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Menard's gave a discount to disabled veterans. About a month ago they discontinued the discount because in their words" it's discrimination against non-veteran customers," Yet; they still give contractors a two percent discount on their yearly purchase amount and a discount on their delivery charges.

How can Menard's call a discoundt to veterans "discrimination against non-veteran customers" while giving building contractors a two percent discount and a break on delivery charges?

I'll do my shopping at Lowe's who still gives the disabled veterans a ten percent discount.

Veterans and others can pick up complaint forms at the service desk and mail them postage paid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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Are you serious? Dude, it's MENARDS, the cheapest place on the planet.

Be happy that you still have your free bus pass. Get over it. I'm a upper management executive. I want my management discount.

But they're not giving me one. Don't worry.

Soon you'll be eligible for your AARP program discounts and you'll get a free diaper carrying bag with every paid membership.


You disrespectful piece of *hit. You sleep under the blanket of freedom that was provided by veterans...all veterans.

JonnyWad....ironic, you are a "wad" alright. A DI*K-WAD.

Upper management executive that names himself "JonnyWad"...real classy, I doubt you are an executive. Maybe a manager at a local McDonalds.


Lowes honers Vets with a 10% discount. Shop there


First, to be a disabled veteran, the veteran has to have disabled in the service. It's up to the government to take care of disabled veterans, not private industry.

Having said that, there are many companies who give disabled veterans a discount, which is a nice thing, but not an obligation.

If Menards opts out of this discount FOR THE REASON STATED, it's beyond lame.

It would have been honest of them to simply say they wanted to save the money.

We all have a choice to shop or not shop anywhere, including Menards. I've never cared for the way they treat their customers and employees anyhow and it's a no-brainer to not shop there any more for me.


MENARDS is under no obligation to offer any discount but the "discrimination" rationale is just and excuse to stop a policy they no longer embrace. Kudos to LOWES for the recognition they give to veterans who didn't discriminate about which Americans they wanted to serve.


Wow. First off, I am gratefull and honored for those who have served, and for those of you that where drafted, thank you. With Menards, it all comes down to discrimination. Menards does not discriminat against race, religion, disability, sex, age, and or employement. I think veterans do deserve somenthing, and that is respect above all else. I will shake every military personells hand that I meet. It is an honor to me. Though I was always led to believe that service men and wemon that choose to serve are doing so without the need for any self indulgence later in life. People have faught for this country so we can be free, for ALL to be equal. Sure we are not perfect, but always seeking to be better is what we are all about. Not getting an extra 10% off at the store.

YOu can look at it this way as well. Menards goes to great leangth to provide the lowest prices. Plus they have the most "Made in the USA" products. The even promote this in the ads by stating where the products where made. How many stores do you see the American Flag waving. I can't think of any. If I am wrong, let me know. In Menards, they are in the front of the builing and throught. I think they are one of the most patriotic companies I know. I do not wish to offend anyone or be childish as some are from both sides of the argument. I just want to speak my opinion.

Thank you


This is a whiner board. I don't know why I expected better from these whining punks when a real man (veteran) posts a complaint. What a bunch of punks.


Stop Crying over a couple bucks I'm American maybe i should get a discount.If you want a *** door pay for it. If you need help get welfare


Two things:First to Hello- I was drafted so I did not choose to go. Did anyone ever take 2 years of your life and send you to a war zone?

I bet NOT. Also Lowes and Home Depot offer veterans discounts to any military veteran, not only active or disabled vets.

Second: Why does Menards make you come into a store to see inventory. Again, Lowes and Home Depot allow you to check online, inventory at your local store plus stock numbers to call and check on current inventory.

My closest Menards is 20 miles,about $8.00 in gas to see what they have. Without knowing what they have, you can't even call and check.


Menards has only granted the service discount to ACTIVE DUTY members for over a year, nothing about disabled. If you're problem is that you'd like to save 2% as well then sign up for a Menards card!



Lowes offers a 10% discount for Vets!!!!!!!!! Shop there


to Hello

did you ever hear of the draft.not everyone chose to serve.


Menards gives contractors a 2% discount if they place there purchase on the menard card which everyone can get not just contractors and deliveries have to be over a certain amount for a discount which there purchases usually are considering most of them spend thosands of dollars a year in supplies because it is there bread and butter.

Keep on shopping at Lowes to get that 10% discount you'll be disappointed when you realize you still spent more then you would have at Menards on there everyday low price.

By the way Menards does honor the veterans with a 10% discount on veterans day!


Being a disabled veteran can mean many things. Being a Purple Heart Veteran does deserve a certain level of respect.

I too am a disabled vet (Purple Heart Receipient - Combat Wounded) but do not look for discounts. If they are given then they are much appreciated and welcome.


I think my daughters teacher does a great service to our society so do they get special discounts? No and they shouldn't!

Everybody just thinks they are entitled to something. Kinda like how unions work and we know how well that is going


contractors get the discount because of the large amount of business they bring to the company. if menards gave discounts to vets, then they'd have to reward, police, doctors, firefighters, and everyone else in society. think about that


Thanks for your service to this country! But honestly you choose to serve and now you think the world owes you something!! I'm sorry you feel so entitled


Yea Right, Coming from someone too lame to serve his country