Bloomington, Indiana

my son recently purchased a house and bought a sliding door not knowing about construction ask menards to recommend a contractor to install the door, there recommended contractor used a 2x4 headed over a 72'' door, after the work was done the county inspector told my son that it was too small, due to other problems with this contractor we decided to fix the problem our-self's allway,s go with a trusted contractor someone you know not who you are told will do you a good job.stay away from unity windows!!I feel like this contractor took advantage of my sons,

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Don't blame Menards. Blame the independent contractor (or the Menards employee who gave you his information if you must).

Did you check out the contractor before allowing him to tear into your home? That's on YOU. Due diligence was not done here, otherwise you probably would have learned that this guy is a *** ahead of time.

I see that you've called Menards out but not the contractor by name. Why is that?


if the contractor fukt up with the header he is required by law to make it right. He would have to fix it himself, without charging extra.

If not, you would be in the right to sue for damages because that is obvious negligence. The guy probably doesn't have insurance (probably doesn't have a license either) and if you called him and threatened he would have been there asap.


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The contractors don't work for Menards. It's up to you to not pick an *** to install your door.


Why are you complaining about Menards doing this? It's not their fault. Blame it on the contractor.


Any contractor that uses a 2x4 header for anything knows nothing. Your beef if with that *** not Menards.


Hey now you know how Menards tricks people into thinking they know installation, sorry. I am at the contractor counter regularly and they do recommend certain contractors.

I want to think they don't but I know they do. regardless of what you hear about their policy, they want a sale however they can get it and then sell you inferior material.


Menards has a policy in place that every Menards employee knows about! It is on a test everyone is required to take.

MENARDS EMPLOYEES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RECOMMEND A CONTRACTOR TO ANYONE! This policy is place because they do not want to discriminate against many of the contractors who use Menards as their main source of supplies. It's also in place to avoid liability issues.

Menards has a list of contractors they can give you, but it is never A RECOMMENDATION.