Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Menards:Customer No Service, no help.

Just spent ~$2300 on deck wood to be delivered from Menards in Marinette, wi. Checked three times for confirmation, including the day before delivery; 10 minutes before store closed I was called and told they were short material and could substitue the wrong size and I could"make it fit" or drive ~ 60 miles to get the correct material.Had no chouce but to accept and then purchase correct material elsewhere.

I have e-mailed "Ray" at Menards customer no service back and forth and I can't even get an apology.It cost me time and money to return the materials sent in error to top it off. Never buying from Menards

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

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Very Interesting Information! Thank You For Thi Blog!


I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!


Marrisa forgot about the guy who thinks ur 2 dumb 2 know anything but smart enough 2 get him a steel doorfrom the third shelf, the guy who screams @ u from the mezz 2 help him with patio furniture, the guy who comes in the bm doors and walks 2 the millwork desk @ the back of the store 2 ask u a waterheater, the guy who bugs u 3 or 4 times cuz he can't find any1 in receiving, the t-bagger who thinks u don't know anything cuz ur a girl and finds someone who turns around and asks u cuz ur the manager, the witch who asks u for a standard size window and gets pissed when u tell her standard doesn't exsist, the guy who has u bring down every 36" prehung solid 6-panel oak door and doesn't take any of them, the *** who does a special order and doesn't pay for then yells @ u 3 weeks later cuz the order wasn't place and then claims he wasn't told 2 pay for it, the *** who says she waited @ ur desk 4 20 minutes when u just walked away from 2 minutes ago, the assclown that's pissed cuz ur don't know anything about plumbing when u work in millwork, or the *** who asks u a question when its ur day off and u came in 2 shop, or the guy who's @ ur desk @ 6:20 in the morning b4 u take ur coat off and clock in, or the *** who calls @ 6:30a when ur in the front office getting ur paperwork radio and phone or the guy who is pissed cuz u cant tell him what the village code is, the guy who brings u a string when u ask him what size his door is. We put up with way 2 much 2 be paid what we get paid.

Its is not our job 2 read ur minds or babysit ur ***. We realize that we have a job cuz u spend ur money @ our stores but that doesn't give u the right 2 treat us like *** cuz we work retail. And considering that u don't kno anything when u walk into those doors u should be treating us a whole lot nicer.

Just kno we don't have 2 take that *** cuz without us u wouldn't have anywhere 2 shop. And the reasons why u can find employees @ home depot and lowes is because they don't do *** and they don't have 2 put away the freight and they r probably sitting there lazy *** @ those cozy desks with the comfy office chairs.


LOL, go Marrisa! I love it, you call them "Mopes" That just fits the discription just perfect.

We all deal with them from time to time, when you, do just think of Marrisa! LOL!


OK, you but a deck, or garage, or a house. You really expect 100% of the items to be sitting on a shelf.

One or two items could be sold out, stolen, not enough for your order? They called you ahead of time,offered a substitute, and wanted to help you with the problem. What did you want them to do? Did you return the order because you were so dissappointed?

I'd bet not. But you weren't prepared to do that if they was a small problem, were you?

Let it go.

Focus on the good times you will have on your deck - Or maybe you wil just use it to focus on lifes little speedbumps to the point that you have health issues. Let it go.



We need about 10x of you at every store. You're absolutely amaaaaaaaazing!


I'll fight you for her. :)


dear Marrisa,

I love you.



Your a Mope, along with everybody elese who complains on this site becuase you and the others were not treated like kings and queens and your *** were not kissed when you screwed up. There is always more to the story then what you and the others say.

These are the mopes who will ask you in the bathroom while your *** in the urinal, "Heeeyy were is the birdseed?" Or the guy who, when your on your break, bother you in the break area in the middle of the store when your on your unpaid lunch, The guy who after you make a key, ask you for a couple of bucks to pay for the key, the guy who steals Burbee garden seeds for 95 cents, the guy who somehow *** in his pants and trails it all over the store, the guy who drops and breaks light bulbs and leaves it all over the floor, and picks out another box, the guy who asks you were is a lowes or home depot is around here, they guy who ask's to use the computer thinking we have internet connection to check lowes or home depots web site, the guy who when your on the joe, 30 feet up in the air, request you to come down to help find him what kind of birdseed he needs to feed american bald eagles, the guy who talks less then an inch away from your nose, the guy who knocks over a 10ft. chrismas tree display because were out of green replacment lights and just starts taking them off the display, the guy who test his lights out in the light tester and when done just leaves them hanging sill plugged in, the guy who yells from the other side of the store to get your attention, the guy who blows the nose and throws the snot rag on the shelf, the guy who throws empty cans and cups on the shelf, the guy who has to *** all over the toilet seat, the guy who washes his hands and leaves the water running, The old guy takes pictures of the 16 year old cashier girls, the guy who is capable to lift a bag of topsoil, have the 65 year old employee lift it for him, the guy who when your on your lunch break down the street-dogging the pick up and go, the guy who throws his garbage out the window in the parking lot, the guy who eats the beef jerky while hes shopping and then throws it on the shelf before he leaves, the guy who argues over a 3 cent differece and ties up a registar line, the guy who call you on the phone to have you check every single toy in stock, the guy who gets mad when we run out of hula hoops, the guy who want's the very last box on the bottom when theres 50 boxes stacked on it, the guy who knows it pouring rain outside and says, hey get me all of my things on this lis full of 40 differect items outsidet and I will wait right here, the guy who says, you work here, even though your wearing the vest the says MENARDS, the guy who shops under the joe, the guy who climbs a ladder and starts going threw the overstock, the guy who opens a box, destroyes the box and product, and then buys the one behind that box, the guy who want's a discount becasue theres a scratch on the hammer, the guy who back into your car in the parking lot, the guy who can't bring the cart to the cart area when done so the wind will blow the cart right into your car, The guy who knocks over a whole stack of 2x4's to get to the one on the bottom and leaves the mess, the guy who when your helping him out, the phone rings and he says hold on, answers and you stand and wait for 10 minutes and then walk away then he gets mad at you becasue you walked away, the guy who at 10:20 when the store is closed, pops out of nowere and still continues to shop even though he knows the store is closed, the guy who diggs through the dumpster becasue he is to cheap to buy a reduced broken 4x4 sheet of drywall for $4.00, the guy who thinks he is special and deserves discounts on high priced items becuase he spends thousands of dollars. Good don't shop here, look at what you mopes cause! More harm then Good!

It would be a good thing! Thank You!


i get the feeling that we aren't getting the whole story here for some reason.