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No wonder they are the "richest" retailers in Wisconsin! With rebates only good in THEIR store and restocking fee of 25% on items.

The restocking fee is not stated anywhere on Internet when ordering, sales person at store said it was on special order but cooperate will not invert in letting consumers ordering on line what those items are. Instead, they let a customer purchase and the only place this is noted is on the receipt which means it's to late for the customer as you have already purchased it. So, if you have found a compera le product, with better features for you at a better price you will still be putting your money in Menards pocket as they will hit you with an exorbitant restocking g fee. It has been confirmed that neither Lowes nor Home Depot have ANY restocking fee.

When a person calls corporate to complain a very nice receptionist states that writing to them with your complaint is THEIR policy and they don't have the "capacity" to have a real person take your call! Who has time? This works for Menards and I think it can be seen as to why. The store manager stated it was because they would be "stuck" with the merchandise-I ordered a wire shelf!

How special is that? But because weeks later-yes, weeks I waited for this shelf, something better, in my opinion, came available where it could be picked up right at the store, I incurred a 25% restocking fee! I will NEVER shop at Menard's for BIG or little items again. They don't place important information on their web site-as th Appleton store manager stated they have requested for a long time AND they don't want to hear from their customer's except on THEIR terms.

So unless you want to spend your time making their life easier in the customer satisfaction area I would suggest you on line oreder else where. Like I will be doing. Also, as long as I have to be the one to bring this to Menards attention in "writing". I will be attempting to have it published for as much exposure as possible.

This way consumers will be aware before they order Anything online from Menards!

Sent from my phone which is not condusive to proof reading! Excuse errors but I was concerned about getting the basic information which I feel costs Menard consumers $ UN fairly out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You should always read what you are signing for. The contract does state that there is a 25% restocking fee for special orders.


Special Order = not popular enough to economically make sense keeping the product on hand. Go buy ANY special order item from ANY retailer and you'll most likely not be able to return it at all and if you can most will charge a restock fee of around 25%.


I mean if you had to receive a million cry baby complaints wouldn't you want a paper trail to stay organized too? Hey guess what you can complain on THEIR website too. Crazy you did have options but chose the platform of a forum website like you're posting *** to Facebook that will never fix anything.


Well, Bully person I see ur comments all over this site-nothing better to do with ur life than stick up for a millionaire and his money making policies! He chose his way to receive "complaints"-I choose how I am going to give my complaint.

Real people in the store take ur money-pay people to sell things but not to take care of cry babies and do they get that many complaints that they need sooo much organizational dynamics?

"Cry Babies" who are handing over THEIR $ only to learn they are the only store of this kind with such a poicy! I'm glad for you though, as you are one of few people these days who can afford to put their money in someone else's pocket-congradulations!


I just looked at their website and typed "return policy" in the search bar. I chose online returns and it clearly states there is a 25% restocking charge for returns of online orders.

I also clicked the help tab at the top of the home page and found the same policy.

As with any retailer or website it's not a bad idea to check return policies before you make a purchase if you think you may need to return your purchase. The policy was there for you to look at before you made your purchase, you just didn't look.