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I recently was shopping at the new Menards in De Pere it was the very first day of the Grand opening. First off there we no where to park. I drove around for over 30 minutes trying to get a spot. Then I evenutally ended up parking at the Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had more then enough parking spots because they know what they're doing. Second I get into the store and all the carts are in use so they have none for me. I was pissed. How can they not have enough carts for their customers. Clearly they don't know how to run a store. I bet Wal-Mart would have had more then enough carts for me.

Once I got into the store I came across this worker who was already helping someone else. I figured I could interrupt and get him to show me where the by 1 get 1 shovels were. He said out in the garden center and pointed out that way. I repeated back I said "SHOW ME." He then proceeded to say I'm with someone it will be a little while. I then replied this is horrible customer service I demand you show me right now. He then proceeded to just ignore me and walk away with this other person.

Eventually I found the shovels on my own however I was still cart less. So I asked the cashier working in the garden center if she would go get me a cart. She was just standing there doing nothing. She said sorry I cannot leave the register. I said what... Go get me a cart, I'm a paying customer! She said sorry I cannot do that. I said this is total BS no one around here is any help.

I went back into the main store to find my last item I came for. Some batterys. I ask this worker walking by. He rudely replys WHAT KIND OF BATTERIES? I go don't be smart with me young boy. He then replays you do know there are more then 1 type of battery, there are car batterys, drill batterys, flashlight batterys. I said don't be smart with me you know I meant double A's.. He goes oh okay. Which ones. I go the ones in the flyer. He goes ohh those we are all out. I go this is just wrong the flyer just came out. Can I at least get a sorry slip I say. He goes no they are discounted.

I throw my shovels at him and say I will never come back here again. I'm going to ACE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

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I was going to say " do you think it may be YOU ! ? "


I know the store has been open for a while but this is the first time I have seen the review. Learn how to spell and grow up you ***!!


Omg, yer all dumb!


Your an ***! I worked at Menards over 20 years ago an you are the very reason I left the retail market.

Who are you to demand someone get a cart for you? Walk your lazy *** and get it yourself. Why didn't you grab one when you walked in? ***!

You knew the first person was helping someone yet you think you are more important than that person. If the shoe was reversed you would be on here *** and moaning that they left you to help someone else. Your a *** and as others states stay the *** out of public. Rot in your home and be happy about it.

You show up on the first day of a grand opening an can't figure out why you can't get a front row spot! Penny pinching *** that needed $1 batteries because you won't pay $1.01. Done wasting my time on you! Get a life and treat people as you want to be treated!

THE GOLDEN RULE! Ever hear of it?


WOW! This person is a total ***!

what a lazy ***! I'm a contractor and think the De Pere store is just "GREAT"! They are very helpfull!

You people keep up the great work! :)


People like you should not be out in public.


Oh wow were do I even begin!!! Its grand opening day and you are pissed because the parking lot is full? It must be your first time ever at a retail store huh, haha ***.....same idea with the carts.....and I completely take the side of the employee that you admitted you RUDELY interrupted and demanded to help you....judging by your attitude of everything, I'm betting that if he had been helping you and someone just came up and demanded help NOW that you have been irritated with that person.....and demanding that the cashier go get you a are very disrespectful to the employees.....and the battery question, well that employee was right to ask you what kind of batteries you needed.....but I guess he should have just been able to read your mind right


you're an ***


This was a GRAND OPENING DAY! is worse than shopping Black Friday.

Your expecting for someone wait on you hand and foot. SELF CONCEDED are we?

"Go get me a cart" ...where was the "please"? The poor girl was working a register with money, she can not abandon it to get you a cart.


sorry, that comment was for mr. joyful.


You must be polish, you are a *** ***. do you have any idea what it is like to work a grand opening??

are you royalty?? why should anyone drop everything for you??

you are the average consumer......... a *** *** just like the rest.


I work at that menards, and this llady is insane.


Really...leave a customer to hold your hand to the garden center....We have a Menards in Traverse City, Mi.Couldn't ask for nicer workers always willing to help.....they go the extra mile...don't have enough space to write about all my experience's...much better than our Home Depot or Lowes...can never find anyone to HLP....


Could just be me, but I am betting someone was bored, and made this hole thing up just to read the comments people made. The whole "I figured I could interupt....." kind of turn this story from an arrogant *** story to a tryingto get attention story. Could just be me though.


I am so glad to see the comments following this "complaint". I don't even have a comment for the story, just glad to hear there are so many level headed people out there.


Sir, you sound like the most arrogant individual that I have ever encountered. I have been in customer service for over 25 yrs and I have never been treated by the ignorance that you have portrayed.

The employees that you are saying were "rude", were actually doing there job. I would have loved to have been the customer whom the employee didn't leave. He did exactly what he should have done, finished with his customer. Your ignorance only shows that sometimes one's person's complaint, only shows truly what an *** you are.

Go to another store down south.

We don't want you around here. Love you Menards.


Who the h*** pissed in your Cheerio’s? Lighten up, life is to short to be walking around with that big of a chip on your shoulder!


They had a good laugh when you left.....lucky you wasn't arrest for asult for hitting the guy when you throw the shovel at him.....stay home and order in the net


Maybe if you had said, " don't you know who I am ?", you might have gotten better service.


Learn English and maybe they could help you 'by' something. You self-centered ***.