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Same here, Menards i believe is going to mail them whenever they feel they can make more money from the consumer when they bring them in ie jack up prices after the holidays. I haven't received at least 4 rebates in the total of about $15 dollars if not more.

In the past i always received the rebate within 2 weeks, now i don't receive them at all. I don't think i will ever go back to them for one thing. It will be Home Depot or Lowes. I didn't feel i needed to fill out the forms on line in order to track them, and as the other person stated, i get my mail from a lock box, so that's not the problem.

And i've known my mail carrier for 20 years and this has never been a problem. Shame on you Menards!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

I liked: Used to like shopping there, Helpful employees.

I didn't like: Rebates refunded, See complaint.

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"i always received the rebate within 2 weeks"

noone get their rebate that fast


Perhaps you should scroll down a few complaints and look at the response from a person that uses the post offices scanning service to let them know what mail to expect. His rebates were scanned in at the post office but never delivered.

It doesn't have to be your carrier, it could be someone sorting mail along the way, or they could get damaged or lost in the process as well. Things happen, heck, I mailed a check to the kids orthodontist that didn't get there for 6 months after I wrote him another check. With the billions of pieces of mail the post office handles there will be a few things that don't get there when they should.

Same thing with Menards rebates. 99.9% of the people get theirs but the few that don't make a lot of noise about it.


Their rebates say to allow 6 weeks, so if you have only waited 2 you haven't allowed proper time to complain. How does $15 in missing rebates turn into a monetary loss of $2500?

Are you aware their current rebate mailings look different than they did in the past? Hard to take a complaint like yours seriously.

to Anonymous #1406037

Yeah, and it's hard to take your comment seriously...


to Anonymous #1406398

Did you throw them away?They are not paper checks that come in an envelope.

They are folded card stock the size of a regular post card.The back will have advertising for one of their products. website for contact--


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