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Ever try paying your Menards card on line the day it is due? The bank that handles the The Big Card with is HBSC will charge you a $15 processing fee to pay your bill the day it is due.

Actually you have to make that payment at least 2 business days prior to the due date to avoid the $15 processing fee. My payment is due Sunday 5/10/09 and I attempted to pay today and was told I will have to pay the $15 processing fee or the payment will be posted Monday and I will be charged a late fee. Oh and you can not make a payment at the store either!! I'm done with Menards and HBSC forever.

I was on hold with HBSC while writing this rant and they were nice enough to reduce the late fee to $8 from $29 if I make my payment that is due Sunday the 10th today Friday the 8th.

What a scam. Absolutely done with these crooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Credit Card.

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A consumer has every right to be able to pay their bill on the date it is due without being charged a "same day processing fee." This fee is fictitious in the sense that it does not take any additional effort, manpower, or expense in any way, shape or form to process a payment on the same day. If your payment is due 5/10, then you should have access either via phone, internet or in-store to make this payment without a servicing fee.

Unfortunately, most Menard's locations do not process in-store payments. Those that do do not credit you on the same day. Many argue that Menard's is not at fault, rather it is HSBC that is the culprit and Menard's should not be liable. Actually, Menard's is fully liable, as they have entered a contractual, binding business agreement with HSBC to handle financing on their behalf, and act as their agent for their consumers.

I am sorry that you have had such an unpleasant, unethical business experience. However, as a legal consultant, I assure you that you have consumer rights that cannot be challenged in the scenario listed above.

You simply need to take steps to challenge it. Consumer law is on your side.


Actually Menards does have control over who and how there company name is used and Mendards must endorse the bank in order to get the kick back from the bank; There web site is set up to make it difficult to make timely payments becuase they make more money in fees than in interest. HSBC are credit card sharks: The answwer is stay out of Mendards until you can control your credit card addiction.

PAy cash . You cannot use Ameervcan Express becuase MEnards woudl have to stand by their products.

Stay away from the 'Rebate scams" If you do you will will more than likely buy what you need instead of what the marketers intice you to buy. Home Depost, Lowes, and Ace re no different; If you have local building supply take the time to get to know them, once they do you will be much happier with the quality and service.

PS The leftist name callign bomber thrower needs to learn some manners


You ***. Pay your bill before it is due.


Well...for starters, you can make a payment at any of the Menard locations, and secondly, it's HSBC not HBSC... how do you idiots live with yourself?


I ended up with a late fee once because they changed my due date from the 18th to the 5th. I was always going online and paying my bill way before the due date and before I got my bill.

But I never expected them to change my due date like that. My husbands was always a day before mine and still is around the 17th.

I never called because I just figure it was a way they steal form people. plan on cancelling it when my promotion is payed off.


Ever try paying for last months purchases when a no interest promotion is coming due in a couple months? Menards won't let you! They will apply your payments to the promotion and charge you at least 24.99% on your regular BIG CARD purchases for up to four months.


I read my bill wrong and accidentally paid .60 more than I owed. my next statement showed i had .60 credit.

A month later it was gone. I called HSBC and asked why, was told any amount under $1.00 is eliminated. I argued and was told it would be returned, but it wasn't. 60 cents might not be a lot to some multi-million corporation, but I have to pinch pennies to get by.

I'll let it go, but I wonder how many people are getting cheated out of change. I wonder how that works with a 60-cent debt?


Menards actually has no control over HSBC. Menards does not own HSBC.

Menards can not control another company such as HSBC. It is another *** credit card like many others. I have several that don't allow me to pay in the store. It's not just Menards.

You can't really blame the company you buy from, when they do their credit card through another company. You can't call them crooks for not paying your bill ahead of time.

#221536 would of mailed it from your post office and had ask them for proof of mail date..your payment would not of ben the date of mail is the payment received date...F.Y.I...


you shouldn't wait to the day it's due to pay it. Sounds like it your fault.


What does Jackson say about all of this?


Actually HSBC - Hong-Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation is owned by People's Republic Army(PLA). Menard's is in bed with the commies - make no mistake.

HSBC standards are very shoddy.

They are punitive and are quick to report to credit bureaus even if the fault rests with either Menard's or HSBC.

Be careful with the BIG CARD - they are not kidding, the People Liberation Army owns the *** think with shady practices.


I've had HSBC for other cards and that's their policy with all of them. Plus, I work for another company that used to have HSBC handle their credit card and no, the company doesn't have any control over how HSBC handles the customers or their policies. Yes, Menards may have the option to choose a different credit card company to work with, but they're all pretty much evil, money sucking platic death traps so it wouldn't matter if they went with HSBC, Citicards, or Captiol One, they're all crapy!


Oh come on 'fella' Menard's has TOTAL CONTROL over how HSBC handles Menard's customers cc accounts, they just 'choose' not to do anything about it and continue using them. You don't see good, reputable retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's using HSBC!

Hmm, I wonder why?

Menard's is just as guilty for poor cc customer service as HSBC as they enable them to do so and allow them to get away with rip-off customer service!


I would like someone to contact me as you put my payment on my daughters account and I need to speak with someone to get it straight. It has caused me great distress ever since I applied for your card.

Please contact me at 218-244-3530 or E-mail We are building a home and wanted to get everything from you and this has been terrible. Mary Dorholt


I just love the comments...the guy is having a hard enough time without some you guys calling him to the mattresses. If you want to be critical of the man, give him some legitimate feedback.

Let us stop the name calling.

The issue I have with processing fees and late fees is when a company use these as a business practice.


Everybody has a valid point here. No need for name calling.

High late fees and phone processing fees true. Also true is the importance of reading the "extremely tiny" and long winded small printed agreement, al before agreeing to terms. I, being a somewhat average consumer and less than diligent book keeper of my own accounts am guilty of all of the above and have myself to blame. I also learned that by calling them and explaining a situation more often than not results in a "one time" forgiven" and dropping the fee.

I wonder if and how much of the taxpayer paid, government issued interest free bailout $ did HSBC recieve without an agreement written by us the Taxpayers. Ok gotta go now and pay my day late Menard's card fee.


well buckman, YOU agreed to the terms of the big card when you signed up for it, and YOU bear responsibility for any fees or transactions within. i urge you to read, in full, the contract information regarding HSBC & the big card before using it again.

it will clear up the confusion you've been having.

and you act like menards has a ton of choice with regard to what credit company it signs with. can you name other credit companies other than HSBC?? i sure as heck can't.

after all, it's not like menards can create a company out of thin air and operate it however they want to.

my advice to you would be to learn how business operate and why things happen how they do, instead of stomping your feet and complaining about every little thing. you have the power to fix your own problems, and it starts by staying informed.


It is hard to make a point with a fool and you are quit the fool. How did HBCS end up as the card services company for Menards?

Were they assigned them by the powers that decide which credit card company gets to service which company? No dip ***. They entered into an agreement that Menards approved. They have a contract.

One that states how they will do business and Menards agreed. Junior you need to spend more time learning and less time pounding your pud over the excitement you get attempting to belitte others. Shows a great deal inner loathing and low self respect.

Now go along and report to whowever regulateds this forum because I don't care. If this board is frequented by the likes of *** bags like you I will not be returning.


HSBC is a completely INDEPENDENT company apart from menards, doofus. what part of that don't you understand?

HSBC serves a ton of different clients, and they set their own policies and procedures. i'm sure there are a few that menards would like to see changed, but seeing as how they are not under their control, there's nothing they can do!

that's almost like blaming a fan for his favorite baseball team performing poorly. after all, he should have some influence right??