday I get complaints that the products don't do what they are suppose, I ask if they read the instructions and all I ever get is "nope". Stop being cheap, almost everyone who comes in asks for the cheapest way to do the project. If you want it done right dont do the cheapest route. For example don't buy the Luaun for subfloors.

Don't buy premixed grout, especially since it doesn't have polymer.

STOP TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT and maybe just maybe you P.O.S wouldn't *** me off so much and I would be nicer when you come into my store!

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If it wasnt for us whinning , complaing , do it yourselfers you whinning complaining employees would be whinning and complaining from the unemployment or food stamp line. Shut up and do your job.

Your job is to provide the best most knowledgeable service you can.

not by being a douch who acts like there to busy to help a customer out.The customers are what keeps the business open. Not the whinning , complaing employees who really should know a little bit about home improvement before even working at a place like Menards.


Oh so true.

We deal with the most self entitled clueless customer base it's not even funny.

I love the post about about people being sent in to get something they have no clue what it's or what it's needed for then we're the ones getting yelled it. Anyone who says it's bad customer service to talk or think this way about our shoppers have clearly never been in this situation. Selling the stuff we sell to the igornant of ignorant is far from easy. We get blammed for them not knowing.

They refuse to read the instructios. They come in I need a chain for my chainsaw. Well what kind is it? How long is it?

Do you have a model number? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. It cant be that hard just give me any chain.

Sir it does not work that way...... Then they yell at you like it's your fault.


I like to shop Menards, though the home depot is 15 minutes closer. From what I've read, many of the "issues" listed in this forum are the result of inflexible or a strange sense of entitlement by the customers themselves.


i've got to say i agree with elvis, i dont know how many times i've been asked if we have the standard of something. there is no standard.

and then the customer looks at you like your retarded and you tell him, everyone's house/business whatever is different. i especially enjoy it when a customer comes to with a legitimate problem asking for a part for a certain item (say a window) and you ask them who the brand is and they dont know. they tell you to just give them the part and it will work. actually, no it wont if its not from the same vendor, thats why we need the model and serial number.

cus guess what, if you order it and it doesnt work because of your lack of info you give us, guess who is stuck with it. thats why i will not order something for the customer if they dont know who it is from.

they think im being rude and a ***, but im trying to save them the anguish later when it REALLY doesnt work. i want the item i order for you to work, im not gunna take your money and say "have fun, see what happens."


Yes, there are guest that don't understand but theres plenty of ways for the employee to lelarn and do there job right to my cents it the employee complaining about the dumb guest. That is wrong and really bad guest service.

And if John or Larry knew which employees were talking this way and being disrespectfully their *** would be grass and gone. Yes I John or Larry Treats us when one of them visit but, the have pride in there stores and hate to see guest not want to come back.


All of you employees are just a bunch of cry babies!!! You are getting paid to do a job, and that cheap or lazy 95% of customers is paying your salary.

I have been in customer service for 20 years, and I once in a while I get a difficult customer, but in no way do I ever take my frustration out on that or any other customer. I am glad to have the business and a paycheck!!


Problem is, if there weren't "cheap" do it yourselfers, there would be no need for stores like Menards, and all you employees that hate working with them, wouldnt have a job to worry about.


I worked for menards for two years and understand both sides. I love do it yourselfers who want the cheapest products and do a custom job.

Honestly, hire a contracter and save your blood pressure. Not every body is meant to use tools, hire a professional, it's their profession, not a cashier or somebody behind the returns counter, they're just people trying to get through their lame ten hour shift at 6.50 an hour. I've learned that customers don't read, ever. Does it not make sense to read about something before you do it.

I also love people who just come in to menards because they have nothing else to do, maybe even price haggling, how fun. It's 2008, get a computer or home theatre to keep yourself busy, and if you're too cheap to do that go to home depot where they have self checkouts so you don't have to complain about long lines.


I am a customer and have spent alot of money at menards. I have bought a refridgerator there and when delivered to me was given the wrong one because the sales person put the wrong number on the reciept and had to wait for another one after i had defrosted my old one and had food sitting out.

I purchased a brand new washer and dryer set which as soon as i got it home the washer was broken already! their answer to me was to call the service person to repair it! so now i sit here all day waiting for someone to fix my brand new washer that hasnt even been used! I purchased all new bathroom fixtures and went to install the sink top and it was beveled!

So its not *** cheap people complaining about the customer service! Its employees that dont take the time to care about the product that they are selling that will *** any person off.

When you go to a fast food place and place your order you expect to get what you order and not have it spit on or half a burger or a large fry looks like a small and you get diet coke instead of regular-u would be pissed off to because that employee didnt take the time to listen and make sure you got what you ordered because hes to worried about putting in his time getting his paycheck and getting out. So before you call us all cheap idiots maybe you should put yourself in our position and be the customer sometime!!!


My 2 favorites are first: they lazy *** guy who sends in the wife or girlfriend

"My husband/boyfriend sent me in for some nails."

"Well, what kind of nails?"

" He didn't say."

"Well, whats he using the nails for?"

"I don't know, nailing stuff?"

and second is the wife/girlfriend who calls on the phone and the husband/boyfriend is sitting right by them. I know they are cause after every answer I give, I can hear her shouting the answer to him. I can even hear him in the background asking another question. We really do cater to the laziest, cheapest people in the world.


As a contractor i will agree that most customers want the cheapest way of doing something instead of doing it right. Menards has the done a good job of increasing the quality of items that they carry and if you purchases what you need to do the job right you wont have problems. Please remember that the employees are not contractors and cant tell you how to install the products to code that is not their job.



I fully concur that 95% of menards consumers are idiots that have no clue how to complete a project and not only will they not call a qualified professional, they cant even buy a book to tell them how to do it.... wonder why we are pissed off when we are at work... we sell things not babysit


"i need this part"

"what brand is it from?"

"i don't know"

well how the *** can we help you?

"i need the standard"

"there is no standard"


I totaly agree. I guess that is Menard's target consumer. The "cheep" guys.