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Regarding "What"s comment. Are you on their Payroll? Here's the gig simply put. Retailers either figure it out or they don't. Take care of the consumer or don't. Don't = you just lost a consumer for life.

Now most big box retail negotiate with the vendors a % credit for damaged/used goods. Now that can go from 100% to 2% and anywhere in between.

That being said, yes their will always be a "scammer" of sorts out there, and that should be handled a bit more firm, this situation was nothing more than ridiculous.

That being said, though the margin (I'll help you out with that, true profit after their cost) ranges. So lets say you buy a box of 50 count nails, their cost may be a $1, they in turn sell it for $5.49. Now the MU on lets say a power tool is probably only 29 to 30%.

End of the day, they are still making a profit, or they would not still be in business. Now if Menards policy is to hire walking *** to make poor judgement calls, happy trails. I'm sure Lowes is more than happy to take their business.

One more point, I'm going to return a $100 Cuisanart coffee maker to a retailer (it quit working after 8 years) I'm going to take it to the CUSTOMER SERVICE counter (note that, customer service) they will proceed to tell me to grab whatever is the newest model, I'll pay the difference. All without a receipt. And Cuisanart will credit them full cost of the old model. See how easy that was. Will they eat our returns, yes they will, but they will always have a loyal consumer base.

That's all.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Just goes to show that most retailers are not like Menards!!! These other retailers do like to keep their customers happy and coming back!!!


I'm glad you spent 10+ minutes writing nonsense!


Huh? How many drugs do you take a day? ***.