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Was buying ginger ale took picture sign said $1.27 they would not honor price even showing them picture of tag manager come up made a Sean in front of everyone I was wrong had tag in hand stated it but he pulled them all off shelf real fast said was wrong well honer what 3 I had no he would not this is wrong and I left over $100.00 in items and walked out I WiLL NEVER COME in this store again and will plaster you all over done this was wrong and imparesed me too no end

Review about: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Why did you take a picture of the tag to show at the register? Clearly you did this because you knew you were in the wrong.


Stop worrying about getting good deals on soda and invest in an education so you get a better paying job and don't have to whine on about how you ostensibly got shafted.

Hell, Michigan, United States #1305605

Clearly there was some type of human caused error. How that error happened is debatable.

Did an associate stock the wrong product in the wrong spot? Did some guest/customer place it there after looking at it? Did someone place it there intentionally? Did someone place the bintag in the wrong spot?

Did someone intentionally move the bintag into that spot, like yourself? Did you not understand the difference between and individual item and a cased item? If you accidentally filled in the wrong bubble during a test wouldn't you want a chance to erase it and get the correct answer? A reasonable person would understand errors happen.

They would let it go and forgive. They wouldn't get all worked up about it and make childish demands. You're not dying. The world is not ending.

Stop acting entitled. Want better service?

Be a better consumer! The street goes both ways.


The tag clearly states 16oz. I take it you had a pack of 4 16oz bottles (64 oz total) and only wanted to pay for 16oz.

They sell this product as individual bottles and as a 4 pack. The tag you show in your picture is clearly of the individual bottle.

If they tried to charge you more than $1.27 for an individual bottle your post is valid, but since you took a picture of the tag, my guess is that you were trying to talk a cashier into giving you the 4 pack for the individual bottle price hoping she wouldn't notice. Looks like a scammer at work to me.

Salina, Kansas, United States #1303760

The tag says "each" which meant individual bottles. I'm assuming you were buying a 6 pack or 12 pack?

Which means the price would have been different for a "pack" then "each" bottle. I get its a little confusing, but doesn't mean you were right since clearly it says "each".


Who gets that worked up over a mislabeled soda tag? Did you READ the tag?if you bought this product regularly you should know that price was probably too good to be true.don't judge the whole store over a little mistake..

Livingston, New Jersey, United States #1303551

every retailer has the right to correct prices of any kind at the point of check out. That is the actual law.

This is because back in the days when every item had a price tag on it customers would switch them.

They also frequently put items back in the wrong spot on purpose or by accident so the next person sees the wrong price. About the only thing you can do is shop somewhere else.

to Anonymous #1303654

The item the customer attempted to buy clearly matched the price tag description. The only scam here was menards staff had sellers remorse AFTER the ad was printed.

When a customer asked to have a price verify and the staffs response is to discrestly have a employee and yank the "incorrect" price before the customer returns to the aisle. what does that say about the integrity of the retailer????

to MisterCustomer #1303852

That's perfectly legal though. I agree that it does say a lot about their integrity but they are perfectly within their rights to do so if the price has changed or the sale has ended and the tag didn't get pulled.

There really isn't much you can do but shop somewhere else. That's what i very strongly recommend. It's really the only way you can effect them in this case. That and letting people know about it.

As a retailer myself I would have and always have honored the tag price for that customer and pulled the price after the transaction is done. But they actually legally have done nothing wrong.

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