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Honestly people, is this what the world has come to? Internet trash talking about your perceived slights?

How many of you have actually worked in retail? I doubt any of you who are bashing retail employees have ever actually held a job in retail. If you had, you would know that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE EVERYONE.

Someone will always find fault somewhere. And the majority of the time, it isn't an employee's fault, it isn't a store's fault, it isn't anyone's fault but their own.

It is unfortunate that you people are so incredibly unhappy that you have to go into a store and verbally assault an employee who obviously can't fight back (or lose their job). I HIGHLY doubt any of you would dare say such things to someone outside of the store.

So please, do us all a favor: stay home and keep your misery to yourself. Or go talk to a professional, because you clearly have some serious underlying issues you need to work through.

Thank you and have a nice day :)

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I would bet you work at Menards


It's been proven through many decades of research that if given the right kind of people, with the right kind of attitude, with proper sales tools, satisfaction, repeat business and referrals can be obtained by as much as 90-95% of any given client base. In retail no matter how gifted you are, or how hard you try, there will always be that 5%-10% out there that seemingly were born to make a salesperson's life miserable. However, if somehow they can be steered in your direction, this same 5%-10% are the type of people that tend to talk to their friends and neighbors about the good (or bad) service they experienced.

I am a Menards Team Member. As I percieve it, the most significant problem Menards faces in relation to Guest service is the installation of managers who all too often go about setting very poor examples for their employees. Secondly, much emphasis is placed on self-training in the way of stacks upon stacks of training worksheets at the store as well as In Home Training on TM Menards. All of this is very useful. However the best sales training is hands-on training; standing side-by-side in sales situations with more experienced managers or TM's. Menards GMs like to believe this occurs in every department throughout their stores. In fact it often does not. Why? Immaturity, ego and false-pride. Often there is a certain amount of (unfounded) paranoia among more experienced TM's as well as managers that their jobs may in fact be snatched away by the TM's they're training.


Dear geniuses,

The "guest services" number you keep posting is for Capital One, the company that services Menards credit card. Menards does NOT have a phone number published for customer service/relations. Their own web site states that contact is done through snail mail or via the "contact us" form, which is rarely responded to.


First I would like to say I will avoid going to Menards ever again. The employees are mostly young and have a terrible attitude about helping anyone.

They tell you the wrong information and have this attitude with the customer. I was told if I wrote a check I can returning it in a week I waited 10 working days when I did bring it back the manager that looked 12 said I have to wait 4 more days or if I have proof my check cleared she will return it. The girl at the ckeckout did not tell me that until after I wrote the check because they do not take American Express she called over a manager that said one week and I can get my money back.

The attitude this 12 year old had was sooooo wrong. With that on the 14 day I will bring this back to your dirty store and hopefully will never have to come back again.


I find it interesting that the most negative, sarcastic, and angry comments posted are those of the Menards employees (which may explain why there are so many complaints.) I agree- Menards customer service is ATROCIOUS! So, in addition to complaining, I will make the loudest comment by taking my business elsewhere. Have a great day, all of you Menards employees who are angry at your customers (and make sure that you put some money away for the day when the store closes because enough people get pissed off.)


i would like to thank the previous team member for being logical.



You SIR, are a retard. 1-800-871-2800 is their corporate number and it gives you options on what you want to talk about and I feel sorry that you need someone that doesn't even work in the store to say "I am sorry" to you.

Are you 2? I just got Team member of the month there and won Service Hero all in the same month making 3k-5k in sales a day. What can you tell me about roofing, concrete, building a truss or a shed, house, and so on? Nothing at all.

What can I tell you? Everything. Most people that walk in the door are pissed off and it's knowledgeable people like us that make them walk out in a better mood. Menards is strict about service and our office will literally call stores and tell us to fire people if they see them ignoring people or slacking of extended periods of time.

You SIR, do not know what you are talking about and you need to *** and live your lame boring life thinking you know how to teach service to people.

Service comes naturally and everyone has their own methods to getting things done. Thank you.

@Menards Team Member

just called the number and it is for the BIG card.


There is a customer service phone number as a matter of fact. And if you expect every company to have a non - automated system, your an ***.

Half the companies in the U.S don't even have customer service reps who speak english! So i'd take an automated line over some person I can't even understand what they are saying. If you teach this class as well you would know that it is impossible to be perfect in customer service, because some people are nice and then you get the people who take it out on the workers.

It's hard to have a perfect day then! Oh and menards does give a *** about their employees.


brena1692 if you would actually talk to someone who knows what they are talking about you would understand they do not deal with rebates at the sotre level that is through rebate international!


Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?


yeah right, :p :roll :sigh :?


menards guest services number..


hmmm. there is a department and a phone number which any employee knows how to get and is on the website...

However, you will learn your complaint is with rebateinternational and not Menards. Two seperate companies. I am sorry that your rebate did not work, but it seems that you are failing to comply with how the problem can be handled. Contact rebate international and explain your situation.


Hello Justyouwait, I posted a complaint today for the first time. I did file a complaint with the Consumer Protection agency also.

I am wondering why you are responding at all to any of this. Do you work for Menard's? I was not rude or deemaning to any employee, and complained outside the store to the State of Wisconsin, and the corporate head quarters. If Menard's had a decent customer service department and a real live person who could say to their unhappy customers, "I am sorry", maybe there wouldn't be a website full of people trying to vent because there is little else they can do.

I do Customer Service training, and I invite Menard's managment to a class!

If there was a Customer Service department and Menard's gave a *** about their employees, there would be people standing by to take my call. Not only is there not a customer service department, but no phone number!