Saginaw, Michigan

I bought three hundred and seventy five dollars worth of laminated flooring.

The very next day it went on sale for a hundred dollars less.

When I went get the price difference from menards, they would only give me a store voucher. There was nothing else I wanted to buy at their store.

Any other store will refund the difference in cash if it goes onsale within thirty days.

Menards treats you well as long as you are buying. If you are returning something or trying to get a price difference, they treat you like you are a thief.

I believe this is menards policy and the employees are trained to act this way.

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I agree with the management and cust service. After purchasing several items, found they did not work for us, returned them with the receipt the next day and was only offered clearance price back.

I paid cash and had to go through 3 different managers before I was given the full refund for what I paid. Had I not had a receipt, I would gladly accepted the clearance price. With a receipt, returned the day after you should get full price paid back.

This happened about 3 yrs ago and I have not returned to the store. Their cust service needs much improvement.


I used my Visa--instead of giving a price adjustment on my visa, I was handed a store credit...This is *** An NO, most stores do not handle adjustments this way so do not settle for this. I'm heading to Home Depot and Lowes, both have a much better policy and do not force you to spend your "adjustment" in their store...


1. No, not "every store will give you cash".

It depends heavily on how you paid for the item. You cannot get cash back on a check that hasn't yet cleared for example. You can get it refunded to your CC rather easily.


I have not had any problems getting a price difference refund. I've had about $5,000 worth of price adjustments in the past year without a problem, other than it taking a good deal of time to find the 1 person who seemed to know how to do it.


So what you're saying essentially is, is that along with infinite space which extends beyond perpetual bigness there's also infinite smallness?


Menards is not as flexible as some others depending on location. You best bet is always to return the item and have your credit card credited.

Repurchase the item at the lower price.If you write a check you will get store credit to prevent people from bouncing checks for cash. Always use a NON STORE creditcard for protection if any retailer trys to pull bad policy on you.


If you pay in cash your recieve cash if you don't then you get store credit. It how it works get used to it.

Almost every store I've been to works that way.

Just be happy. It's easy to spend $100 at Menards.


i agree they suck i went and ordered facial trim the salesman said it would work when i returned it they took 30 % of my money talked with store manager and he was no help


I have never had a problem with returns at Menards - their staff has always been courteous and helpful. A store voucher was more than many stores would offer in the same situation. Hope you enjoyed your flooring!


In defense of Menards, they opened a store in Burlington WI and the people, service and cleanliness are light years above Home Depot and Lowes. I couldn't be happier shopping there. Maybe it's the work ethic's of a small midwest town.


They did give you a voucher for difference. You should have taken it up with store manager.

I had a problem with thier customer service when we were building. I had been looking at windows. They told me I had to order that day and I could cancel it if I needed to within so many hours. I got home and had a much better offer, better windows so I canceled within 6 hours.

They were pure beasts about it. I took it up with the store manager, then I took it further to the corp. level.

The mess was cleared up. I wish you luck.5


Does sears, best buy, or walmart even sell laminate flooring?


Sears will offer a 30 day price adjustment.

Its a practice that is becoming more common in retail as a means of retaining customer loyalty.

Its also a selling tool to get buyers to make a sale at that moment and not wait for it to go on sale.

The thinking being if they buy it now at full price they may or may not come back for that price adjustment in a week or two. Just as long as they buy it that day with the intention to come in later for a price adjustment.


I have worked at Menards for 10 months i have had about 2 hours of training. i have never been taught really anything and we have to learn things on our own so next time something goes bad take it out on the General Manager or the front end manager


If you had such a problem with the refund they gave you, you should have returned the flooring and then bought it back for the sale price. Quit your ***; they don't owe you anything. Be happy with what you got back.


home depot and lowes will both refund the difference in the for the payment was made, and have done so for me on occasion


With regards to the returns policy. The flooring you purchased was, at the time of your purchase,the LOWEST price in town.

Then, when Menards chooses to lower the price even further, you as a Menards guest enjoy the ability to get the adjustment from your initial purchase in the form of a merchandise credit check.

It's obvious you agreed to the low price at the time of the sale. You should be even happier to accept the credit slip as a bonus for saving even BIGGER money at Menards.

With regards to Lou and your mattress.

Know that these mattresses are the highest brand name on the market. They are shipped directly from the manufacturer wrapped in plastic.

Menards will no doubt replace your mattress if you discovered this promptly. They will then obtain the credit from the mattress company.


Has anyone bought a mattress at Menards, cause we just bought one and we just found out it is infested with bed bugs.........


You are lucky they gave you squat, i think Lows and Home Depot will not even do that.

Places like Best Buy and Walmart do this, but i have never seen a home improvement chain that does this.