Lafayette, Indiana

Bought 3 credit slips totaling around 3300 for 2450. Menards told me I could buy and use the credit personally when I had the credit authenticated.

Few days later they stopped all three credit checks. I took them to court today and am awaiting results from judge. Beware of people passing bad checks and returning items so they can sell the credit. Menards has no problem canceling them later!

Bunch of bull. They should never have issues them if they were not planning on honoring them.

I'll let u know the results.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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So you what I'm hearing is you are in possession of stolen merchandise...typically I think you'd be the one being taken to court. ***.


I hope this is a joke


Why should they honor it when your the dum *** ck that bought it off the street, learn some common sense. You are worthless


Usually if a price is too good to be true something is wrong. Why on earth would an honest person be selling large value credit checks at a big discount?

Menards issues credit checks in several instances. One is when merchandise purchased with a check is returned before the check could clear the bank. Another is when merchandise is returned without a receipt. $3400 is a large amount for either.

If it turns out the check bounces or after further investigation it turns out the returns were fraudulent the credit checks will be canceled. Can't blame them for fighting theft. The same crook turned around and stole from you by selling you the worthless credit checks. Don't blame Menards for your lapse in good judgement.

They didn't issue the checks to you and owe you nothing. You should be going after the person that sold them to you.


If I understand you correctly, somebody stole from Menards by writing them a bad check, then returning merchandise for a credit slip. Then you bought the credit slip for a discount. Why should Menards have to take the loss because you are greedy?