Menards seems to feel that the products they sell should they fail, that menards bears no responsibility. They defer you to the manufacturer who in turn will stonewall you, case in point is rustoleum corp regarding their " rock solid " deck coating products.

But giving you a phone number to call which is nothing more than an unending loop is a but much. I guess that's why lawyers were invented.

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Just exactly why do you feel the retailer store has any responsibility. It is the manufacturer that warranties the products they make, not the retailer.

The retail store is just a middleman in a transaction between you and the manufacturer. The retailer just makes it convenient for you to purchase a product from a manufacturer. They warehouse the product and put it on a shelf of a store near your home so you have easy access to the product. The retailer doesn't manufacture the product so why should they be responsible for its failure?

Let's say you go to a grocery store and buy a can of soup. When you get home and start eating the soup you chip your tooth on a nut that fell off a machine and into the can as the soup was being made, who do you blame? It wasn't the grocery store that let the nut fall into the can. If you have the least bit of common sense you would blame the company that canned the soup, not the store where you bought it.

Menards didn't manufacture the can of deck coating, why are you blaming them for its failure? You should be complaining about the company that made the product, not the retail store.


Spot on!


If a store customer is killed by a overloaded pallet of floor tiles stored 15 feet overhead on a shelf in a public aisle does the store just blame the product manufacture too instead of taking liability for their employees ignoring saftey regulations??

Rest in peace menards "guest"


What does an overloaded unbalanced pallet have to do with a defective product? In the case of the pallet, that is an error made at the store and the complaint should be directed at the store. In the case of a defective product, the complaint should go to the company that made the product.