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On 08/19/08 a customer of mine went to menards to return 4 slab doors, they were the wrong size. She is a mom with a 3 year old and a 6 month old. She walked into the store and asked for help to bring in the doors because of the two kids ( her husband was working and she needed to exchange the doors today) the person at he customer service desk tld her thatthey had nobody to help her unload, it was her responsiblity. She ponted out that she had two infants, "sorry", so she struggled to bring in the doors to exchange, after picking out the new doors she asked if someone could help her load the newly purchased doors.

She was told no one avaible today to load merchandise. Oh it gets better, then she goes to the trim department ot det quarter round molding, she is told by the sales person to bring in someone who knows what she wants, ???? what part of quarter round trim didn't he understand. She spent 3.5 hours there, well pissed off she left everything there and went to Lowe's across the street and was showered with customer service.

I called the local store after hearing her situation, to this date the store manager still hasn't called me or my customer about this.

Has this happened to anyone esle as well, please let others know

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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How the heck does one not see the difference between a layer of tan pavers and grey pavers? How blind are you?

Get a clue and own up for some of the blame. I will be willing to bet you did not want to take any part of the blame.

Really, don't you know what you are taking when you leave somewhere? Come on, there is a big difference between tan and grey.


wow that is not something what would have been acceptable at the menards i work at.


Today was my last shopping day at Menards in Golden Valley, MN. I was told in person by the General Manager that the coporate office is clueless and he wants to help people but they will not let him.

I can no longer afford to be ripped off by this place.

I am building a house and all I get is harrasment and *** looks. Customer service is non existant.


Actually, each menards is not independently owned.


Yes, the carryout is obligated to help the Guest at all times. And if there isn't a carryout on duty at the time, someone HAS to help the Guest out no matter the circumstance.

I am sorry that your experience with Menards was terrible. Not all Menard's stores are like that.

They should all be the same and follow the same guidelines. Since we are owned by one corporation, not individuals.


Nothing surprises me anymore when it concerns the customer service in regards to Menards.

Do the owners of these Menards store (since they are owned by indivduals and not a corporation) realize how their employees are treating paying customers? The same customers these store owners RELY on to generate a profit and keep the store in business??

My situation is just as distressing. My complaint is with the Rhinelander wisconsin Menards store.

Here is the complaint..

On 08/28/08 we purchased 260 Tan 12" brick face patio block.

We were finishing up our home project after having over $1500 worth of sand fill trucked in a couple days prior.

We scheduled vacation time to lay the patio, borrowed a truck to pick up the block, and had two customers of ours come to assist with the project.

We live, round trip approximately 160 miles away from the Menards Rhinelander store.

On the 28th we picked up the first pallet of patio block, which was approximately 152 bricks.Our crew laid the brick on the 30th.We then made the remaining trip to Rhinelander to pick up the last pallet. While there we also increased our purchase by 24 more brick.

We inspected the pallet which was shrink wrapped. Visually only the top bricks were seen, which were tan. We also visually read the skew with the word "TAN" labeled on the face.

However, when we returned back home and the crew started unloading the brick it was soon discovered only the top patio bricks were tan. The rest of the pallet, approx 124 were GREY in color.

The next day I immediately contacted Menards to explain the mislabeling of the pallet and receiving the wrong color. I also explained the distance I lived and the impossibility of bringing the brick back to be exchanged.We no longer had privy to the borrowed truck, our helping crew was gone, our scheduled vacation time to finish the project was elapsed, and we felt strongly, that if the manufacturer mislabeled the pallet, it should be MENARDS responsibility to correct the situation.

Unfortunately we spoke to three different managers who proceeded to argue with me in a very disrespectful and annoying manner blaming myself partly for the wrong color brick mishap.

Steve Davis, who told me he was the "store manager" (when the next day I found out he was just the assistant manager) not only misrepresented himself , but lead me to believe there was nothing else Menards would do if I couldn’t return the brick myself. He offered $30 in store credit after showing no empathy to my situation and not even offering an apology on behalf of the Menards!

The credit however does nothing to correct the wrong colored patio brick I have for my $3500 landscaping project that was scheduled for the labor day weekend and now is on hold indefinably

Steve quite obviously did not care. He continued to argue with me stating "Oh well, mistakes happen, nothing we can do about it, take it up with the manufacturer!"

The next day after discussing Steves offer of compensation to my husband, dissatisfied I was prompted to call back and see if Menards would consider a more reasonable and equitable offer to fix the problem.

To my surprise, when I asked for the "store manager" a person by the name of Dean now was on the phone.

Needless to say I immediately voiced my dismay over the attitude of both managers on the pervious day to Dean. Dean wasted no time quickly dismissing my complaint regarding my treatment as he proceeded to tell me Steve "is my right hand man and I have never seen him be rude to anyone. In fact, I find that there’s something not adding up here."

Then he continued to ask me in a very sarcastic manner if he thought "HE was being rude and unhelpful." during our conversation.

There is just no need for a store manager to be patronizing and contumelious towards any customer regardless of the tone or course of a conversation.

He made me feel uncomfortable and very guarded with his pushy demeanor.

It is indeed very disappointing that a store manager represents himself in such a discourteous fashion and does not regard the customer as a valuable asset to Menards.

Instead Dean sided with his employees and again, created an argument over a situation which could have been pleasantly handled

.He also then continued by stating that Steve DID attempt to make an equitable offer, which was for me to RETURN the brick and exchange it, in addition to the thirty dollar credit.

However I ask, how can something that is standard policy be used as a extra compensatory offering? All customers have privy to the exchange policy.

Steve and Dean were attempting to propose a settlement which I already had a right to.I then asked if Menards would be willing to pay for delivery and pickup of a new pallet to remedy the situation.Dean stated he would only be willing to pay for half which was not an option for the cost was over eighty dollars. A additional monetary loss to us and our landscaping project.

Needless to say, Deans attitude towards me was distressing. He was sarcastic, and showed no empathy for the mishap. I refused to call him back with my answer. I just wasn’t worth the emotional turmoil!

What ever happened to taking care of the customers needs? why was it all managers argued with me and appeared agitated? Isnt this their job?

I am so upset with these managers that I refuse to let this slide. I will follow up with whoever I can to correct their ill mannered behavior and get the proper compensation I disserve!


whoever was at the service desk should be fired immediately. at our store, the carryout is ALWAYS obligated to assist people with heavy items first and foremost.

that kind of stuff just leaves me dumbfounded.

i am sorry your customer had that experience. i don't blame her for going to lowe's