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We were building a deck and decided to go to the store a week ahead of time to order the wood. The order was printed out on a piece of paper for the clerk to enter and she did so - we went to the front of the store and paid. We had scheduled delivery for the following Sunday. When they came to deliver the boards this huge truck comes and drops off 20 20ft boards - I looked at the list that my stepfather had made for us and clear as day it says 20 10ft boards. The clerk had typed it incorrectly and we didn't notice because we of course she entered it correctly. We proceeded to call the store and speak to Mr. Jensen the manager and he told us it was totally our fault that we should have noticed before we paid for the order and that if we wanted him to come get the boards we would have to pay another $60. Keep in mind we live about 10 blocks from the store. My stepfather ended up bringing his boat over and we had to load them into that and take them back to the store.

I decided to let the corporate office know that there is a huge lack of customer service at the store and explained the story to them and I got an email back saying they didn't want to lose me as a customer and provided me with the phone number of the manager - who I had already talked to and who told me that the mixup was entirely our fault. So I proceeded to email back asking what they expected me to do. Attached is the resulting email trail.

thank you for your response, but at this point I now feel that your message is a little hollow being that Mr. Jensen is the one who was rude and apparently didn't care a thing about customer service. Now you're suggesting I call him to discuss this again? Why would I do that when he was so disrespectful the last time we talked? It's become apparent to me that Menards really doesn't care about their customers experiences. I'm truly sorry to hear that because as I stated before, we had been loyal customers.

This is the response I received from the store -


I’m sorry, but it would be your responsibility to make sure the order was correct.

Thank you


And here is my final response -


Obviously Menards knows nothing about Customer Service and cares very little for how they treat their customers. While I have stated that I take responsibility for not noticing the ERROR OF THE PERSON WHO ENTERED THE ORDER from a sheet of paper where it was quite clearly written out - I think the fact that the manager in no way would take any responsibility and work with us to get this taken care of is ridiculous. Instead he was going to charge us to come get the wood... what a joke. And what a joke your company and your customer service is. You just lost this customer and believe me, I will tell everyone that I ever talk to in this lifetime how horribly Menards treats it's customers. I will now go out of my way to Home Depot where they at least realize it's the customers that make their business possible.

The response I have received from the offices of this company is just further proof that they have no care for the customers that make their business possible.

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I would just like to say i'm so sorry that this happened to you, and that it isn't your fault. Here's the thing, Menards likes to put up this thing I like to call the blame shield...they can never take the blame for anything, even if it is obviously an employees fault. Things like this happen all of the time at Menards, I personally don't understand why anyone would ever shop there, Menards has very poor costumer service mostly because everyone who works there hates it and the only reason they work there is because the pay is nice.


If I understand this situation correctly, menards was willing to give you a refund on what you did not need. If they were 100% responsible for the mistake, then maybe you could expect them to come get the boards. However, they weren't so getting your money back for what you returned is all you should expect in my opinion.



Sitting here reviewing all the responses as a netural peron. BUT hey what is going on here. Is menards that bad, they need to pay there employees better, by the responses it seems that they hire poor educated people. I rarely shop at Menards, I noticed this website and was curious,

I guess the word on the street is true, that Menards is the Kmart of home improvement. Froom wood to food, "do yuo want milk with that door?" .

Menards are you losing market share that now as you are dying you are getting pissed off at consumers?.

Humans make mistakes but to correct your mistakes is graceful.

Well goodness there is Lowes and Home depot.

Smart shoppers becareful, and informed consumer is a cost saving consumer.


home depot can't possibly treat you like "less than a customer" because there really isn't anyone there in the first place. whatever suits you, i guess.


Don't forget it's retail out there. No store is perfect and mistakes happen to everybody, it's how you let it affect you.


you're right - it was rude of her to expect good customer service... How dare she...

when she called asking the manager for help with the situation and he pointed fingers of blame instead of trying to correct the problem. It's just proof that people should always expect to be treated like *** - and you'll never be unsatisfied.


More proof that not getting what you want=the employee was rude. The store manager made a decision,Menards customer service backed that decision.

If you think that everything will be wine and roses at Home Depot and nothing will ever go wrong there,think again. It's just a matter of time.


well *** - here I thought this was a place to voice an opinion - and yes - as I stated - I was partially at fault - I have taken responsibility for my part in this, but for the store to totally ignore the fact that their employee preferred to take our list and enter it rather than have me read it to her - that is on them.

the fact that the manager was a total *** is the moral of the story here... or maybe you who posted don't get that - see the title - Customer service...

FYI - the cost of the invoice was about what we were expecting to spend so, no we didn't notice a price difference - it's not a normal occurrence for me to purchase the makings of a deck on a regular basis so in all reality I wasn't sure what it was going to cost us.

yes- this "***" will be going to Home Depot - where I've never been treated like less than a customer


I'm wishing I had your money. Most people would notice being charged the extra 50% or more that 20' boards would cost over 10' boards. I sure would have looked at the invoce to see why the price was so high.


i almost fell out of my chair when you said you were going to home depot because they care about the customer. are you joking, or are you actually an ***?

and it is your responsibility to LOOK at your invoice before paying for it at the register. it's obvious you share fault in this too.


First off, we who work at Menards are what you call human. So we are prone to these things called mistakes.

You must think your perfect and don't make mistakes. Further more, it was YOUR fault because YOU are responsible fore making sure that the information on the order is correct!